Best Tribe to Marry As a Wife in Nigeria


Nigeria is a home for hundreds of tribes and each of them has its uniqueness and attributes that can draw and push back someone who does not belong. This cultural diversity has been one of the primary factors affecting marriage in Nigeria. Some tribes still forbid their kids from marrying other tribes.

We’ve seen situations where a man brings home a woman he wants to marry and the parents ask, what is her tribe? Those who happen to belong to a tribe that is not accepted, encounter serious problems with their wedding arrangement. Some crash instantaneously.

When a civilization comes into the country, it somehow influences the aspect of marriage. People started to think beyond tribal differences. Men who want to marry are now looking for women with high potential to keep a home independent of their ethnicity. But still, there are tribes in Nigeria that are renowned to have ladies who are good wives material than others.

If your heart wishes to marry a vitreous woman, then our conversation today will be interesting for you. We’ll track down the best tribe to marry a woman in Nigeria. That’s not all, but we’ll also tell you why daughters from these tribes are the best.

The Tribes to Get the Best Wife Material in Nigeria

Here are a few tribes where you can select a lady with great potential and make a good home. But don’t take this the wrong way. We are not saying that the women of other tribes are not good wives. It’s just that some tribes have more wife material than others.

  • Igala

Igalla is one of the major tribes in the state of Kogi, which produces ladies who are prospective wive in the making. Their wives are very respectful, obedient, loving, and attentive toward their husbands. On top of that, they are hardworking, intelligent, religious, and able to cook sumptuous local dishes.

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Some people even attest that an Igala female can exchange her eyes to show you her love and loyalty. To crown it all, these ladies can extend their love and care to their husband’s family. If you are looking for a good wife, you may think about getting an Igala lady. The right gene is handed over to their generations.

  • Anang

It is one of the tribes of Akwa Ibom that are reputed to have beautiful ladies who are charming and respectful. These women are taught how to look after their husbands and their immediate family members. Women of the Anang tribe are romantic and can capture the hearts of men with their delicious local dishes.

Whenever you want to settle down, you can get to see a few ladies from that tribe. They have everything necessary to make a good home.

  • Kilba

Kilba is a special tribe in the state of Adamawa, a northern part of Nigeria. They also have a wonderful group of young ladies who are beautiful, thoughtful, and loyal. The ladies are equally respectful and painstaking. Some experts say that kilba wives may sacrifice everything to make their husbands happy. If physical appearance is among your main criteria, then know that their ladies are great, with beautiful hips that make a perfect figure 8.

  • Igbo
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This tribe is one of the main ethnic groups in Nigeria, most of which are located in the eastern part of the country. They are found in the regions of Enugu, Anambra, Imo, Abia, and Ebonyi. If you want a lady who is beautiful and light skin as well, then look for an Igbo girl. Though there are some with a dark complexion, most of them are light skin and are thus men.

On top of their beauty, the ladies also know how to love and take care of their husbands as well as their families. They are hard-working, intelligent, educated, loyal, respectful, and they can cook good meals. When it comes to intercourse, you can rely on the Igbo women for perfect work.

  • Ijaw

If you have ever traveled to Delta State, you must have stumbled upon an Ijaw woman, knowingly or unknowingly. Their ladies are said to be tall, beautiful, dark-skinned, hardworking, loving, caring, and respectful. To prove how hard-working Ijaw women are, they venture into the seafood trade such as crayfish, fish stocks, shrimp, starfish, and many more.

Although the Ijaw ladies are moderately educated, they are still intelligent, clean, and able to cook amazing meals. Whenever you want to find a woman, you can include Ijaw ladies as part of your list.

  • Yoruba

The Yoruba tribe is another major ethnic group in Nigeria that is renowned for giving birth to a beautiful set of ladies who grow to be tireless, highly educated, respectful, romantic, religious, and supportive. In addition, they are industrious, fashion-conscious, and they know how to cook delicious food. When it comes to sexual activities, Yoruba ladies are not left behind.

  • Ibibio
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Ibibio is a well-known tribe from the southern part of Nigeria. Some of their indigenous people come from Akwa Ibom and others from Cross River. They also have gorgeous women that are sexy and hot. But that’s not the only thing that matters, their women are respectful, well-educated, highly educated, supportive, and may cook delicious meals for their husbands.

Above all, they are religious persons, filled with good manners. If you desire to take a wife, make sure you scout for Ibibio ladies.

  • Oworo

Though this tribe is not well known in Nigeria, women of this ethnicity are acknowledged as good wives. They have a flag of humility and respect. They also know how to show love, care for and their husbands and their family members as well. Yes, most of them are perhaps not educated, but they are intelligent.

To top it all off, the women of Oworo is less demanding, they are still satisfied with what they have. If you can get one as your wife, you won’t regret making that choice.

There are more other tribes where you can get a better bride than those we have listed above. However, you must know that not all ladies of the tribes mentioned above may be perfect. Some could be a nightmare. You can also find a girl who can make a better woman in other tribes than those mentioned. Wherever you obtain a true companion, don’t let her go for any tribal reason.