DAAD Scholarship

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Is an amazing establishment that supports over 100,000 local and foreign researchers to acquire their bachelor’s and postgraduate degrees at any university in Germany.

It is funded entirely by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.

DAAD Scholarship Application

However, the DAAD grant for 2022/2023 is not open for a bachelor’s degree.

It’s only open for postgraduate programs. Hence, interested students can use this chance to learn in Germany without paying one cent.

To learn more concerning the DAAD grant in Germany, carefully read this post.

You will find out all the criteria for enrollment, unrestricted programs, the bursary coverage, and any other useful details that will be of great help.

Degree Programs and Courses

As stated above, the DAAD 2022-2023 is only open for postgraduate programs such as master’s, Ph.D., LLM, MBA, and MPhil.  Therefore, scholars can enroll in any course they choose in one of these programs.

Some of the courses that students can enroll in include agricultural sciences, engineering, law, environmental sciences, health sciences, social sciences, business administration, development sciences, and much more.

Length of Scholarship

The length of the DAAD grant counts on the type of program the scholar opts for. All master’s courses generally last from 12 to 24 months.

However, doctoral studies typically last between 12 and 42 months.

Entrance Criteria for Scholars

Below are the standards that prospects must satisfy to have the privilege for the DAAD grant in Germany.

  • Candidates for the master’s degree must hold a bachelor’s degree from an appropriate four-year course or an equivalent certificate. Ensure that your certification does not exceed 6 years.
  • Similarly, scholars must hold a bachelor’s degree, diploma, or equivalent certificate when enrolling in doctoral programs.
  • Prospects for any postgraduate program must have at least two years of experience in an organization.
  • Foreign scholars must submit proof of competence in English like IELTS.
  • A foreign candidate who has lived in Germany for more than 15 years will not be accepted for the grant.

Students Entry Documents

All scholars who desire to register for the DAAD 2022/2023 award must have the essentials below.

  • Educational recommendation letters. Please note that notes must carry an authorized signature, recent data, and header.
  • Employer’s Professional Reference Letter. Verify that it meets the above criteria.
  • Printed DAAD enrollment form.
  • Hand sign résumé
  • Letter of motivation (not more than 2 pages)
  • Research Proposal (candidates for doctoral programs)

The Financial Value of the Grant

Keep in mind that we mentioned previously that the DAAD grant in Germany is completely financed. In this regard, the DAAD will take care of all school costs for the selected scholars.

These will include tuition, housing, health insurance, voyage, and so forth.

A supplementary allowance will also be paid monthly to selected scholars. In this regard, master’s scholars will receive an allowance of €861; then-doctoral candidates will receive €1,200.

With this amount, you can pay extra expenses while learning in Germany.

Deadline for DAAD Scholarship Enrollment

The closing date for the DAAD 2022/2023 grant varies on the different universities and programs in Germany.

Each university has a specific closing date for apiece degree program. However, you may visit the website to see the closing date of each university offering the DAAD grant.

Website: https://daadscholarship.com/daad-scholarships-application-deadlines-2022/

Official Application Portal

Candidates who desire to apply for this grant in Germany can complete their forms online via this website.

Before starting the enrollment process, be sure to meet all the admission essentials and understand the terms and conditions of this award.

The DAAD grant in Germany aims to help domestic and foreign scholars acquire quality education. That way, they can become local experts and promote sustainable development in their home countries.

If you are curious about participating in this program, quickly join the DAAD 2022/2023 scholarship.

Everything you need is right above.