8 Trusted Apps To Send Money To Nigeria

Want to know which app you can rely on to send cash to Nigeria? If so, you will be interested in this opportunity. In this post, we will present some apps you can use to send cash to Nigeria.

Your transactions on these apps will be fast and secure, with fewer charges involved.

With the advent of digital banking in our modern world, you can send cash to any country of your choice using your smartphones and other mobile devices.

All you need is to find the application adapted to your money transfer.

Unlike a few decades ago you need to go to the bank before being able to carry out such a transaction.

8 Best Apps To Send Cash To Nigeria

Here are a few reliable applications that you can do, whenever you want to transfer cash to your family or friends in Nigeria.

  • RIA Money Transfer

Of course, you will need a reliable application to carry out your cash transfer. This app features the largest transfer service available in more than 144 countries worldwide.

Moreover, they provide reliable security for all their customers with lower fees. Only that, you must register with RIA money before you can take advantage of their services.

You can register with RIA Money through their website. Once your account is approved, you can start transferring money right away.

There are three ways to send cash to Nigeria using RIA, either by bank account, debit card, or credit card. You are also entitled to keep a record of your transfers until it reaches the receiver.

Some Nigerian banks that support the deal with RIA Money include First Bank, Access Bank, Eco Bank, Skye Bank, and many others.

The limit to which you may send money to Nigeria through this application is $500 per transaction.

  • Sendcash Africa

This is another platform where the transfer of funds to Nigeria is quick and easy. You will only experience a delay if there is a change in current rates and liquidity, but it will not exceed four hours.

If you are unaware, this application does not require registration. Simply type in the account number and press the Send button.

Sendcash Africa supports the transfer via a Bitcoin wallet, Wyre i.e. credit card, or Apple Pay.

In this regard, the limit to transfer cash via bitcoin is $2500 per transaction; and doesn’t charge any fee for that, except if the crypto wallet will charge you some fee.

While through Wyre is $1000, but the thrills are quite friendly.

  • World Remit

Regardless of where you live, you can send cash to Nigeria via this platform.

With World Remit, you can send money via cash pickup and bank transfer. However, if you choose a bank transfer, you can only send cash into a domiciliary account.

Some of the Nigerian banks that receive cash from this World Remit include FCMB, Access Bank, Eco Bank, Fidelity Bank, First Bank, and many more.

Outside of these commercial banks, other financial institutions receive app money. These include Opay, PagaTechs, and many more.

The maximum amount you can send cash on World Remit is approximately ₦700,000 per transaction within 24 hours. That limit is from Nigeria but could be different when sending money to other countries.

  • Eversend

If you want an instant cash transfer to a local bank in Nigeria, then Eversend is the best app to perform a quick transfer.

This app lets you not only send cash but also save and exchange cash at a very affordable rate within and beyond the shores of Africa.

In this respect, you can trade your money for USD, EUR, NGN, RWF, KES, UGX, and GBP respectively.

Are you also aware that you can also make online purchases with this application? All you have to do is create a virtual debit card laden with cash in US dollars.

  • TransferWise

It is a United Kingdom-based application that is currently supported in 59 countries, including Nigeria.

You can perform P2P trades with ease and there are international currency varieties available on the platform. These include EUR, USD, NGN, PLN, NZD, AUD, and lots more.

You can even convert all those currencies whenever you like.

Transactions with TransferWise come with certain advantages; one of them is the lower transaction rate, then a free master card will be given after your registration with the institution.

As well, they have a transaction limit of about $7,500.

  • OFX

I suppose you want to obtain the best exchange rate when sending cash to Nigeria?

If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to use the OFX app. Their exchange rate is friendly, plus you can transfer up to $7,500 within few minutes.

Only customers with a small account will know its costly nature, compared to customers with a bigger account.

  • Western Union

This financial institution is well known to the majority of Nigerian commercial banks. You can use a Western Union app anywhere in the world and send money with ease to Nigeria.

The only problem you might come across with this application is that their fees are not easily calculated. However, their fees are a bit expensive relative to other applications.

It will interest you to know that Western Union has no limit to send cash, though it depends on the country you send. Nonetheless, the limit for sending money to Nigeria is somewhat generous.

  • MoneyGram

Are you aware that MoneyGram is the second-largest money transfer application in the world?

They are supported by over 400 banks around the world, including Nigerian banks, and they also have over 350,000 agents in these locations.

You should therefore have the confidence to transfer cash to family and friends in Nigeria.

MoneyGram transfer fees vary depending on the destination country.

So you check out the application if the fee for Nigeria is affordable for you or not. Nevertheless, MoneyGram remains one of the best applications for moving funds between countries.

In that respect are other financial apps available either on the play store or Google.  You can utilize them to send cash to Nigeria at any location around the globe.

The applications mentioned above are part of the reliable applications on the Internet and are well recognized by Nigeria’s local banks.

Therefore, download any of them and enjoy a quick cash transfer.

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