10 Best Tyre Brands For Nigerian Roads

Looking for the top 10 tyre brands in Nigeria?

Car owners in Nigeria will find this article very beneficial, as we are going to list some good brands of tires that will fit perfectly with Nigerian roads.

You don’t have to worry about its quality, because those tires are made from reputable industries

Which Tyre Is The Best In Nigeria?

Due to the harshness of Nigerian roads, many car owners change their tires before they even expire. It is either they lose it to stone or are punctured by a nail.

This situation has caused many car owners in the country to spend money unnecessarily on tires. Sturdy tires are the solution to this particular problem facing Nigerian road users.

Top 10 Tyre Brands for Nigerian Roads

Right now, we are about to list a few brands of high-quality tires you can use to hit Nigerian roads. These tires are tough enough to last the test of time.

  • Michelin Defender

It is a defender because this tire is not easily perforated by a stone, a nail, or other sharp objects. In addition to its defense capabilities, it is also eco-friendly and fuel-efficient compared to other tire brands.

You will appreciate this brand of tires a lot, whether you use Toyota Camry or corolla, though it will adapt to other car brands as well.

Driving on a Michelin Defenders tire when it rains is safe, simply because it has lateral grooves which are responsible for preventing hydroplaning.

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You will not regret making this brand of tires your choice.

  • Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 2

It’s another promising tire brand that can travel all over the country. No matter if it’s the rainy or dry season; Bridgestone Dueler can withstand all weather conditions.

This is because the tire is made up of two layers of tread that are semi-stealth to manage wet conditions as well as increase its performance.

Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 2 is the best for people with SUVs, pickup trucks, and bumper cars. However, we are not saying that it is not suitable for other brands of cars.

  • Presa Tyre

Are you looking for an aggressive brand of tires that will hit all manner of rough roads in Nigeria? Presa tire is not only designed to be aggressive on tough roads, but with an awesome response to high speed.

Don’t worry, because you can drive on those tires safely.

This is because the tire is made with quality materials up-to-date technology.

In case you don’t know, Presa tires can perfectly manage roads both in the dry season and in the wet season, due to their amazing properties of moisture-wicking when it rains.

This brand of tires comes in various sizes at a very affordable price.

  • Sunfull tire

Are you always on the lookout for the best tire for wet and dry conditions?

Then, feel free to choose the Sunfull tire brand. It has excellent adhesion and drainage properties to guarantee your safety in damp conditions.

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As for the wheel, it is well built and protected to endure the taste of the weather.

The Sunfull tire is designed to fit road riders due to its high-speed stability and fuel economy. It will not cost you much to get this brand of tire on the market.

  • Dunlop

It is another promising brand of tires that can run on Nigerian roads for a very long time without damage, due to its revolutionary properties.

It is a well-recommended brand not only in Nigeria but in the whole world.

Dunlop even manufactured tires for the future.

  • Cooper Discoverer A/T3

Did you know that this tire gets rid of stones and reduces the speed at which it stores sharp objects? The tire has side protection properties that do the work.

The heavy grooves of the tire make it comfortable and safe enough to drive in both the dry and the rainy seasons. You can travel safely to a far-flung village without any kind of deflated.

As good as Cooper Discoverer A/T3 is, so you’re going to spend money to get it. However, what is great is that it is easily accessible in the marketplace.

Feel free to choose this tire if you would like to drive safely in Nigeria.

  • Handkook Dynapro At-M

It is the seventh-largest tire brand in the world. This is to tell you that it is made by a reputed company with excellent quality.

Since you’re departing to run on Nigerian roads, this tire has a wraparound tread that averts cuts and bruises as well as making it suitable to drive in the rainy season and dry season.

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The story of Dynapro does not stop there; the tire is made with a stone removal capability and a shoulder groove to prevent the stones from piercing the tire.

  • Westlake tire

Because of the gorgeous tread configuration of this tire, it has become a favorite for everyday users. You can enjoy racing on this tire on the motorway, rough terrain, long-distance, and so on.

Tire Westlake is friendly both during the rainy season and during the dry season. You may purchase this brand of tire for a reasonable price.

  • Bfgoodrich All Terrain T/A Ko2

From the name, you can see that the tire can work on any ground. This brand of tires is based on modern technology.

Do you have any idea why? It has anti-wear properties that make it one of the most durable tire brands.

Next, it is nesting and sipping properties contribute to the elimination of stones and other sharp objects from damaging the tire.

Therefore, driving on this tree when it rains is safe, with all the characteristics mentioned. People with Jeep, SUVs, trucks and other big cars will appreciate the use of this brand of tires.

  • Double King Tire

This brand of tires is notable for its low noise and vibrations during racing on obstacle-filled roads. It also has anti-wear features that enhance your vehicle’s durability and performance.

Furthermore, Double King tires have an asymmetric tread to straighten your car while driving.  Choosing this brand of tire will be the best choice you can make concerning tires.

There are other remarkable tire marks you can count on when you want to hit the Nigerian roads. The aforementioned brands are some of the best tire brands available in the market.

The option is now yours to make. Enjoy your ride with any of these tires.

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