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Care to find out what recruitment jobs are available for foreigners in Canada? Then keep reading on hiring in Canada!

Living in Canada is great, and working there makes it even more pleasant.

And while the private sector is where most immigrants seek jobs, the Canadian government has job offers for them too.


Yes, foreigners who live in their home countries can work for the Canadian government, and these jobs are offered commonly across Canada’s foreign embassies located in those countries.

  • Can An Immigrant Work For The Canadian Government?

An immigrant who has just moved into Canada can also get a government job. Although you must have first lived in Canada for a minimum of 2 years before you can get such a job offer.

I have to mention that government jobs for immigrants are very limited, and the process itself can be very strict.

The good news is, not all government jobs require you to be a Canadian citizen before you are employed. Many non-Canadian citizens are working in their civil service.

  • Canada Job Vacancies For Foreigners

Specifically, about 15%  of the workers in Canadian government jobs are immigrants.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is that your skills will determine the kind of government job you get.

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One more thing, government jobs pay lower than private-sector jobs. However, government jobs are more stable, so you can rest assured that you’ll remain employed for the long term.

In a case where security clearance is needed to apply for a government job, then securing the job will become harder.

This is because the government of the home country of the immigrant is responsible for providing the information to which the security clearance replies and the process is time-consuming.

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Jobs Listings For Foreigners In Canada (Average Pay Per Year)

Below are some of the best government jobs for immigrants in Canada.

Sales Representative: This pays between CAD 50,000 to CAD 65,000 per year

Administrative assistant: This pays between $43,000 CAD to $52,000 CAD

Customer support consultant: This pays between CAD 35,000 to CAD 55,000

Gross sales affiliate: This pays between $38,000 to $73,000

Driver: This is one of the easiest government jobs an immigrant can get in Canada. It pays between $45,000 CAD to $62,000 CAD

Accounts payable and receivable clerk: This pays between $35,000 to $63,000

Registered nurse: This is among the most lucrative government jobs for immigrants in Canada. It pays between $80,000 CAD to $105,000 CAD

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Venture supervisor: This pays between CAD 90,000 to CAD 125,000

Common laborer: This is another easy government job for immigrants to get in Canada. It pays between $31,000 CAD to $58,000 CAD

Welder: This pays between $43,000 CAD to $72,000 CAD

Hiring In Canada: Recruitment Jobs

Government jobs for immigrants in Canada offer better security and stability, but not as much pay as jobs in the private sector.

Consider your unique situation and apply for the job that is best for you.

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