How to Become A Successful Wedding Planner in Nigeria

It is quite easy to plan a wedding in Nigeria, though stressful.

Are you looking for how to become a wedding planner in Nigeria but lacks the ideas and processes to follow? If yes, then, this is for you. There’s a lot to do when planning a wedding.

The role of any wedding planner in Nigeria is to mediate, facilitate and manage available resources to get the best out of your event and also help the couple realize the dream of a perfect wedding.

Though many people may lay claim of being good wedding planners only a few stand out.

Planning weddings is, without a doubt an exciting area of business. If you are very interested in becoming a wedding planner in Nigeria, then, you should have that likeness for the beauty of weddings.

In Nigeria, in fact in the world, people get married every weekend. I have never seen a weekend go by without a well-decorated bridal or groom’s car passing. Now, you can imagine huge amounts of money spent on those weddings every weekend nationwide. Wedding planning in Nigeria is a very lucrative business to engage in.

Any event, big or small will always require preparation and planning as families. Organizations and corporations involved may not have time, so they turn to their professional event planners to handle it for them.

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Many people seek the help of professional event planners to help make their events more successful and memorable. Every planner got his/her start in one particular aspect of an event.

So, starting from one aspect of an event is a very good idea for anyone who wants to become a wedding planner in Nigeria. Some people have successful careers during their beads, catering company years before venturing into becoming events and wedding planners.

Wedding planning also requires some level of education if available, experience, and an excellent network. Wedding planning is an area of business where networking can never be overemphasized.

Most of the duties of wedding planners involve organizing, planning, and facilitating small, medium, and large-sized events. Whether it is a wedding or an event outside of a wedding, everybody likes to celebrate big events.

Moreover, planning these events can cause sleepless nights about how to ensure the event is successful without a hitch. It takes more than a wedding planning experience and skills to have a successful wedding planning business.

You have to do some other research and homework to set yourself up for success.

Event planning is very profitable. I have heard of stories about people who started with nothing but now, are successful in the business. If you have little capital and you want to start a wedding planning business but unsure of what you have can take you to that promised land, worry less.

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What if I told you that with as low as N25,000, you can start up your own wedding planning business. With this same N25,000, you can make up to N150,000 in a party.

Seek financial support from your family and friends, banks, business investors, etc.

Whichever is available or reachable, just get that capital available. All you need to do is to have a well-structured, creative and attention-catching business plan.

Once the capital is available, boom! You are good to go. It is also advisable to have a professional certificate based on your event planning specialization if you want to increase your attractiveness to potential clients.

These certifications are usually awarded after meeting the required performance, service, and experience criteria and also passing the exams.

How to Become a Successful Wedding Planner in Nigeria

1. Be involved

Be involved in every area of the planning. There are a lot of details involved in planning a wedding. As the one in charge, you should be involved in every area from scratch to finish.

You can learn by receiving classes from experienced planners by attending and helping at weddings, through self-study, reading wedding magazines, visiting bridal shows, and getting information from well-connected people in wedding businesses.

2. Get a good and experienced mentor

If you want to become a great planner, you should not be afraid or too proud to start small by working for an established wedding planner.

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If you want to start from having your own business, it is recommended that you work under a planner whose work you admire to gain the experience needed and obtain contacts needed for your future business.

3. Develop a skill

Many successful wedding planners have something in common. They are creative people who love to plan events. Although most of these traits are natural in some wedding planners, one very important skill that many should develop is an organizational skill.

To help stay organized, create checklists, time schedules, checklists, and organizational tools such as a day planner to keep track of all your wedding details and paperwork.

4. Get connected

The location of your business can not be over-emphasized. It is necessary to have a good location that has a continuous stream of traffic, has proximity to other businesses, a convenient parking space, and has good topography.

Note that when this business is first launched, you will spend most of your time getting to know how successful it will become.

Do not get sucked in marketing programs and expensive advertising.

Reduce advertising costs by creating Facebook pages, Twitter pages, advertise on wedding sites, wedding event planner associations, business organizations, and social groups where meeting people whom you can exchange referrals is easy.

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