How To Become A Facebook Entrepreneur

If you read this post to the end, I promise it will be the best blog post you will read this year.

You see…I usually get tired and annoyed when I see people just promoting their product or business, especially newbie network marketers on social media.

Go to their timeline, all you will be seeing are just promotional posts. You won’t see one content that you can read and learn something from.

Anyways, I don’t waste time deleting them off my friend’s list.

Now, are you a business owner, network marketer or you are a salesperson for your company? If you belong to any of these groups, this post is for you.

Here is a guide for those who want to start an internet business with no capital.

How To Turn Facebook Into A Business

If you are someone who will like to use Facebook as a marketing channel, this post is also for you.

I want to share with you how the top 20% of business owners and internet marketers sell on social media platforms like Facebook that gives them that 6 to 7 figure income you so desire.

I want to show you how you can become a Facebook entrepreneur just like I was a few years back when I started as a freelance writer.

I want you to take this blog post seriously for two reasons.

One, it will teach you how to use Facebook professionally.

Two, it will help you become a good salesperson on Facebook, and as a result, your income will increase.

Okay, back to business…

Now, selling on Facebook is very easy if you understand the basics.

You can build a multi-million dollar business selling on Facebook alone. But you would have to stay invested for a long time providing value without expecting anything in return.

The truth is, on social media platforms, you don’t make money by selling to people, you make money by helping people.


Stay with me.

If you want to learn how to become a Facebook entrepreneur who will be making nothing less than $1000 monthly, just have it in mind that you are going to focus more on building a long term relationship and getting to know more people before you start seeing money in your bank account.

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So without much ado, here are the steps you need to follow to become a 6 figures Facebook entrepreneur.

  1. Start with Your Timeline

This is where you start building the relationship you will need in the future. You will start by dropping valuable posts on your timeline without selling anything for a good 30 days.

Yes, 30 days…

I am very sure before now, you must have known your target audience and know their pain points.

This is because you will be posting content that speaks to your target audience and their pain points.

When you start doing this, your target audience among your Facebook friends will begin to connect with your posts by liking and commenting on them.

And as they are engaging with your posts, ideas on what to post next will start coming, as most times they will be the ones to tell you indirectly with their comments.

If your posts carry fire (by fire, I mean great value) and you stay consistent without missing a day (posting at least once a day), you should be getting messages in your inbox. People will be in your inbox asking you questions related to your posts.

Some will even sell themselves to you asking for help with what you can provide.

And to be honest with you, selling is best done inbox than on timeline (ask any top marketers you respect if you think I am lying).

If you follow me on Facebook and LinkedIn, you can testify that I don’t promote my offers too much on my timeline. I provide value more than I promote my offers.

This is what you should be doing on Facebook to market your brand.

You must strike a balance with your posts. Nobody wakes up and logs into Facebook to buy anything. So, you must learn how to entertain your readers some days, educate them some days, and sell your product or service some days. That was how I was running my freelancing business back then.

Posting Ratio for Facebook

Now, there is a ratio you will need to follow when creating content for your Facebook timeline;

  • Promotional content should be 25%
  • Entertainment content should be 25%
  • Educational content should be 50%
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This was the exact ratio I followed back then as a Facebook entrepreneur. I learned this from one of my mentors. It worked for me and I know it will work for you too as many who I have shared it with are getting results with it.

Secondly, you will need a content calendar. A content calendar is a posting guide that tells you what to post each day and when to post.

This is what I use for clients I manage their social media accounts. It is very helpful as it keeps you organized without thinking of what to post.

I just follow the same routine and it has been getting me results. It is something that can be created once and you keep using it for as long as you want.

If you want me to create one for you, contact me on WhatsApp.

2. Join Facebook Groups in your Niche

Yes, simultaneously you will be posting the same content on as many niche Facebook groups that you can join. But, you won’t be sharing your promotional content on any of the Facebook groups unless the admin permits it.

The only content you will be sharing on any Facebook groups you join will just be educational. When your content is very good, people will click on your name to see what you got on your timeline.

You already know your target audience so you should know the kind of groups to join to let them know you exist.

Most of the clients I got as a freelance writer back then came from Facebook groups I was a member of.

If you are a freelance writer, join groups where bloggers reside. That was how I got my first client. It was from a group called Bloggers Helping Bloggers BHB that I landed my first client.

Join 3 to 4 Facebook groups so you can manage your time and notifications.

Start a discussion with your post to create awareness and stay consistent with it. Members with similar interests will join in and start connecting with you.

Even with time, you get to earn a batch in these groups. This way you will be able to build a personal brand as well as establish a relationship with active old and new members in the group.

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I am a batch honor in all the groups I belong to.

When your post hits the pain point of your target audience, they will engage with the post. And when they do, the post will start ranking top inside the group.

And when that happens, you will start getting lots of friend requests. Don’t be surprised if you even get 50 in a day.

This is because people will want to connect with you to get more value and have the opportunity to know you personally to share their pain since they sense that you can be of help to them.

You will be getting notifications upon notifications from likes and comments on your posts. Don’t fail to reply to every comment you get. The more you engage with every comment on your post, the more the post gets to stay on top of the group for a longer time.

People from these groups will be sliding into your inbox to start a conversation with you and you will be opportune to pitch your product or service to them.

As you may know, it is much easier to sell to people when they come to you than when you go to them.

Hope you get that?

It is when you have done all these and established yourself as a helper for good 30 days that you can roll out your marketing script and tell people what you have to help them (Only on your timeline).

At this time, you will not be considered a marketer. You will be seen as a friend who wants to help with his or her product or service.

Brethren, this was the strategy I used to build my 6 figure freelance writing business that gave birth to Weebo Media, my digital marketing agency I am running right now.

If I were you, I will save this post to come back and read again. I just shared with you something I would charge nothing less than $250 for.

This may only be the two ways on how to sell on Facebook I just shared with you. But if you take it seriously, it may be all that you will ever need.

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