Countries Neighboring Nigeria To The North, East & West

Are you now curious in search of these neighboring countries? No need to worry, we got your back. This article seeks to discuss the various countries that share borders with Nigeria at all angles of the county.

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Nigerian Neighboring Countries

Although Nigeria is located close to the coast, the country still shares the border with some African countries.

That’s why they’re called neighboring nations. Nigeria shares borders with these countries in the northeast, north, south-south, and south-west region of the country respectively.

Here, we will list some neighboring countries with Nigeria and at what angle are they linked with the country.

  • Republic of Chad

The Republic of Chad is located in the center-north of Africa with its capital at N’Djamena.  The capital is considered to be the nation’s largest city.

Nigeria shares the frontier with the Republic of Chad in the northeast region of the country. It will take you about 54 miles from the Nigerian frontier into this particular neighboring country.

A key landmark on the border with Chad is the remarkable Lake Chad basin. The name of the lake has been given by the Kanuri people, meaning great bodies of water.

In eastern Chad, the country is bounded by Sudan, while they share borders with Niger in the west. Up to northern Chad, they share borders with Sudan and in the south with the Central African Republic.

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To the southwest, they share a frontier with Nigeria and Cameroon.

In that respect, you can see that Nigeria is surrounded by a lot of neighboring countries along that axis.

  • Things in Common

Beyond the limits that we share with Chad, there are other things that we share in common.

  • As Nigeria is dominated by Muslims and Christians, the same is true in the Republic of Chad.
  • This country also counts on crude oil as its main source of income, which is the same situation in Nigeria.
  • They are also colonized by whites only as of the British colonies Nigeria, whereas France colonizes Chad. For this reason, they speak French and Arabic, while Nigerians speak English as an official language.
  • In case you don’t know, Chad was independent in 1960, the same year that Nigeria was independent.
  • As far as ethnicity is concerned, the Republic of Chad has more than 200 ethnic groups, as in Nigeria with more than 250 ethnic groups. Howler, we really got some things in common.


  • Republic of Benin

In the southwest, Nigeria shares the frontier with the Republic of Benin. The distance between the Nigerian frontier and the Republic of Benin is around 480 miles.

Historically, the kingdom of Dahomey used to be a mighty empire. This is why their ancient temples and palaces you can see artifacts representing their history.

Today, this large empire is the current Republic of Benin, whose capital is Port-Novo. The Republic of Benin is one of the states of West Africa colonized by France.

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Consequently, French is the official language in this riding, although they speak other languages such as Yoruba and Fon. Unfortunately, the country is one of the least populous countries in Africa with approximately 10.9 million inhabitants.

Other countries that share borders with the Republic of Benin include Togo to the west, Burkina Faso, and Niger to the north, while it partakes in a border with Nigeria to the east.

  • Things in Common

The Republic of Benin is also delimited by the Atlantic Ocean and Nigeria. That is why most of its nationals love to settle on the coastline.

Now, the town of Cotonou appears to be the best place for such a facility and commercial activities which is also the same case in Lagos and Port-Harcourt in Nigeria.

As far as religion is concerned, the Republic of Benin practices both Christianity and Islam, although there are more Christians than Muslims.

Other than those two religions, they have nationals who are traditional worshippers.


  • Cameroon

Cameroon is situated in Central Africa, with its capital in Yaoundé’.

Nigeria is delimited with Cameroon to the southern region of the country. The distance from the Nigerian frontier to Cameroon is approximately 1050 miles.

It is said to be Nigeria’s longest frontier compared to other neighboring countries.

The countries that share a frontier with Cameroon are made up of Chad to the northeast, while to the east is the Central African Republic. Westward, Nigeria and southward, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, and the Republic of Congo.

Cameroon is reportedly colonized by three colonies, Germany, France, and England respectively. This is why they have people who speak French and people who speak English as an official language.

  • Things in Common
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Part of Cameroon is delimited by the Atlantic Ocean, just like Nigeria.

Moreover, Cameroonians practice Christianity and the African tradition which is similar to that of Nigeria, only that they do not have many followers of Islam.

  • Republic of Niger

The country is regarded as one of the biggest in Africa in terms of landmass and has its capital in Niamey.

It is also a direct neighbor to Nigeria in the north. The distance from the Nigerian frontier to Niger is estimated at 930 miles. From a geographical point of view, Niger lies in the central northern part of Africa.

But politically, this is among the countries in West Africa.

Some countries that share the border with Niger consist of Chad to the east, whereas to the northeast are limited to Libya. In the south, the country is delimited by Nigeria and in the northwest by Algeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, and the Republic of Benin.

  • Things in Common

Nigeria got few things in common with Niger. A few consist of the Niger River flowing across Nigeria, plus the fact that they received independence in 1960 the same year as Nigeria.

Moreover, they practice Islam as a region.  Its official language is not the same as that of Nigeria. While they mainly speak French, Nigerians speak English.

So these are basically the direct neighboring countries delimited by Nigeria at four different angles. Nigeria has good relations with these countries, which is why their citizens engage in business and other activities in Nigeria.

On top of that, Nigeria has something in common with some of its neighbors.

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