How To Check BVN On Mobile Phone [MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile & Glo USSD Code]

We will discuss how to retrieve your BVN on phone.

The BVN concept was introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria to tackle bank fraud.  This sensitive code is therefore assigned to each individual who has a bank account in the country.

Code To Check BVN On Phone

Not everybody with a bank account can remember his/her BVN.

While some may have lost their BVNs for one reason or another, some may have found it difficult to cram these 11 figures.

It is so obvious that you are here to know how you can verify a BVN number on your phone. No need to worry, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we shall be narrowing our attention on how you can sit in your comfort zone and retrieve this unique code in just a few seconds without stepping an inch to the bank.

In the interim, we would like you to learn a little more about BVN.


The word BVN means ‘Bank Verification Number’. It consists of about 11 random digits assigned to everyone with a bank account.

A system is a form of security that provides a unique biometric identity for analyzing human characteristics through a photograph, fingerprints, signature, and other forms of identity.

It is a matter of ensuring authentication for security in real-time.

Thus, around February 14, 2014, the CBN introduced the BVN concept to all banks in the country to identify all individuals with a bank account and ensure maximum security.

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In case you don’t know, an individual has the right to have only one BVN, no matter how many bank accounts you have. This BVN will be used to bind all your various bank accounts.

How To Check BVN On MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile & Glo

As we were saying earlier, some people do not have their BVN number handy, for some reason.

At this point, Nigerian banks have made it easy for their customers to pick up their BVN whenever they want, with the help of their mobile phones.

All you have to do is get the correct USSD code and see the numbers on your screen. We’re going to talk about that right now.

It will be interesting to know that all network providers across the country have a single code that is used to verify a BVN. Whether you subscribe to MTN, GLO, Airtel, or 9mobile, you may use a single code for your verification.

However, you can follow these instructions to consult your BVN.

  • Use any kind of mobile phone, be it a button phone, and call *565*0#.
  • Be patient so that the system can process your request. Upon completion, it will display your BVN on your phone screen. Pick up a paper and a pen to copy all 11 digits. You can see how easily you can generate your BVN on your mobile phone.

You can also view the table below and see the USSD code you can use to verify your BVN at one of the commercial banks in Nigeria.

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Bank Name USSD code Network
Zenith Bank *565*0# All networks
Access Bank *565*0# All networks
FCMB *565*0# All networks
Union Bank *565*0# All networks
UBA *565*0# All networks
Fidelity Bank *565*0# All networks
Polaris Bank *565*0# All networks
Wema Bank *565*0# All networks
Eco Bank *565*0# All networks
Sterling Bank *565*0# All networks
Stanbic IBTC Bank *565*0# All networks
Unity Bank *565*0# All networks
Heritage Bank *565*0# All networks
Jaiz Bank *565*0# All networks
Sun Trust Bank *565*0# All networks
Providus Bank *565*0# All networks
Titan Trust Bank *565*0# All networks
Keystone Bank *565*0# All networks
CitiBank *565*0# All networks
GT Bank *565*0# or *737*6*1# All networks

Is There Any Other Way?

Yes, there are alternative ways to verify your BVN without necessarily using the USSD code. You can choose to check it through your bank’s official website or you can use your bank’s mobile application.

If you choose the official site of your bank, check below and check its official site that you can use to check your BVN.

Banks Names Official Websites
Access Bank
Eco Bank
Fidelity Bank
First Bank
Guaranty Trust Bank
Heritage Bank
Keystone Bank


These are the most renowned commercial banks in Nigeria. If you don’t see your bank among those we just mentioned, it means that you will Google your phone browser and check it out.

What is the Cost of BVN Verification Over the Phone?

Unfortunately, all service providers in the country deduct certain expenses whenever you use the USSD code to verify your BVN.

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However, the fee is somewhat more affordable and it usually costs an average of ₦10.00 to ₦20.00 per check.

But if you opt for Internet banking or mobile application, you will have to spend money to get mobile data, though it won’t cost as much.

 Is BVN that Important?

Of course, that’s important, especially for the banks. Right now, this is the most accepted form of identification by all banks in Nigeria.

It also offers maximum cyber security to all bank accounts as noted earlier. If you do not have a BVN, you will not be able to set up a new bank account.

Moreover, the advent of BVN, it has reduced the number of customers in most commercial banks. This is because it has made banking more effective.

For example, bank customer service finds it very easy to reach a customer, unlike in the past.

With your BVN you can easily access the loan application as well as other financial institutions. At the same time, if you are unable to repay your loan, it will be easier for such monetary applications to track you down.

This is because they can access your database where all your coordinates are kept.

Note: BVN is one of the sensitive codes that should not be shared with anyone except in the case of a genuine transaction. Therefore, make sure you keep it safe all the time.

Throughout our discussion, you can see how easy the BVN generation has become. You can save yourself from joining an endless queue in the bank only if you choose to use one of the methods described above.

On top of that, it’s very easy and quick.

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