List Of Construction Companies In Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is home to over 30 construction companies, scattered across several parts of the state.

These firms can make your dream come true with various construction services. You don’t need to worry about quality because they all have professional hands that can give you the best you can ever think of.

Plus they have good years of experience.

Construction Companies in Lagos

Do you have any construction at hand that you will want to execute in Lagos?

No need to worry, you’re on the right page. We will list a few powerful construction companies that can handle any type of construction, whether it’s a road, bridge, structures, drainages, etc.

All you necessitate is to contact any of these companies if you have any construction project you will want to carry out.

A Few Reliable Construction Firms from Lagos

Here are some construction companies you can contact, if you have a project to execute around Lagos and beyond.

  • Julius Berger Nigeria Limited

This construction company will be the first on our list, as far as the subject under discussion is concerned.

Undoubtedly, Julius Berger has existed in Lagos for many decades and is considered the oldest and biggest construction company in Lagos.

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Julius Berger specializes in the construction of bridges, roads, properties, and other forms of construction. Most, if not all, of the Lagos bridges, are encircled by this company.

Right below are some of their construction projects.

  • Eko Bridge
  • Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport
  • Phase 3 of the National Assembly.


  • Brunelli Construction Company (Nigeria) Limited

Brunelli and CO is an Italian establishment that has been working in Nigeria for many years. The firm specializes in the erection of power poles, canal dredging, drainage, jetties, and shoreline protection.

Therefore, if you have a project that is linked to one of the categories we have listed then get in touch with this company.

  • Reynolds Construction Company

The company is an auxiliary of Swiss-based SBI International Holdings. They narrow down in the output and evolution of hydro technics.

Some of their famous projects include ‘New Chancy for the South African Embassy’, ‘Katampe District Extension’, and others.

If you have any concrete-related projects to do, please do not hesitate to contact this firm.

  • T.B Construction Limited

It is a subdivision of the Chagoury Group that has been in existence since 1995 and currently employs more than 1000 people.

This company handles all kinds of civil construction as well as other applied science projects.

Some of their great collections include ‘Society General Bank’, ‘Oil Tank Facilities’, ’82 Divisions of Army Headquarters’ and so along.

  • Kappa and D’ Alberto PLC

This is an auxiliary to an Italian institution that was founded in 1932.

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If you are searching for an ancient and most experienced construction firm in Nigeria, then this company will certainly be one of those.

They have lifted astonishing structures in many parts of Lagos and other regions in the country.

Some projects that added up to their portfolio are ‘Mobil house in VI’, ‘Diamond Bank in Lekki’, ‘Bella’s Place in VI’, and then the ‘Central Bank of Nigeria branch office in VI’.

  • Buildstrust Advance Builder LTD

Even though this is a young construction company in Lagos, you can rest assured to possess spectacular civil construction projects if you opt for this construction company.

They can offer you some services in the fields of real acres, applied science, property handling, and so on.

  • China Civil Engineering Construction Company Limited (CCECC)

The construction company is another international trademark based in China. Since its foundation in 1979, and the firm has carried out wonderful projects in over 40 countries, including Nigeria.

I guess most of you may have found this brand on some of the construction projects in Lagos, particularly on the new rail line.

In case you’re not aware, CCECC is known for the erection of a world-class railway, stadium and span system. One of the tasks they were involved in within Lagos was the rail line from Abuja to Lagos.

  • Costain West Africa

You can’t name the major construction companies in Lagos and omit Costain West Africa. There are several areas they narrow down in which you’re certainly going to be interested in one of them.

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They include private and public structures, oil and gas construction, railway construction, and so forth.

  • Efficacy Construction Company

This is one of the most active construction companies in Lagos. They venture into various construction works such as buildings, civil technology, landscaping, project handling, and water treatment.

Though they don’t have a lot in their portfolio, the few projects they have executed are quite commendable. So if you have projects related to their specialization, feel free to contact them.

  • NIMCO Construction Company Ltd

If you want to carry out construction in environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands or dunes, contact this construction company immediately.

They collaborate with local professional bodies to ensure strict enforcement of laws, orders, and directives to make sure all contractions are done properly.

They offer services in the areas of architecture, road construction, pipelines, watercourse crossing, and crying.

  • El-Alan architectural firm

You can be sure to have elegant construction with modern designs when you frequent this company. They narrow down in design and construction works which can be seen from its architectural planning.

Tanko Ikoyi Tower, Techno Oil Building, Crest Olympic Tower, Wapic Insurance Tower, and others are just some of their great projects.

  • Oat Construction Company

This construction firm ventures into civil technology projects with imaginable designs and they are committed to giving the best of their abilities for the realization of projects within an agreed time frame.

Oat Construction Company offers different services in civil technology, property evolution, project handling, and construction consultancy.

Lagos is blessed with numerous construction companies more than any other state in the country. The ones we enumerated above are just but few and the most popular companies on several of them.

Whenever you have a project that you want to run into one of their listed specializations, you can select any of these construction companies.

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