Attestation Of Nigerian Birth Certificate: Requirements, Application & Uses

Are you among those who want to validate their poof of birth here in Nigeria? If so, here is an opportunity for you to learn about the tips of obtaining a validated proof of birth for you or your child.

All you have to do now is follow the procedures we will be outlining shortly.

Nigerian Birth Certificate Attestation

Validation for a consanguineous document is very significant for Nigerians who were born before 1992.

Consequently, everyone in the country is supposed to have a valid proof of delivery. Before a consanguineous document becomes valid, you must collect your prove of childbirth from the NPC.

For those who were born in a health center or outside the health centers, there is a need to obtain authenticated prove of birth from the NPC.

Minors under the age of 18 will also be required to have a valid consanguineous document that is well recognized by the NPC.

Must I Have a Prove of Birth?

As a Nigerian, you must have authenticated prove of birth, unless you intend to live a primitive life in the countryside. Some, if not all, Nigerian white-collar jobs require birth prove.

Furthermore, in the case of registration in the higher institution in Nigeria, a valid birth document will be requested from you.

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In case you would wish to join the politics in the country, this is one of the key documents that will be demanded when running an underground investigation.

The document is needed to be sure you’re a legal citizen of the nation. But that’s not everything, even if you want to travel to other nations; that same prove will be required to prepare your passport.

Are you also aware that if you wish to relocate to another country, you will be asked to bring a consanguineous document? If you don’t have it, then your migration may not be feasible.

Your attestation of a birth document is one of the proofs you will possess. Therefore, you can imagine not acquiring this common paper; you will certainly miss golden opportunities.

What Does Validation of Birth Document Means?

As noted earlier, this proves of birth specifically targets Nigerians born before 1992.

These classes of individuals do not have an authenticated consanguineous document with the NPC. That’s because the NPC began documenting consanguineous documents in 1992 until this very moment.

This group of Nigerians should therefore obtain prove of birth from the NPC.

Validation of birth document is the same as the normal birth document that is obtained from the NPC, so you don’t have to worry about its robustness.

What Must I Do to Have an Attestation Prove of Birth in Nigeria?

The instructions below will help you when validating your Nigerian consanguineous document.

  • Obtain Form for Validation

There are different branches of the NPC throughout the country. You can still find them at the local government, hospitals, or other centers within.

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When you visit any of the NPC offices for proves of birth, a validation form will be issued to you. In this form, you must complete your contact details and then forward the form afterward.

  • Submit Your Documents

Once the birth document request is complete, you must bring certain records by your side to collect the authenticated documents.

Some of these documents include one copy of government-issued identification, such as the voter card, the national identity card, the passport, and so forth.

As part of your validation process, you have to file for a sworn statement from any higher court in the country regarding your application. Plus a recent passport photograph.

When you have finished, you submit the form and proceed to the next step.

  • Wait for Response

After establishing all of these criteria and submitting your request, it will begin to be work upon immediately. But you have to exercise some patience because the process will take a short while to complete.

The NPC will now issue you the validated certificates right away, they have completed the processing of your consanguineous document.

In the event where you commit someone to apply for validation of a consanguineous document for you, the individual will be asked to submit proof of authorization since the individual is using someone else’s details.

If the person cannot provide this proxy, the request for certification will be rejected.

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The Nigerian authority is doing that to avoid issuing a consanguineous document to foreigners.

Can I Used an Attested Birth Document Abroad

Yes, you can, it’s only that you will need to follow some procedures to get that done. Most of the embassies only accept proof of birth that is released by the NPC.

Thence, if you’ve obtained your validation of birth document from the NPC, you will now take it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where you will begin the procedure for authentication.

  • What if I Lost My Birth Document?

Many situations may lead to the loss of a birth document.

It may have gone missing or it may have been caught in a catastrophic situation. No worries, there is a second chance for such a situation in Nigeria. So this is how you can go about it.

For individuals who were brought into the world before 1992 and do not have proof of birth, such people are expected to bring a document that will prove their identity.

These records should bear your full name, i.e. your surname, attached with your state of origin with a written date. Once you can provide these details, the NPC can issue another new document to you.

For those who were birthed after the official validation of a birth document by the NPC, if you want to obtain another new document then you bring the following to NPC.

First, you will need an authenticated birth document along with a sworn statement from the court, after which a new certificate will be presented to you.

So if you want to obtain valid proof of birth can use the provided guidelines.  Also if you want to make use of your birth document abroad can see the basic guidelines to authenticate your certificate.

We hope that you found this article informative enough to solve your issue.

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