USA Jobs For Immigrants – Find Work In America: Apply Now!

Here are the best jobs for foreigners to migrate to the USA.

The United States of America is probably the richest country in the world, and the major reason for this is their thriving industries, as well as the wealth of their government.

For this reason, it is no longer news that foreigners are interested in coming to the United States to seek profitable job opportunities.

If you’re one of such individuals, then keep reading this article, as I’ll be telling you all you need to know about USA jobs for immigrants.

What You Will Need To Work In the USA

Being a foreigner, you will need to secure an employment authorization document before you can work in the USA.

You will also need to meet all the requirements stipulated by your immigration status.

As for the employers, they are also required by law to verify if foreign nationals are legally authorized to work in the USA or not.

Who Needs a Work Permit in the USA?

There are several classes of immigrants that need work permits before they can work in the United States.

You will need an EAD (Employment Authorization Document) if you are one of these –

  • A foreign student
  • Fiancé of a U.S. citizen
  • An asylum seeker

It is also worth mentioning that working in America requires that you must fulfill your tax obligations. As long as you are gainfully employed in the US, then it is demanded by law that you file both federal and state income taxes (according to the states that demand it).

What Is A Temporary Work Visa

There are cases where immigrants will need temporary work visas as opposed to an EAD. A temporary work visa allows a short stay of employment in America.

You can obtain a temporary work visa via a petition from your employer.

Another thing I have to mention is that skilled workers usually have their work visas processed faster than semi-skilled workers.

How To Apply For an Employment Authorization Document (EAD)

When it comes to applying for an Employment Authorization Document, the first thing you need to do is determine if you are qualified for it.

If you are, then you must complete the steps below.

  • Fill and submit Form I-765
  • Submit the form and relevant documents to the USCIS
  • Pay the filing fee
  • Provide any extra information demanded of you

Once your EAD request has been submitted, you will receive a notice, acknowledging that your application has been received.  You will also receive a date for an appointment, as well as biometric services.

After your submission has been processed, you will then receive a letter that tells you if you have been approved or declined.

What Are The Most Common Jobs For Immigrants In The USA?

Among all the immigrant jobs available in the US, construction seems to be the most employable, as up to 26% of immigrants fill these positions.

These include bricklayers, plumbers, and carpenters.


If you’re an immigrant in the US, then use the information provided in this article to determine your work status, and proceed to earn an honest living.

Hopefully, with the right qualifications, you will get your EAD and work visa in the quickest possible time.

Thanks for reading!