Biggest Church Auditorium in the World


There has been a significant spike in the world’s Christian population in recent years and this has significantly affected the growth of the church. As the number of worshippers increased steadily, there has been a massive increase in the establishment of churches. Other existing churches build large auditoriums to fulfill their mega-church status of housing all their worshippers.

The question is, which church has the largest auditorium in the world? Don’t worry, you’re on the verge of discovering it soon. This article will focus on the church with the largest auditorium in the world. That’s not all but in addition to other relevant details that you need to be aware of. Let us not waste too much time and move on to routine proceedings.

The Largest Church Auditorium

Looking forward to the surprise? Ok, the biggest functioning church auditorium in the universe at present is the ‘Hand of God Cathedral’ of Salvation Ministries. It’s ranked first because of its size and seating capacity. Let’s take a look at the church and the auditorium.

Salvation Ministry

Salvation Ministry is also known as ‘Home of Success’, was established around 13th April 1997.  Its headquartered at Plot 17 Birabi Street, G.R.A. Phase 1, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. The leader and founder of the ministry are none other than Reverend David Ibiyomie. The Church thinks it has the divine mandate to establish the Kingdom of God on this planet.

The ministry is developing rapidly throughout the world. As we speak, the Ministry of Salvation has more than 1,000 pastors strewn across several branches around Nigeria. They perform about seven Sunday services that are all interpreted simultaneously in local and foreign languages. These languages include Hausa, Igbo, German, Russian, French, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Arab, and Dutch.

  • Hand of God Cathedral
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The auditorium was given the name “Hands of God” or “Fiver Fingers of God Cathedral” because of its magnificent architectural design. By the year 2020, the auditorium of the Ministry of Salvation was completed with a seating capacity of up to 120,000. The project area covers an area of 50,000 m2 and is fully covered by AL-Mg-Mn roofing sheets.

Additionally, the Hand of God Cathedral has a 91m wide central dome, five cylindrical finger structures, and two fan-shaped roof structures. With the size of the project area and the seating capacity, he made the church auditorium to be classified as the largest church auditorium on the planet.

According to the report, this gigantic auditorium has cost about $50 billion to build completely.  As a result, the church cathedral becomes the most expensive auditorium in the world. You must be surprised at this.

Before the cathedral was completed, the supervisor said he would build a debt-free auditorium and that no pandemic would turn him and the church into poverty. No doubt, the overseer is wealthy.

Other Bigger Church Auditoriums

Besides the Hands of God Cathedral, there are other churches with huge auditoriums around the world. Among them are the Glory Sanctuary Dome of Dunamis International Gospel Center, Champions Royal Assembly, Temple of the Glory of God, Faith Tabernacle of Living Faith Church, Gereja Bethany, and so forward.

  • Glory Sanctuary Dome
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It is the second-largest auditorium, owned by the Dunamis International Gospel Centre. It is situated in Abuja, the Nigerian capital. Around 2018, the religious Centre was completed with a seating capacity of up to 100,000 people. The project area covers approximately 22,148 square meters on 2 hectares of land and its yellow-colored roof extends to 228 meters.

  • Champions Royal Assembly

Champions Royal Assembly is ranked number three on our list of the largest church auditorium in the world. The structure was completed around 2015 to accommodate 80,000 people at once and has its location in Abuja, specifically Chikakore, Kubwa.

Champions Royal Assembly is a project of several billion Nairas which occupies seven hectares of land. The edifice has four giant floors and its roof resembles that of the Jewish temple. On top of that, the building consists of 350 lavatories, 12 escalators of which nine operate electronically.

  • Temple of the Glory of God

This is one of the main churches in Brazil, which happens to be the 4th largest church auditorium in the world. It belongs to the Pentecostal Church-God is Love in Sao Paolo, Brazil. By 2004, the auditorium was completed to accommodate a capacity of 60,000 people. The building is 55 meters high (nearly the height of the 18-story building).

Furthermore, the building contains 36 rooms for the bible school and 84 apartments for bishops and pastors. Millions of dollars has been spent to raise this structure to completion.

  • Faith Tabernacle
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Faith Tabernacle is the fifth biggest church auditorium, owned by Living Faith Church. It is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. In 1999, this enormous building was finished with a seating capacity of up to 50,000 people. In addition to that, the auditorium is situated on 70 hectares of land (42km2), in a complex called Canaanland.

Guinness World Record book recognized Faith Tabernacle as one of the largest church auditoriums in the world around January 2009. If we must enumerate the largest evangelical church worship centers around the world, this auditorium will rank first.

  • Gereja Bethany

It is an Indonesian auditorium, owned by the Graha Nginden Bethany Church in the city of Surabaya, Indonesia, Southeast Asia. Initially, the building was estimated to accommodate about 20,000 people seated. But the plan was later amended to accommodate 35,000 people simultaneously. The center of worship is located on 8 hectares of land. Today, Gereja Bethany is the biggest indoor auditorium in all of Southeast Asia.

There are other churches and huge auditoriums that we haven’t talked about. These listed above are the six biggest centers of worship throughout the world. The Hand of God Cathedral would not have been ranked first among the largest auditoriums in the world if the Redemption Camp had been finished. That’s because it’s designed with a million-plus seating capacity. As it is still being built, it will not be included on our list.