Bellerbys Outstanding Achievement International Scholarship, University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham has partnered with Bellerbys Colleges to provide a partial grant to researchers in different fields. Whoever accepts this grant will accept to support the collaboration between these two institutions.

The agreements are designed to help prospective scholars, provide testimonials and create engaging activities.

This article seeks to enlighten the audience regarding Bellerbys magnificent grant.

As you move forward, you will learn about all the registration criteria, the courses and programs available, the value of the grant, and so on.

Before jumping into details, it will be nice if we quickly have some basic understanding of the school.

University of Birmingham Scholarship Offers

It is a state-owned research establishment founded in 1900 in Edgbaston, Birmingham, UK.

The school is a charter associate of the Russell Group of British Research Universities and the International Network of Research Universities. Numerous degree programs are open at the school.

They include bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

The institution is well known for having an impact on its school, lives with high innovation and research skills. This is one of the reasons why graduates from this institution are employable and prosperous.

Criteria to be eligible for the Award

To qualify for the Bellerbys Outstanding multinational grant, you must meet the following standards.

  • Must hold exceptional school performance from previous training.
  • Should be your first year as a new scholar on Birmingham University Campus.
  • Must hold the capacity to take care of any extra disbursements such as visa/travel, and other miscellaneous.
  • Candidates must identify themselves as foreign researchers for the payment of tuition and compensate for future costs that are not taken care of by the grant.
  • Give good reasons for signing up for the grant.
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Who is Not Eligible to Sign Up?

  • Candidates who are presently schooling or who have already enrolled in a degree program at the University of Birmingham will not be accepted for this grant.
  • Candidates for MBChB Medicine and Surgery or BDS Dental Surgery are not qualified either.

Educational Program

This grant is open solely for a BA in different fields of study. They include the arts, law, social sciences, physical sciences, environmental life sciences, medical sciences, and dentistry.

As such, you can graduate in any of these fields.

Enrollment Closing Date

Candidates who wish to enroll for this grant must finish their registration by May 27, 2022.

How Much is the Grant Worth?

Don’t forget that this is a partial funding grant from the two aforementioned establishments. Successful candidates will be rewarded with £2,500.

This amount is only to cover tuition costs for year one. That’s why we mentioned earlier that prospects must have the ability to settle the subsequent costs, plus other expenditures.

Where to Enroll for the Grant

If you are curious about signing up for the Bellerbys 2022/2023 multinational grant, then you can use this official website to apply.

You may also fill out the nomination document and mail it to

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Scholarship Summary

Host: the University of Birmingham (Partnering with Bellerbys Colleges)

Degree Program: Bachelor’s Degree

Enrollment Deadline: 27th May 2022.

Value of Award: £2,500 (Partial funding)

Eligible Nations: ALL Nationalities.

Although it is a partial grant, it has been instrumental in allowing foreign students to study in the UK. Any person interested in this grant should use the above info.

You mustn’t miss this chance.