Cheapest Way To Call Nigeria From USA [Low-Rate Calling Cards]

We decided to prepare this article in particular for those who are looking for some cheap ways to call Nigeria from the United States.

When you go further, you will come across some available channels with lower costs when you call Nigeria from the United States.

Make Cheap International Calls To Nigeria From the USA

Quite a lot if not all Nigerians living in the United States find it expensive to contact their loved ones in Nigeria.

Likewise, people in Nigeria find it very expensive to contact their loved ones in the US.

As such Nigerians living in the US prefer to join with their friends and family via social media, simply because it’s the cheapest way to get connected to people internationally.

Although most people have smartphones to connect with people worldwide without making a call. We still have quite a few Nigerians who are still using button phones.

As a result, their relatives or friends there in the US cannot connect to them via social media, except by phone call.

How To Call Nigeria From USA Almost For Free

You just entered America and you want to make your first call to Nigeria?

Then follow the instruction below and see how it’s done.

  • Dial 011, this is the American exit code.
  • Next, you call 234, which is the Nigerian code.
  • A two-digit code is assigned to each Nigerian region. Enter the two-digit code assigned to the region you are calling in Nigeria.
  • Finally, you add the Nigerian number you are calling. For example, 011+234+area code + Nigerian number and dial.
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You must know that before you make a call to Nigeria, you need to check the current time zone, so you don’t call when the recipient is asleep.

In that respect, you can call a Nigerian line once it’s +01:00.

Nigerian Regional Code

You can check one of these area codes in Nigeria and use it every time you want to call a family friend or business partner in these areas.

Region Area Code
Zaria 69
Warri 53
Uyo 85
Sokoto 60
Umuahia 88
Port-Harcourt 87
Shagamu 37
Kaduna 62
Kano 64
Maiduguri 76
Lagos 1
Katsina 65
Minna 66
Ogoja 45
Okitipupa 59
Ondo 34
Onitsha 46
Oshogbo 35
Owo 51
Oyo 38
Benin 52
Calabar 87
Enugu 42
Gombe 72
Ibadan 2
Ikire 50
Ikeja 1
Ile-Ife 63
Ijebu-Ode 37
Ilorin 31
Jalingo 79
Jos 73
Abeokuta 39
Aba 82
Abuja 9
Ado-Ekiti 30
Akure 34
Bauchi 77

Make Cheap Calls To Nigeria From the U.S

Here are some ways to make the cheapest call to Nigeria from the United States.

  • Cheapest App To Call Nigeria

Among these cheap mediums include multiple FAQs, Otubio, talk360, Yolla, AfricaCallShop, Digtone, and VIP communication.

  • Mytello FAQ

If you are looking for high-quality calls to Nigeria at a very low cost, you do not have to hesitate to use this medium.

All you need is to know how you can go about it and then take advantage of an affordable way to call Nigeria.

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But between now and then, you’ll need to open an account with them and get their credit card.

Mytello FAQ uses a prepaid credit card that allows its clients to take advantage of unlimited calls to Nigeria and other countries at an affordable price.

If you wish to reload your Mytello FAQ credit card, you will need to log in to your account and select your preferred payment method. They accept PayPal, Paysafecard, and credit cards.

To make a minute call to Nigeria through multiple, you will be charged 9.9¢ which is for a landline. Then, via a cell phone, you will be billed the same 9.9¢ per minute.

  • Otubio

This is a fantastic VOIP app that allows anyone to make international calls using the Internet. Interestingly, it displays the caller ID and has no form of restriction, unlike other platforms.

You can call your friends in Nigeria at a very inexpensive price with quality. Get ready and pay as you go and also benefit from an unlimited monthly plan for your calls to Nigeria.

If you don’t know, your recipient may get your call even if the person is not using an Otubio application. That’s what created this app to have an edge over others.

  • talk360

Just like mytello FAQs, this is another way that you can use to make low-cost calls. But first, you need to register and download your application.

Next, you check the procedure to register an account on that platform. Also, before you can be allowed to call a Nigerian line, you should have a bit of money in your talk360 account.

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However, you don’t need to load big money to make a call to Nigeria, that’s because you will charge a few cents for every minute of your call.

The good news here is that the recipient doesn’t have to be online or have an account with talk360 before you can communicate.  Your call will be like an ordinary call.

  • Yolla

Yolla is one of the least expensive ways to phone from the United States to Nigeria.

Once you have successfully downloaded the app to your Smartphone, you just have some instructions to follow, and then you begin to connect with your loved ones in Nigeria.

When you deposit money into your Yola account, you will receive a $3 bonus.

Another good stuff about Yolla is their availability 24/7 high quality and low call charge per unit. At this stage, if you make a call to a Nigerian line, you will be invoiced $0.095.

  • VIP Communications

You can be sure to take advantage of free stress and the best call rate in Nigeria train US with VIP communications.

Once you have opened a Global Calling VIP account, you can dial the receiver’s contact line directly on your phone and wait for a response.

Unlike the other media, we mentioned above, which will force you to download the application and sign in.

VIP communication will charge you only 7.9¢ when you call a Nigerian landline and then 6.9¢ if you call a cellular phone. These fees are for both the special rate and the normal rate.

There are much less expensive ways to call Nigeria from the U.S. They are quick, easy and very reliable. The ones we just listed are just a few among many others.

Therefore, whenever you want to have a lengthy conversation with your family and friends in Nigeria, you can do with any of the above-mentioned mediums.

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