10 Best Places To Live In Lagos

Here are the best areas to stay in Lagos.

Lagos is known as the city of luxury and lavishness. You can find some of the finest things of life in the city. From 5 star hotels to exotic restaurants, and from beautiful beaches to posh neighborhoods.

The city is a wonder to newcomers and a favorite to those already living there.

However, there is a place for everyone in Lagos; the poor and the rich. So, if you are in Lagos or aspiring to move to the city, there are some best places you can live freely and comfortably.

Since the city welcomes people from all walks of life and different parts of the country; from the North, East, and South, we are going to show you the best places you can live in Lagos.

Best Places To Live In Lagos

Whether you already live in Lagos, or you are coming to the city to hustle and work, these are some of the best places to live:

  1. IKOYI

Situated on Lagos Island, Ikoyi is an idle place for family life. It is cool and calm and has some of the best schools you can choose from for your kids; whether nursery or secondary.

Talking about serenity, this is the place. It is highly secured and the level of crime is very low in the area. You would live here comfortably without fear.

  1. YABA

This is one of the places in Lagos that you would love to live in. This is because of its strategic location on the Lagos Mainland. And also serving as the link to Lagos Island.

You can find some of the best schools and tech industries here. That is why it has become an idle location for students and job seekers from all over the country.

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Though it doesn’t measure up in terms of housing facilities, most families love it.

Talking about nightlife, Yaba is the place. It has a plethora of stylish restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Oh yeah, it is the place of the party.

Some of the institutions of higher learning situated in Yaba include; University of Lagos (Unilag),  the Federal School of Science and Technological College, The Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, The Yaba College, Queens College and so much more.


Surulere is also considered as one of the best places to live in Lagos as it is a resident and a commercial local government area located on Lagos Island.

The Lagos National Stadium built in 1972 for the All-Africa Games is located in Surulere.

One of the most popular places in Surulere is Ojuelegba. Just like other places in Lagos, Surulere also suffers from traffic jams. The roads are usually busy during the day.

  1. AGEGE

If you are looking to experience the full-time Lagos lifestyle, Agege is the go-to place for you. It is one of the nice residential areas on the Mainland that you can live a cool and comfortable life.

It is located close to Ikeja and Ogba.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) permanent orientation camp is located at Agege Iyana Ipaja road. The area has few industries and there are quite many affordable houses for rent.

Residents of the area benefit from the railway transport system.

  1. IKEJA

Ikeja is the capital of Lagos state.

It is one of the clean, quiet, and beautiful places to live. The city is full of residents and commercial buildings with boutiques, restaurants, shopping malls, pharmacies, relaxation centers to mention but a few.

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Murtala Mohammed International Airport is situated in Ikeja. A lot of people also consider Ikeja as one of the best places to live in Lagos state. It offers the perfect Lagos experience, the daily hustle and bustle lifestyle.

Ikeja is also one of the busiest cities in Lagos because of the activities going on in the area Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja GRA, Toyin Street, Opebi are some of the busy and popular areas in Ikeja.

Ikeja residents are also high-income earners.


This axis is one of the best places to live in Lagos.

It is a nice setting for families planning to relocate to the city. There are good schools for kids, and job seekers can get employment opportunities.

It is synonymous with friendly neighborhoods, and excellent medical facilities. Why would one even hate a place like this? No, you wouldn’t dare.

  1. OGBA

Ogba is just a little distance away from, Ikeja (five kilometers). The area is densely populated with a mix of housing for both high-income earners and low-income earners.

Ogba is located in the heart of Lagos metropolis which makes it easier for residents to have access to buses and taxies. The area is an industrious community and it is peaceful and comfortable.

  1. APAPA

Apapa is one of the local government areas in Lagos state.

It is located near the Lagos lagoon and contains ports and terminals for various commodities. It is also the home of some refineries like the BUA group.

Some of the notable places in Apapa include the headquarters of the Nigerian newspaper, this day newspapers, and the Folawiyo towers. They also have beautiful amusement parks for children.

Although Apapa is seen as a commercial area, it still has a quiet number of residential apartments.


You can’t talk about the best places to live in Lagos without mentioning Maryland. The area is one of the best residential and commercial areas in Lagos state.

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Maryland is close to Ikeja the capital of the state.

One of the reasons why you should consider staying in Maryland is because of its great power supply. The whole area has a good road network and just a few companies located there.

Also, the Maryland mall is seen as one of the biggest in Lagos.

Mary is also blessed with so many beautiful estates.

Some of the estates include Maryland estate, Shonibare estates, Onigbongbo estate to mention but a few. Maryland is also considered the home for high-income earners.


This place is usually called the Billionaire’s Paradise.

This is because it houses the home of some of the richest persons in the country. It offers a serene environment away from the noises of Lagos city; you’d love it here.

However, you have to be stinking rich to have a house here.


Festac Town is a federal housing estate located along the Lagos Badargry expressway in Lagos state.

The name was gotten from the acronym FESTAC and it stands for Festival of Arts and Culture that was held there in 1977. Festac town is a very unique place in Lagos as it is full of history and culture.


Mogodo is located in the Kosofe Local Government Area of Lagos state. It is towards the outskirt of the state close to the capital Ikeja. Mogodo is considered the area that harbors affluent people in society.

Mogodo is also close to the Ketu market therefore residents have easy access to all kinds of fresh food, vegetables, and other ingredients.

As a new person coming into Lagos from other parts of the country or even outside the country to stay you may want to consider the few places mentioned here.

There are other places like Richmond Gate Estate Ikate Lekki Phase one, Ogundu and Ojota (Ode Ajayi GRA), etc.

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