Cheapest Place to Live in Australia


Australia is an island nation that provides the best schooling for researchers at home and abroad. However, staying in Australia is not cheap. Perhaps, this is because the nation relies solely on imports from abroad, which has stimulated its living costs. Consequently, foreigners moving to Australia with a tighter budget might find it difficult to square off their housing expenses.

Most importantly, people from other nations who wish to move to Australia for school, business, or other purposes lose interest in the nation. But don’t worry, there’s good news for you. Australia has several sites that are quite affordable. Staying in those towns is cheaper than in Sydney, Melbourne, and other expensive places. Are you glad now? All right, let’s begin our discussion.

Australia’s Least Expensive Places

Here are some places in Australia that actually favor people with shallow pockets. Those places are not only affordable, but they are also safe.

  • Geelong

Geelong is the second city in Victoria known to host many sporting activities in Australia. The city will be ideal for people who want to stay in a slightly smaller environment with all the attractions of a metropolis. In addition to its sports activities, there are beautiful beaches, a picturesque marina, and an art Deco promenade for you to explore.

What’s more, Geelong’s climate is a little cooler than anywhere else in Australia. The temperature in the winter months usually goes below freezing. However, from December to March, the weather is a little warmer at 25ºC. The expenditure of staying for scholars in this town is approximately AUD$2175 per month, including housing expenses. Unfortunately, a lot of strangers have seldom thought about moving to Geelong.

  • Gold Coast
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Gold Coast is another beautiful and affordable place to live and study in Australia. Many recreation centers can keep you socially active throughout your stay. Some of these centers include beautiful seascapes, classic eateries, bars, and wild attractions, among others.

As one of the largest cities in Australia, it shelters some academic institutions and campuses. They are Bond University, Griffith University, and South Cross University. Researchers who may wish to remain off-campus have many options to make in terms of off-campus accommodation. Not to worry, their places to stay are relatively inexpensive. To live on the Gold Coast, you should be prepared to spend an average of $2,325.

The only drawback of living in this city is that there is not enough general conveyance to get around in the most intimate environs. That’s one of the reasons why residents buy used cars to move around.

  • Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast is one of the cheapest and loveliest cities along the coast north of Brisbane. The region has an estimated 3000,000 people and is considered the third-largest urban settlement in Australia. The combination of the sunny and cold climate around the surrounding beaches has made the region an enjoyable place for tourists.

Their type of season is not as varied as the others. Heat and downpours are less frequent. The weather and temperature vary between 20ºC and 30ºC throughout the season. More important, their cost of living is estimated at AUD $2175.

  • Hobart

If you want an affordable Australian city with plenty of hustle and bustle, Hobart will be the perfect place to settle down. The metropolis is the capital of Tasmania and home to the world’s famous Great Barrier Reef, thriving art, and family suburbs. Moreover, the town is surrounded by a beautiful thick rainforest and coral sea beaches. The casual atmosphere has made it a perfect place for people who like to snorkel.

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As well, Hobart has beautiful academic institutions that could be perfect for foreign scholars. One of these learning centers is the University of Tasmania, which ranks in the top ten in Australia. Nevertheless, the city isn’t filled with happening activities as a place like the Gold Coast or Brisbane. But it has a breathtaking natural landscape that sustains learning.

Then another disadvantage you might encounter is their inconvenience in public transport. Living comfortably in Hobart doesn’t require money in bags. An estimated amount of AUD 2,175 will suffice. At least that can cover the aforementioned inconveniences.

  • Adelaide

Do you want to stay in an environment with plenty of food and drinks? Then Adélaïde will be the best place for you. The town is regarded as the capital of food and wine. There are also a few cultural events and other entertainment to keep your mind elevated. Some of those fun activities include fishing; watching the famous dolphins swim, playing volleyball on the beach, and much more.

Adelaide has an edible and pleasant climate which is a focal point for many tourists. During the winter, the temperature drops to 7⁰C, and on summer days, it rises to an average of 30⁰C. This further makes it conducive to the formation of several learning institutions. These include Flinders University, the University of Southern Australia, the University of Adelaide, and so on.

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Researchers have several choices to make when it comes to accommodation. If you wish, you can choose accommodation on campus, private and off-campus rentals. Finally, staying in Adelaide will cost you about AUD $2100 per month, with lodging charges included.

  • Brisbane

It is one of the most relaxed environments in Australia. Many foreign nationals enjoy living in this city because of its warm temperature and the wide variety of entertainment options. This may be due to its location in the subtropical environment; it can withstand temperatures between 16ºC and 25ºC.

Brisbane is also home to some of the highest universities in the city. These are Griffith University, Queensland University of Technology, and the University of Queensland. Researchers are provided with lodging on and off-campus. Their homes are fairly inexpensive and convenient.

Public transport is also well structured around the city center to facilitate and speed up transport. There are also enough bike paths for residents who will enjoy getting around by bike. If you wish to live comfortably in Brisbane, be prepared to spend no less than AUD 2300 per month. The cost includes your lodging.

We have other inexpensive places to live in Australia, but time will not permit us to talk about them all. They include Perth, Cairns, Canberra, and so forth. The above inexpensive places in Australia are safe to live in and you can engage with a few subordinate jobs to cover your expenses. If you find yourself in Australia one day, you’ll know where to stay for an affordable price.