Advice For Families Moving To Lagos: 6 Things You Should Know

Lagos is one of Nigeria’s most beautiful cities and a land filled with investment options for most residents and foreigners.

Several people come to the city with their families to take advantage of these opportunities and improve their economic situation. In addition to that, other factors can cause someone to think about moving to Lagos.

They include access to safety, luxury living, quality education, and more.

Thinking about moving to Lagos might be pretty easy, but making the move in real life is not as easy as you might think. However, before moving to Lagos with your families, we have a few tips for you.

They will help you do whatever preparations you need to do while you plan your stay in Lagos.

What is Your Goal in Lagos?

That’s the first question you should ask yourself before thinking about moving with your family to Lagos. Is it for business purposes or leisure?

If it’s for business, decide what type of business you think will thrive in the region before you take one step further. But if it’s for the fun of it, then you got no problem with it. Lagos has a high-end lifestyle.

So if you can be able to set your goal, you will not have a lot of problems when you move fully to Lagos.

  • Do a Little Digging

Asking questions about your new location should be the first order of business. There are some social platforms you can join and get useful info from Lagos ex-pat and also the internet.

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One of these channels is Facebook. There are Lagos groups you can join.

As you do your research, ensure that goes in line with your relocation goal. For example, find cozy places to settle in Lagos, where to find provisions, market squares, hospitals, schools, and so on.

  • Go to Lagos in Person

After doing your research, you will need to take a scouting trip to Lagos in person before moving your family. The essence of this short trip is to have the opportunity to see for yourself if everything you have researched is real.

Less you plunge into Lagos with your two feet to meet the greatest shock of your life. I guess you wouldn’t want you and your family to be in that kind of situation.

Thus, on your short trip, be sure to visit most if not all residential areas and see if it will be good to settle down with your family. Make the safety, health, and comfort of your family a top priority when searching for a residence.

  • Consider your Children’s Education

Remember, you are moving with your family, so you have to plan along with your children’s education.

The question now is, do you want a public or private school for your kids? Public schools in Lagos are relatively cheap in comparison with private schools.

Hence, in your short exploration or search, it is advisable to sort the best schools in Lagos. If possible, you may visit the school in person to make a better decision concerning the education of your children.

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Additionally, you can use the following tools to judge the best school for your children, parental review, school location, education system, and cost.

  • Get Accommodation in the Vicinity of a Hospital

This is a significant factor that most people who move to a new environment don’t care about. On second thought, where will you go in the middle of the night if you, your child, or your wife are sick?

Surely, you will be placed in an awkward position. It is therefore essential to find accommodation near at least two or three health centers.

However, you should be aware that Lagos state is home to many people who can do anything to get money.

Some people who have a diabolical mindset translate into opening substandard health centers to make money. That’s why it is advisable to look for good hospitals that are known for quality health care and settle down closely.

More importantly, if you have small children, learn about their immunization habits and follow up quickly.

For those who are coming from other countries and using the baby or toddler red book, particularly those arriving from the U.K, ask local physicians if they are familiar with the red book.

  • Take a Look at their Marketplaces

Remember that we mentioned earlier you need to find out where to get groceries and other things as part of your relocation plan.

Lagos is a good pitch for any kind of business and there is almost no place in the state without a market. Regardless of what you are looking for, they are readily available on the market.

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Is it clothing, electronic equipment, or food? Suffice it to name them.

The only problem with most Lagos markets is that there is no warranty at 100% of your security. There are several criminals in all their markets, ranging from pickpockets, street fighters, and so forth.

If you are lucky to get away from these criminals, then you are likely to fall into the hands of sellers who will cut your neck with exorbitant prices.

To avoid situations like this becoming a reality, it is advisable to visit the market just for the experience. Or you can take an expatriate who knows how to navigate the market.

While you are doing this, write down the prices of what you need and where to get it.

Nonetheless, if you are the type that doesn’t want to shop in a rowdy environment, know that Lagos got some magnificent shopping malls where you can get all the items you seek. It’s only your money that will talk.

  • Be Socially Engaged

Entertainment and luxury ought to have been Lagos’ second slogan. Regardless of what brings you, it will be unfair for you if you don’t catch a little fun in Lagos.

There are many recreation and relaxation centers where you can have fun as a family. At least you can visit one of these places once a month to relax and have fun.

As discussed above, moving into a new environment is not a one-day job. It is necessary to plan carefully for the coming changes, less you make an epic movie.

These tips are enough to help you plan your move to Lagos as a family.