Lagos Continental Hotel: Ownership, Address, Services & Prices

Here is all you know about Lagos Continental Hotel, from ownership to contact address, services offered, and their respective prices.

Do you know why Lagos is one of the tourist destinations in Africa? It is because of the number of site attractions you can find in the city.

From hotels to beaches, markets to religious centers, bridges to the beautiful views of the high seas.

The city itself is a wonder to Nigerians, other Africans, and foreigners coming into the country.

There is a high concentration of luxury hotels within the coastal city of Lagos. So, if you are planning a vacation, honeymoon, party, dinner, corporate meetings/conferences, or even a rally, there is a perfect spot for you.

Provided your pockets can handle it financially.

Well, there is one place we would refer you to; it is no other place than the famous Lagos Continental Hotel. Take a seat and relax while we take you on a roller coaster ride through it.

All About Lagos Continental Hotel

The Lagos Continental Hotel is a 5-star rated hotel situated at the core of the Lagos central business area.

The main setting of the hotel makes it stand out as the perfect place for people or government and corporate entities with a desire for business and leisure.

The hotel operates on a policy for better customer service while maintaining the best global cleanliness and hygienic hoteling standards.

It ensures that the hotel environment is healthy and worthy enough for its already and prospective customers.

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The magnificent hotel building has 23 floors and 358 rooms and suites.

This makes it the tallest hotel in the whole West African region. In addition to its tallness, the hotel is greeted by startling views of the Atlantic Ocean, Lagos Creek, and the beautiful city of Lagos.

For those who love to appreciate the natural environment, this is where you can get it. You will catch beautiful glimpses of the Atlantic Ocean with its roaring waves from your window. Or you turn your eyes to the peacefulness of the Lagos creek.

Better still you can appreciate the aesthetic magnificence of Lagos city especially at night or early hours of the morning.

Also, there is a 1400sqm Grand African Ballroom alongside 6 small meetings and break-out rooms for large and committee meetings.

You will find on the fifth floor: a recreation center that has an infinity pool for your swimming pleasure; a beauty spa for soothing massages; a hair salon and a health and fitness center.

The hotel’s gym room runs 24/7.

For those coming into the country through the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, and seeking a nearby pleasant place to stay and relax, the hotel is your call. It is just 28km away from the airport.

A 15 minutes’ drive is enough to reach this luxury home.

For foodies around, you can have a taste of the various delicious cuisines from the hotel’s food and beverage outlets. It offers national, continental, and Asian cuisines. You can go for whichever one you like.

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All these standard features and services offered by the hotel make it one of the most sought-after hotels in the city of Lagos.

When Was Lagos Continental Hotel Established?

The hotel opened its doors to Nigerians and the world in September 2013. It was commissioned by Babatunde Fashola, the Former Executive Governor of Lagos State. The hotel has gone through various ownership tussles.

It was earlier called the Lagos Intercontinental Hotel, but it was later changed to the Lagos Continental Hotel.


This is a 5-star luxury hotel, but it went through a series of ownership struggles because of the high debt profile incurred during its construction. Read through the next few paragraphs to grab the story behind it.

First, it was the brainchild of the Milan group, a UK-Based business conglomerate.

However, it couldn’t settle the huge amounts of money borrowed to fund the hotel’s construction. So in 2014, the owners announced their decision to sell 25% of its stakes to service the debts.

The construction of the tallest hotel in West Africa was financed by Skye Bank Plc and a group of other financial institutions in 2009. 60% of the funds came from Skye where it provided $81 million of the $135 million for the construction.

Going further, an earlier judgment delivered 2017 by a Lagos High Court mandated the defunct Skye Bank Plc to take charge of the hotel and its premises from the Milan Group due to un-payable debts to the tune of $29.8 million and N3.8 billion.

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In 2020, 11 Plc formerly Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc acquired the hotel and took over its operations.

Lagos Continental Hotel Services

Being a top-notch hospitality spot, the hotel offers services that range from lodging to food and beverages, relaxation spots, conference centers, and pools for cooling off.


The hotel has some of the exquisite and executive rooms and suites you can find around. They include:

  • Presidential Suite
  • Ambassador Suite Lounge
  • King Bed Guest Room
  • Twin Bed Guest Room
  • Club Suite
  • Executive Room
  • Executive Suite
  • Executive Club Room


The hotel’s dining section has some of the best restaurants offering local, African and international cuisines. While there are bars where you get served some of the best drinks, be it alcohol, beverages, or wines.  The dining section covers:

  • Ekaabo
  • Lobby Café
  • Ariya Bar/Terrace
  • Soho Restaurant
  • Milano Private Restaurant
  • Milano Bar

Recreation And Spa

The hotel’s recreation and spa center offers services that help you relax your muscles cool off your body temperature, and exercise. They include:

  • Infinity Pool on the fifth floor
  • The Lagos Continental Spa/massage parlors
  • The Gym

Meeting Rooms

The hotel offers some of the finest rooms for meetings, conferences, or even parties. The rooms include;

  • Grand African Ballroom Meeting Rooms
  • Niger Meeting Rooms
  • Abuja Meeting Rooms
  • Victoria Meeting Rooms
  • Atlas Meeting Rooms
  • Nile Meeting Rooms

Whether you are coming into the country as a foreigner or Nigerian, why try this amazing hotel.

There you will get all the hospitable treatment you desire. But first, your pockets must be heavy. Why not put a call through for inquiries, bookings, and reservations.

You won’t regret it if you try. Lagos Continental Hotel is a better home away from home.

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