Vision And Mission Statement Of Access Bank Plc

Access Bank has a vision and a mission statement, and this is going to be our priority today. As you continue to read the article, you will encounter their vision and mission statement.

Not just that, but also their strategic objectives and core values.

Between now and then, we will briefly review the bank’s history as additional knowledge.

Access Bank Vision And Mission Statement

Access bank is among the popular commercial banks in Nigeria and it is possessed by the access group. It is one of the five biggest banks in the country.

Simply because, the bank provides magnificent financial services such as loans, deposits, assets, and numerous sub-depositories across the country.

As of April 1, 2019, Access Bank agreed to a merger with Diamond Bank, another famous bank in Nigeria.

For this reason, it made Access Bank, the largest bank in the whole of Africa. But before that, Access Bank made the ownership of several banks in and outside the country.

You’ll learn about it later.

Chronicle of Access Bank

Access Bank was established in 1989 and the same year they obtained their license from the “Central Bank of Nigeria” to operate as a commercial bank.

Around 1998, the bank was listed on the Nigeria Stock Exchange. Then, in 2002, the bank was taken over by Aigbole AIG-Imoukhuede and Herber Wigwe.

In 2005, Access Bank amalgamated Marina Bank with Capital Bank as part of a merger. Then in 2007, the bank opened an additional branch in Banjul, The Gambia.

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By 2008, Access Bank owned 88 percent of the shares of Omnifinance Bank and also acquired 90 percent of the shares of Banque Privee du Congo.

Not only that, the financial institution holds 75 percent of the shares of Bancor SA in Rwanda.

About 2001, Access Bank opened a subsidiary in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Lusaka, Zambia, London, and the UK respectively. In 2008, Burundi’s Finbank joined the Access bank network and it left around 2014.

As of January 2012, Access Bank acquired Intercontinental Bank. As a result, it expanded the bank to become one of the largest in Nigeria.

In 2018, exactly between December and June 2019, Access Bank acquired Diamond Bank, one of the most popular commercial banks in Nigeria.

The acquisition of the banks did not stop there; Access Bank then acquired the Kenya Transition Bank and its 100 percent of the shares in 28 branches around Kenya.

This event happens in 2020.

Perhaps the acquisition of banks is still underway for Access Bank.

Access Bank Head Quarters

This amazing bank is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, one of the most business-minded regions in the country. The headquarters is at 14/15 Prince Alaba Abiodun Oniru Road, Victoria Island, Lagos.

You can decide to visit the headquarters and have a view of this magnificent bank in Nigeria.

  • Vision Statement

Access Bank’s vision is to eventually become Africa’s most respected commercial bank. They are therefore making every effort to ensure that the bank meets international standards.

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So they want to create platforms to support the growth and development of small businesses in the county.

In addition, Access Bank eagerly awaits the financial inclusion of the Azerbaijani population.

  • Access Bank Mission

Access Bank has an exceptional mission to contribute to the sustainable development of Azerbaijan that was included in its vision statement. How can they do this?

They will provide responsible financial services and solutions for a range of households.

Furthermore, micro, small, medium, and large businesses must be included in the use of the best internationally recognized banking system.

Access Bank is also committed to delivering value to customers, employees, shareholders, and the general public. It is therefore their intention to provide unbeatable customer service while taking care of their employees.

The bank states that its mission is based on its commitment to clients, core values, professionalism, integrity and openness, teamwork, social and environmental responsibility.

At this point, Access Bank aims to bring magnificent innovations to the different communities and markets where their banks are located.

  • What about their Core Values?

The core values of access banks are channeled to leadership, excellence, empower their employees, innovations, professionalism, and passion for their customers.

Let us examine these core values.

  • Access Bank wants to create a leadership style in which its employees will find an atmosphere conducive to carrying out their respective functions, like other commercial banks.
  • The bank also wants to be recognized for providing excellent services, retaining its customers, and get other people to do business with them.
  • When it comes to empowering their employees, Access Bank plans to help its workers develop new skills and improve the former worker. As a result, they regularly provide professional training.
  • As for their passion for customers, Access Bank has put a lot of effort into delivering a quality service structure to their customers. These structures are available to help and help customers resolve their problems effectively and quickly.
  • Access Bank wants to be extremely professional when it comes to taking care of an unbiased client.
  • Finally, Access bank is doing some research and survey regularly to come up with new magnificent ideas on how to better their services and how to continually grow their banking sector to become the best.
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Access Bank Strategic Plan

Insight of the bank’s vision to be the leading bank in the country and the continent at large, Access bank has now drafted a 5-year plan to guide them in achieving their dream.

This strategy is based on six key components.

These key elements include the consolidation of retail and wholesale banking, the client-centric digital approach, analytical intelligence, strong risk management, world collaboration, and the universal payment gateway.

As such, these core elements have become their additional vision statements to become the bank of their dreams.

If Access Bank ever achieves its vision and mission statement, there is no doubt the bank will be the best in all of Africa. Not only that, but achieve the international norm which is another dream of the bank.

At present, you should have a better understanding of the access bank’s vision and mission, along with the strategic objectives of the bank and the five-year plan.

Having been acquainted with their wonderful dreams, you should feel free and safe to do business with Access Bank

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