Abuja Or Lagos: Which City Is More Beautiful & Developed?

Lagos or Abuja; which is more beautiful and developed?

Eko which is the present-day Lagos is the one-time federal capital territory of Nigeria until the decision to shift the capital from Lagos to Abuja was taken in 1976 and after years of planning.

The decision was then taken and Abuja successfully made the Nigerian political capital in the year 1991.

Lagos congestion was one of the factors that moved for the replacement but then who can dispute the fact that Lagos is the economic epic center and is paramount to the feast by both locals and foreigners?

Abuja on the other hand is not as congested as the former plus a whole lot of its expatriate use drivers.

You will also not dispute the fact that Abuja is now getting the people’s flow rise, but what do you expect of the capital of the giant of Africa?

Who is better between Wizkid and Davido, math and English, and yes the comparison goes on when it comes to growth hence the comparison between Abuja and Lagos state is a sure bet as far as humans and development are concerned.

So, despite their history and traditions, here are a few reasons why you will want to know which to settle for between the two as far as beautiful developmental factors concerned:

Tourism and Adventure:

Heard of the island, the mainland, and the Lekki phases? What about the museums, restaurants, the felabration center, and the slave trade center which holds the history of Nigeria?

Well, half of Nigeria’s history as affiliated to the colonial masters has a home in Lagos.

Lagos is the epic center of fun and excitement thanks to its shrines, beaches, artifacts, parks, and more and the beautiful Yoruba spice to add a worthy feel of the culture.

Abuja on the other hand has leisure parks, malls, and cafes, due to its nature and development founded on politics.  Abuja is more of a political center and has well enough political offices and headquarters.

But the Aso Rock presidential villa, house of assembly, and stadium are also a beauty to behold.

Well, Abuja holds the view of the ever-beautiful Zuma Rock and the nighttime skyline of central business District Abuja.

 Cost of Living

Standard of living can either be high or low, but which of these cities has a higher standard of living due to its cost of living than the other? Lagos or Abuja? Well, no matter your social status there is something that works out for you.

Let’s look at Lagos despite its contagious lifestyle, which still houses both the rich and poor.  Yes, Abuja does the same but we can’t say the same for the percentage since most people rush to live in Lagos.

Abuja is home to the elite, the crème de la crème hence the need for a luxurious lifestyle, well there are places in Abuja where you can call the Abuja villages, and the people who cannot afford the luxurious lifestyle can settle for.

So also in the Ajegunle parts of Lagos.

Lagos is a commercial center so goods tend to be cheaper since they have it at their disposal. You can start from scratch in Lagos plus it is widely known as the city of hustling and bustling.

In Lagos, everyone is taught to be a street-wise city. So its beauty it’s in the comfortable living of its inhabitants.

while Abuja on the other hand has already made people.  so starting from scratch can be a little difficult for a starter.


Well, Nigeria’s home of entertainment is surely Lagos city. From the bunch of cinemas and record labels waiting for the early bird to catch to the biggest movie industry headquarter.

Nollywood which has a home in the heart of Lagos state has moved for the development of this city hence making it the entertainment headquarter in Nigeria.

Most movies on the other hand are shot in Abuja due to its luxurious setting and finding a comfy one is not a difficult one.

Record labels scout for young talents to invest and research has shown that these entertainment outlets are based in Lagos, unlike Abuja.


Abuja’s geography is defined by the Aso rock.

The city is 776,298 people populated; placing it in the 8th position of Nigeria’s most populous cities in Nigeria as of 2006. It grew by 139.7% between 2000 and 2010 making it the fastest growing city in the world according to the united nation.

Yes, Lagos is the commercial center but politically, FCT Abuja heads this.  And though Lagos is the most populated, it is not the fastest-growing. So we can give the credits to Abuja.

Arts and Culture

Nike art has four branches, Ogidi, Lagos, Oshogbo.

And Abuja being the newest branch is the most beautiful building in Abuja.  Well, we have the art villages in Abuja such as the Abuja art and craft village, Bwari pottery village, the Nike village, and the Abuja national stadium.

The Abuja cultural and historical tour is regarded as one of the most beautiful buildings in the city by tourists.

Lagos has the new Afrika shrine which is the host center of the biggest event known as felabration in memory of the music legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti. The islands and beaches are the top-notch areas in Lagos state.

Nigerian versatility in arts and culture is great meanwhile the most beautiful beach locations are still largely present in Lagos.

Both have tasted the capital city of Nigeria and have highbrow areas but deciding which to go based on your taste for aesthetics is up to you and of course your wallet.

Nevertheless, these two are the pride of Nigeria and have successfully stood out in everything worth contesting for as long as politics, arts, beauty and a good standard of living are concerned.

So having seen this, which do you think is better when beauty is brought to the table? Abuja or Lagos?

Well, it is very difficult to pick one over the other. But the politicians may pick Abuja. And the business moguls may pick Lagos. We leave that for you to judge.

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