Best Cat Trees for Large Cats to Buy

Are you a cat lover seeking to provide your cats with artificial relaxation spots? It’s no secret that cats love to climb trees, roofs, and fences.

You can keep off such areas by providing an artificial tree to keep them preoccupied. Cat trees offer a wide range of benefits as they can be stationed indoors, thus keeping your cats where they belong.

High-Quality Cat Trees to Choose from

As a buyer or cat owner, you’re spoiled for choice, as many cat trees are available.

Many buyers have difficulty sorting through many products to find the right type. To help you, we’ve included some of the most popular styles for buyers.

These aren’t a comprehensive list of all the best products. Instead, it highlights certain tree types that tend to attract the most interest from buyers.

You might find some of this exciting, but; others may not be what you need.

Understanding that customers have unique needs, you can browse the different cat trees to determine which meets your requirements.

Buying the Best Cat Tree

Before we get into details about available cat trees, it’s necessary to consider the tips for choosing a cat tree.

Using these tips gives you a better chance of selecting the right product. Speaking of information, you’ll have to go for age-appropriate trees.

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Space is another consideration you need to make. Also, size up your cat to determine what type of tree to get. Knowing your cat’s preferred textures will help.

What more? Scratch direction is essential. This is in addition to knowing the right spot to place your tree. Let’s briefly discuss each of these points, shall we?

  • Age Appropriate Trees

Not every type of cat tree will serve your needs.

You’ll need to go for one considered age-appropriate for your cat. Younger cats tend to be more agile and have no difficulty climbing up any tree type you provide.

However, older cats ten years or more will need something more appropriate.

In other words, you should look for a tree that’s easier to climb for your older cats. Sometimes, added initiatives such as placing the cat tree close to a platform or chair will allow for easy reach for older cats.

You’ll have to determine your cat’s age before shopping for a tree.

  • Determine Available Space

How much space do you have to spare? This will influence the cat tree size you get. There are varying sizes of cat trees that fit different areas.

With smaller spaces, more narrow trees will need to be bought. However, if your area is large enough, you might want to get two cat trees or more.

This largely depends on the number of cats you have. Some cat tree designs are built in such a way as to accommodate multiple cats.

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With ample space, you can get more trees if you wish to. In other words, there are fewer restrictions for buyers seeking multiple cat trees.

  • Sizing up your Cat is Important

Before you buy a cat tree, you’ll have to consider the size and weight of your cat.

More giant cats tend to be heavier and could easily topple over cat trees that aren’t appropriate to their size and weight. You want to get a tree whose base is sturdy enough not to topple when your cat climbs.

Also, the base of the tree should be more comprehensive. Luckily there are varieties of cat trees that meet such specifications. Having this requirement in mind allows you to shop more intelligently and better.

  • Understand your Cat’s Preferred Texture

Your cat’s preferred texture matters. As a cat lover, you should know your cat’s preferred texture.

If you haven’t been attentive enough to your cat’s preferred textures, you might want to visit a pet store to get small scratchers of different surfaces that allow you to identify which type your cat likes.

Having identified the most preferred scratcher, you’ll have to get a cat tree with a similar texture.

It’s important to note that cats that have formed the habit of scratching your furniture won’t immediately stop simply because you bought a cat tree.

Some level of training is necessary.

  • Observe Scratch Direction

Arguably all cats are scratchers. With this said, you’ll have to determine the scratch direction your cats prefer. Such can either be horizontal or vertical.

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Having established the preferred texture and scratch direction, you can better shop for a cat tree that meets such needs.

  • Find the Right Spot for your Tree

Having bought your cat tree, you don’t want to isolate your cat by placing the tree away from your living space. Find creative ways to integrate such trees into your room.

You must understand that your cat never wants to be away from where the action is.

Cat Trees to Buy

When making a pick, such a process can be overwhelming due to the vast collection of products. Different manufacturers offer a wide range of cat tree options.

Some of the most popular products you might find interesting include On2Pets 60-inch Large Round Modern Cat Tree and Aeromark International 73″ Armakat Cat Tree.

Other types are the FurHaven Pet Cat Furniture, the Lotus Cat Tower, the Go Pet Club Cat Tree, and the Premier Cat Play Tree.

You might find other cat trees attractive: the Trixie Pet Products Baza Cat Tree, New Cat Condos Deluxe Kitty Pad, and the CoyCatFurniture 73″ Extra Large Climbing Cat Tree Furniture for Active Cats.

You can also go for the CatHaven Cat Condo, Simple Sleeper Cat Scratch, Modern Cat Tree House, and several other products too numerous to mention here.

If none of these cat tree products excites you, consider researching available trees, as there are many to choose from.

Buying the right cat tree requires a basic understanding of your pet’s needs. We’ve provided specific tips to help you figure out what to buy.

Also included are examples of popular cat trees you can choose from.