15 Health Benefits of Soursop Leaves


The soursop is cognized by the scientific name ‘Annona muricata’ is a wonderful fruit of an evergreen plant that grows in regions of Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America. Others names include Guyabano, Sirsak, Graviola, Brazilian Paw Paw, Guanabana, and Saslapa. The fruit is egg-shaped, large, green on the exterior with livid stringy seeds.

The whole tree of soursop, ranging from its bark, foliages, and even the stems has such curative powers. Entirely thanks to the vitamins and other chemical contents in them. The focus of our discussion today will be on the sour soup leaves. We will share with you the many importance Soursop leaf have for your health.

Wellness Advantages of Soursop Leaves

Soursop leaf has many wellness advantages that you can never imagine. But for the sake of our conversation, we will enumerate only 15 advantages that it has in the human body. Let’s check it out below.

  • Treat Cases Of Swelling

Soursop leaf has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which make it ideal for handling cases of inflammation such as arthritis. It is also suitable for the controlling oxidative stress. But to make your medication efficacious, boil the leaves in tea and take it. If you can not take it as naturally as that, you can add a little sweetener to soften the tea.

  • Remedy For Cancerous Conditions

Research has shown that soursop leaf can be used as a remedy for certain cases of cancer, such as breast cancer, skin cancer, melanoma, leukemia, colorectal cancer, etc. This is due to antioxidants such as alkaloids, acetogenin, and quinolone which are active in the leaves. These components can select and destroy cancerous cells without affecting healthy cells.

However, research is still ongoing to assess the efficacy of soursop leaf in treating pancreatic cancer. As such, soursop leave alone is not recommended as a primary treatment for pancreatic tumors.

  • Improve Fertility
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If you are scouting for a sure treatment that will hike your spermatozoon and improve its health, then consider using soursop leafages.  It is averred that the plant attenuated the perniciousness of caffeine on the weight of the testicles and epididymitis. Therefore, it has a positive impact on sperm mortality, sperm count, and sperm head irregularity in mammals.

Moreover, women can use these leaves to stimulate their ovulation and regularization of their menses. Thus, it will increase their fertile rate and ovulation.

  • Boost Immune System

Soursop leaves have an abundance of antioxidants and vitamins, which can hunt and destroy the free radicals causing the disease in the body. Some of the vitamins in the leaf consist of vitamin B1 and vitamin C. Vitamin B1 and selenium stimulate the immunity system to prevent infection. Then vitamin C boosts the yield of new defensive cells to protect the organism.

  • Handle Eye Conditions

You can use Soursop Leaf for the medication and preventive mechanism for ocular conditions. It has been shown that the presence of vitamin C and E, beta-carotene, and zinc decreases the danger of developing eye diseases. Furthermore, there are other antioxidants that can reduce oxidative stress which is the main cause of macular degeneration associated with aging.

  • Remedy for Diabetes

The researchers confirm that soursop leaf possesses anti-diabetic attributes that can lower blood sugar levels and reduce your chances of catching peaks.  Therefore, it is used to treat and prevent any ailment that can result in diabetes. If your body maintains a healthy blood sugar level, the blood vessels that pumps to other organs like the heart, will be well protected.

  • Pain Reliever
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Soursop leaves possess analgetic attributes that may help alleviate pain. An experiment was carried out on the rat and found that the soursop block pain receptor reduces inflammation in rats. This means that it is feasible for human beings.

  • Treatment Option for Rheumatism and Arthritis

Arthritis and rheumatism are bacterial infections that occur in the joints. These conditions are commonly experienced by adults. Nevertheless, Soursop is one of the remedy options that you can use and address these kinds of health problems. The leaf has anti-rheumatic components such as anthocyanin, alkaloid, and tannin.

To make your treatment more effective, crush the leaves until they become minuscule and then rub it on the stirred area. Or, you can boil the leaves in tea and drink them until you return to your wellness.

  • Enhances Gastrointestinal Health

The soursop leaf has healing constituents that can suppress oxidation damage and preserves mucus from the stomach wall. This substance also detoxifies and expels all toxins and salts from the body. As well, the presence of vitamin C helps to cure dysentery and scurvy.

  • Increase energy levels

This beautiful leaf has a few tea components that will help the energy level increase by reducing tiredness and fatigue in the body system. These components consist of Magnesium, vitamin B1, and vitamin B2.

  • Reduce The Likelihood Of Boils

Boils can surface on any part of the body and turn into infections when it is not treated on time. As such, this may damage your skin or face. To prevent or treat such ailments, you can squeeze soursop leaf and rub them on the stirred area continuously until it goes away. The leafages posses antioxidants and probiotic elements that will cure the boils that cause the agents.

  • Remedy for hemorrhoids
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It is said that the antimicrobial lineaments of soursop leafages can prevent rectum bleeding. Along with this, it strengthens the muscles around the rectum becoming more defensive against hemorrhoids.

  • A cure for hypertensive dysfunction

Of course, you are surprised to hear soursop leafages may be used to treat the hypertensive disorder. But allow us to remind you that this leave is rich in antioxidant elements, nutrients, and minerals that may help lower blood pressure.

  • Contributes to healthy skin and hair

Do you struggle with certain skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis? If so, consider using soursop leafages as efficient medication. Research suggests that soursop leaves extract can prevent papillomavirus.

Also, if you experience itching, dandruff, or if your hair does not grow straight, you can use soursop leafages as medicine. Because of the power ingredients in the leaf, it is used to make a soothing cream for babies.

  • Treating Diarrhea

Regrettably, most people do not know that soursop leafages can be utilized as a remedy for diarrhea. There are components such as selenium and zinc in the leaf that help promote intestinal health and avert such illnesses.

The wellness advantages of the soursop are such that we cannot name them all and the few that have been listed above have shown the power of the leaf. Some people say it’s a magic leaf because it has so many health advantages. If you are or know someone who is experiencing one of the above health problems, you can tell them about the wonders of soursop leaves.