How To Check Your 9mobile Number

Are you one of 9 mobile subscribers interested in how to retrieve a contact line?

If this is the case, then you read this block thoroughly until the end. We will describe some ways you may use and retrieve your 9mobile contact number.

Before proceeding, it would be nice to have a bit of knowledge about this telecommunications network.

How To Know Your 9mobile Number

We have a couple of Nigerians who are using their 9 mobile lines, but they cannot memorize their contact line.

Sometimes it could be that this is not their official line or they have several SIM cards. But for whatever reason, you could desperately need your contact numbers one day.

At least, when you got the number handy, you could save the day.

About 9mobile

This telecommunications network started running as Emerging Markets Telecommunication Service Ltd (EMTS).

The company acquired a license to carry on a telecommunications network in 2007. That is when they get the freedom to provide their subscribers with fixed telephony, digital services, long-distance services, and spectrum in the 900-1800 MHz bands.

Around July 2017, the company changed its former name to 9 mobile with an amazing logo. This new development was to demonstrate the audacity and creativity of its clients, especially young Nigerians.

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Retrieve 9mobile Number

Some of the methods you can use to retrieve your contact line include the USSD code, calling the customer care line, ig9ite app, dial a special number, or either call or text a friend.

Here are the effective methods you can follow whenever you want to get your contact line back.

Let’s see how this works.

  • USSD Code

This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to pick up your 9mobile contact line. Just compose the right code and do it in a few seconds. To do so, you need to hit *248# and send.

Wait a few seconds to process and your contact line will instantly appear on your screen. From there, you’ll find a way to replicate it.

Besides your contact line appearing on the screen, 9mobile will again send you a message that contains your contact line. This will be your backup whenever you require it.

  • Ig9ite

In case you’re not aware, this telecom network has designed a mobile app called Ig9ite.

It is a platform where customers can access their account details such as account balance, current pricing plan, contact line, and many more.

All you must do is download the application via Google Play Store or other platforms.

After installing the application, activate your data connectivity with your 9mobile SIM card and sign in. Once the page is open, your contact line will be there stirring at you.

  • Contact Customer Care Line

Most of the 9 mobile subscribers find it frustrating to call their customer service line, just because you will have to wait a while before an agent picks up.

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Nonetheless, you can get your phone number back at the end of your call.

Once you have a chance to speak with an agent, ask them to help you get your contact line back. In a short time, you will receive a notification concerning your application.

If you would like to talk to a customer service representative, you must call 200. The customer service line is available 24/7 and you can make more inquiries or complaints if you have one.

  • Voice Prompt

9mobile has made it easier for their subscribers who would like to check their contact line at any time of the day.

They, therefore, made provision for the voice prompt, which is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you dial 248, a robot is scheduled to call your contact line right away.

In this respect, before making such a call, you should have your writing materials at hand, so that you can copy the number.

  • Call or Send a Text Message to Someone you Know

If you cannot use the aforementioned methods to get your contact line back, this is another simple way that you can get your number in a short period.

All you have to do is make a call to anyone around, it could be your friend, family, or anyone you think can help you. Once the person number goes through, it will display your contact line.

Some of the challenges you might face when you opt for this option include poor network connectivity or are out of airtime.

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However, you may send a text message to a friend or family.

To do this, you dial *266*the number of your friend and send it. Now the person will get a message containing your contact line and find a way to send you the contact line.

However, before sending a text message, make sure that you have money in your account, at least ₦10.00 because you will be billed for this service.

Are the rest of the methods free?

You will only be charged if you choose to send messages, but this will not be much. Afterward, you will also spend money to secure the data, if you want to use ig9ite. While, the rest of the methods like USSD, customer service lines are free of charge.

Can I Recover my Contact Line Using a Different 9mobile Line?

Sorry to disappoint you, it doesn’t work like this.

You cannot use any other 9mobile line and pick up your contact line. 9mobile did not make any arrangements for this because they want to ensure the security and confidentiality of each subscriber.

Additionally, you cannot use any other network provider apart from 9mobile to retrieve your contact line. Just with your line, you can make such requests.

Knowing how to recover your contact line will help you cope with a batch situation. For instance, when you meet an old friend or you have just made a new friend, I suppose you will want to exchange your contacts.

Based on what we have discussed so far, you should not find it difficult to get your 9mobile contact line back.

There are several options available that you can use, it is up to you to decide which one to choose. You may always return to this post whenever you need information on recovering a 9mobile contact line.

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