Facts About Lagos Mainland: Location, Companies, Hotels & Tourist Sites


Lagos mainland by its name is located in Lagos state, the smallest but most populated state in Nigeria. Lagos state was formed on May 27th, 1967 under the decree of state No. 14 of 1963.

It was initially the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria but was later shifted to Abuja.

Despite the change of the Federal Capital Territory to Abuja, Lagos State remains the nation’s economic and commercial capital. Lagos state is located in the southwest part of Nigeria, on the narrow plain of the Bight of Benin.

Lagos although the smallest state in Nigeria possess the highest urban population. According to the 2006 national census, Lagos has a population of 9,013,534.

However, based on the UN-habitats and international development agency’s estimates, Lagos state is said to have about 24.6 million inhabitants.

Where Is Lagos Mainland?

The mainland is one of the local governments in Lagos state, some of the areas located on the mainland include, Ikeja, Yaba, Agege, Ogba, Iyana Ipaja, Mogodo, etc.

The Lagos lagoon divided Lagos into two parts, the island, and the mainland. Although the island is seen as the happening or interesting part of Lagos, the mainland is bigger.

It has some interesting places that you can visit alone, with friends or families to have fun.

Sights You Can Visit On The Mainland

  • You can pay a visit to the Ikeja city mall. The mall is located in Allausa, it is one of the best shopping malls in Lagos mainland. It has about over one hundred stores, meaning you can be able to get whatever you want there.
  • Domino’s pizza Ikeja is another lovely place to visit with friends family or alone. Domino’s pizza is the largest chain of pizza restaurants in Lagos. They provide a wide range of pizza toppings and they have over eight branches on the Lagos mainland.
  • Visit Kalakuta museum. If you are a huge fan of the iconic afrobeat legend Femi Anikulapo-Kuti, then this should be the best place for you to visit. The museum is Femi Anikulapo-Kuti former residence. His family and other human right activist converted the house into this legacy preserving museum.
  • The ozone cinema is another fun place to be which is also located on the Lagos mainland. It is the first multiplex cinema to be built on the mainland. They show movies in both 2D and 3D. Other places include Apapa amusement park, Lagos railway museum, Festac town and so much more.
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If you find yourself on the Lagos mainland and you are bored there some things to do that will make your day colorful, bright, and fun-filled. They are:

  • Mokoko floating village expenditure which is £145 per adult
  • Nightlife in Lagos which is £200 per adult
  • Kayaking £13 per adult
  • Lagos Cuisine tour £561 per adult
  • Lagos city and shopping tour £143 per adult

The Lagos mainland has a lot of hotels and suites ranging in different prices and comfortability, they are randomly listed not by ranking, some of the top hotels and suits include:

  • Eko hotels and suits which cost $145 per night
  • Lagos oriental hotel cost $220 per night
  • Sheraton Lagos hotel cost $160 per night
  • Southern sun Ikoyi cost $136
  • Ghatview hotel cost £22 per night
  • Precinct Comfort service cost £39 per night
  • Banilux guest house cost £24 per night
  • The Peaceland hotel LTD costs £18 per night. It is located in Yaba 1.7 miles away from the University of Lagos.
  • Deke hotels and suits cost £15 per night. It is located in Yaba and is 3 miles away from the University of Lagos
  • The Snug cost £22 per night
  • Apollo hotel cost £32 per night
  • Nspri guest house cost £102 per night
  • 44 lodge and suits cost £86 per night
  • Craven cottage inn cost £86 per night
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The Lagos mainland is also blessed with so many companies. That is why the opportunity of getting a job is very high compared to Lagos Island.

Below are some of the logistics companies located on the Lagos mainland.

  1. Mecopacificlogistics: It is a delivery company running both personal and business errands. The company has been working for three years now.
  2. PorshMedia and services is a two-year-old company that provides professional graphic designs, motion graphics, video editing as well as animations
  3. 25th-hour delivery is a delivery service company that has been running for three years now. They are really good and you can trust your orders in their hands.
  4. Abilun Global concept specializes in providing professional consultancy services in various areas. The company has been running for two years now.
  5. Blessed logistics cargo and automobile are dealers in car sales, air cargo, laptop sales, etc. The company is two years old.
  6. Box2door logistics is a one-year company that is specialized in domestic express delivery service
  7. Verabord global resource. Supply of wines/spirits as their core corporate service I’m in conjunction with real estate and consultancy and logistics services.
  8. Green height technology has been running for two years now. The company specialized in providing services like web hosting and design and hosting, computer repairs, networking software, IT support and so much more.
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Lagos is a haven of tourist attraction and that drowns so many people to it, these tourist attractions are found both on the Lagos mainland as well as the Lagos Island and other places around Lagos.

Some of these tourist sites include.

  • lga Idunganran, Isale-Eko, – Official residence of the Oba [King] of Lagos since 1670
  • Brazilian Quarters [Campos] — Home to Hispanic returnees and Brazilian architecture
  • Lagos Bar Beach, Victoria Island, Lagos
  • Tinubu Square – Nigeria’s premier CBD and hub of commercial/financial services
  • National Theatre, lganmu, Lagos – Nigeria’s ‘Cultural Village’ and center of arts

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