5 Cities in Nigeria To Launch Your Startups

So, you have decided to create a business from your new ideas and you are looking for the right cities in Nigeria with the right audience, market value, and conversion rates for your startup.

Well, setting up a business in a particular location or creating awareness of the business in a particular location is very important and also a determinant of the success or failure of the business.

Top 5 Cities For Startups In Nigeria

Location determines how much publicity the startup will get. Some places are known for motivating the success and progress of the business, while others are very competitive and can make new businesses either go bankrupt or shut down. You have to know which location is the right one for your startup.

Here are 5 big Cities in Nigeria to Launch your Startups


This article would have been wrong if Lagos has been placed in any other position. Known as the megacity and the commercial location of Nigeria, the city has every possible audience, necessary to give you the required possible.

Lagos is a densely populated city that creates a large audience for the business. Also, the city has a very well developed business infrastructure and also contains foreign visitors which may be an added advantage when looking for publicity for your startup.

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When you talk about the number one location for buying and selling businesses in Nigeria, you are talking about Onitsha. The city is located on the eastern bank of the River Niger, in Anambra State, Nigeria. The metropolitan city is known for its river port, and as an economic hub for commerce, industry and education.

Every form of buying and selling of any form of products goes on daily in Onitsha. Many people come from other parts of the country to buy and/or carry out business in the city. If your startup can make success in a city like Onitsha, then you should expect to gain publicity anywhere else easily.

Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is known as the main hub of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria, as well as the West African sub-region, with an estimated population of over 2 million inhabitants.

The city is known for its high standard of living and a spot for the rich, wealthy, and high-class citizens. Startups that are targeted at the high-class audience can easily take advantage of this oil-rich economy and wealthy personalities that reside there.


Warri is also an oil hub in the south-south of Nigeria, the city has a modern seaport, a refinery, and other modern infrastructure which makes it a good commercial spot for business. The city is known as the commercial capital of Delta State.

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The city is known to house many educational institutions as well as many Industries such as the Delta Steel Company, The Beta Glass Plant, and also structures in Entertainment and sports such as an international stadium which has hosted several international events.

The city is a good choice as it supports business growth and development.


This is one other good city in Nigeria to launch your startups. This list will be incomplete without naming the tourism capital of Nigeria, the city of Calabar, with an estimated population of over 300,000 inhabitants.

The city has a lot of modern infrastructure including an internationally recognized seaport, an international museum, a Free Trade Zone/Port, an integrated sports stadium, an international airport, a cultural center, a botanical garden.

The city also houses one of the most prominent universities in the country – the University of Calabar. Also, the city hosts annual festivals that attract people from within and outside the country.

With all these infrastructure and publicity present in the city, it can be agreed that a startup would easily succeed if it holds operations in the city.


A startup cannot just be located anywhere, but a place that encourages the growth of business and also has high publicity. A very competitive environment might choke up any business even before it begins full operation and therefore adequate research needs to be made on any city or location being chosen as the destination of a business.

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Lagos, being the commercial capital of the Country, bubbling with life and filled with millions of people which is very important for all businesses. The higher the population, the more customers you are likely to get.

Onitsha, as another commercial hot spot in the country, this part is known to be very competitive but also encourages the growth of the new business, provided you are on the right track.

Port Harcourt, although not as competitive as the two above, this provides a market with a very high value for any business as the city is a spot for wealthy individuals.

Warri, the oil city is known as the commercial center of the state, and it is known to encourage businesses. The city has its kind of modern infrastructure, from large computer centers to hotels, to educational institutions.

Calabar, known as the tourism center of the country, your startup is sure to be very successful in this city, if it is very the most modern of individuals.

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