Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend


It doesn’t matter if you’ve just begun a relationship or have been dating for a while; you still need to address your girlfriend with cute names. Calling your girlfriend with cute names will make her feel special, regardless of how embarrassing that is. We have a couple of girlfriends who when you call them with their names, you’ll have problems, and do not be surprised if you find yourself in the garbage or deprived of certain privileges. Of course, you don’t want this to happen.

While some guys will call their girlfriends cute names based on their personality, others are about physical appearance, preferred activities, and habits. Nevertheless, the choice of a cute name for your girlfriend is not as easy as you might think. That’s because you just have to balance the equation, less you get it amiss.

There’s no question that some people are here because they want cute names to call their girlfriends, and some of them to replace existing ones. Don’t worry, no matter what you are looking for, you will find them on this page. In this article, we will point out as many cute names as we can that you can use to call your girlfriends.

Lovely Nicknames for your Girlfriends

For the moment, we will give you nice names that you can call not only for a girlfriend but also for your beautiful wife. Let’s check them out.

  • Bootylicious

If you think your girl is hot, you can call her with this pretty name. That name comes from hip hop.

  • Darling

Although this is an old-school nickname, it still sounds sweet when you call your girlfriend. Most established couples are comfortable expressing their feelings with such a nickname.

  • Love Bug
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In a true sense, love bugs are not such cute insects. But people think it’s great to call their girlfriends with the nickname. These insects are mostly present in Central and North America.

  • Angel

If you truly treasure your girlfriend and feel that she is, sent from the sky, the name will be good for you.

  • Honey bug

This name is sweeter than the usual “honey”. So if you find your girlfriend adorable, then that name will be a perfect match. It originated from Tarantino’s classic fiction.

  • Loony

Did you get a crazy girl? Then this pretty name will make it perfect for her.

  • Giggles

If your girlfriend laughs a lot, then feel free to nickname her with this nice name.

  • Heartie

This name suits girlfriends who are very fond of kittens. These kinds of girls can control their boyfriends with their eyes and their face.

  • Dreamboat

Is your girlfriend your fantasy type? Then quickly nickname her with this nice name.

  • Brighty

Those with beautiful girlfriends who explore much happiness on their faces all the time should consider giving them the name above.

  • Perfect 10

If your girlfriend is in the crowd, do you think everyone is going to turn their heads toward her? Then know that her attractiveness is 10/10. So do not delay in giving her such a pretty name.

  • Bombshell

When you met your girlfriend for the first time, did she make you look back a couple of times? If so, then she deserves the name up there.

  • Baby
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It’s one of the lovely names that stood the test of time. Although it sounds simple, there is a way it strikes the heart of girls.

  • Babe

If you are searching for a shorter name to show your girlfriend affection lightly, the name “baby” will be perfect for you.

  • Bae

It’s an adorable term that’s used to name a young girlfriend. This is an easy term for baby and baby.

  • Firecracker

It’s a pretty name for girlfriends who have nothing absurd.

  • Shortcake

If you have a girlfriend that is a bit short, you can nickname her by that pretty name. But make sure your girlfriend’s not that aggressive.

  • Brown sugar

This is also a cute name that can be used to describe a girlfriend who is of a mixed-race (melanin popping girls).

  • Vampy

Do you have a girlfriend that likes to stay indoors during the day and be active at night? Then this name sounds perfect for her.

  • Butterfingers

If your girlfriend is the careless or loser type, you can give her the pretty name above.

  • Sparky

Do you immediately have a complete charge when you have a glance at your girlfriend? Therefore the above name is good for you.

  • Butterfly

A lot of guys are using this pretty name to describe girlfriends that are entertaining, funny, happy, and sweet.

  • Little monkey

It’s a great name for naughty girlfriends.

  • Apple

If you cherish your girlfriend to such an extent that you see her as the apple of your eye, the name above is the perfect name to use.

  • Wikipedia
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Does your girlfriend act as if she knows everything? Then consider nicknaming it with this nice and funny name.

  • Mini-Me

This name is specially used for girlfriends who are very friendly and gentle.

  • Sparkles

You can use this name if you think your girlfriend’s personality is sparkling and can enlighten your room.

  • Gorgeous

The name above is a good choice for very beautiful girlfriends.

  • Lollipop

If your girlfriend is irresistible and tasty for you, then you can nickname her with the name above.

  • Muffin

It is also a lovely name that is used for girlfriends who are attractive and seductive that you will even think about devouring her.

  • Momma

Lovely girlfriends who know how to take care of their boyfriends deserve that name.

  • Fine wine

Is your girl exotic in your eyes? Then consider nicknaming her with the name above.

  • Diamond

If your girlfriend is your most valued possession, then the cute name we have highlighted above will be perfect for her.

  • Nun

If you have a girlfriend with a strong moral standard, you can address her by this pretty name.

There are thousands of cute names that you can nickname your girlfriends other than those we have listed above. If we are to list them all, we will pass for centuries without exhausting them.  Though some of these names may be funny, they are a perfect way to convey your feelings. If you’re looking for a good name to call your girlfriend, then you got them right on top of you. Go through them and pick a suitable one for your girlfriend.