Dating A Nigerian Man? Here Are The Pros And Cons

Before you get a step into dating a Nigerian guy, we will like to outline some vital information that you need to know before accepting a proposal from a guy.

At the cause of our discussion, you’ll also come to know some advantages and disadvantages of dating a Nigerian guy. Let’s view what we got today.

Pros And Cons Of Dating A Naija Guy

If you want to experience a romantic love life in this world, try going out with a guy from Nigeria. You have nothing to worry about because they are considerate, kind, respectful, and much more.

This is due to cultural education amongst Nigeria’s cultures. However, we are not saying that Nigerian men are perfect on the planet.

Of course, there are a couple of things you’re not going to like.

Some Little Secrets About Nigerian Men

If you can identify certain attributes of Nigerian guys’ poses, it will be easier to understand and deal with their behavior. You will also know how to make Nigerian guy’s cheeks go red all the time.

I suppose you’re now curious about some of those things.

  • Doesn’t Joke with Food?

There is a saying, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’.

Many Nigerian men enjoy their traditional cuisine. Once you can prepare a sumptuous dish amongst the many delights we have in the country, you can reason his attention in the blink of an eye.

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You can as well be lucky to sustain his remote control. I guess you know what we mean by that.

  • They Do Honor Culture and Tradition

Nigeria’s cultures and traditions shape men to adopt a friendly approach to women, regardless of where they come from. This is why they have learned to cherish and accept women of different cultural and religious origins.

This has earned them one of the most lovable sets of men across the globe.

At this point, a young woman who wants to date a Nigerian guy has a high probability to have access to his unlimited love simply because there is not a culture that forbids him from doing so.

  • Spending Money is Part of their Nature

We cannot deny that some Nigerians are exceedingly avaricious.

Nevertheless, most of them are fond of spending money. These categories of men love to hang out with friends and other loved ones to have a good time. For them to spend money is equally easy as drinking water.

There are many more things about Nigerian men that you will need to know before you leap into a relationship with them. Less, it becomes strange stuff for you.

Let’s move on and look at the benefits of dating a guy from Nigeria.

The Benefits of Going Out with a Nigerian Guy

Below are some benefits you can enjoy when dating a Nigerian guy. Those facts might motivate you to think about dating a guy in this country.

  • Do You Want to Feel Like a Queen?

If you want to feel like a queen, feel free to hook up with a guy in Nigeria. These guys are fond of supplying everything that will make their girlfriends feel special.

Some of these arrangements include buying beautiful dresses and jewelry, high quality of living by taking them to eat and shop at exquisite restaurants and shopping malls.

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Aside from the items that they can purchase for you, they have a romantic way to express their love as they strive to impress their girlfriends. How do they do this?

They make sure they celebrate every special occasion of their partners like birthdays, Valentines, and a lot more.

  • They’re Friends Indeed

I guess that’s the wish of most girls to have relationships with friendly guys. Plus, dating a guy you barely play with won’t be interesting.

In this respect, guys in Nigeria have a friendly nature that allows them to accept girls irrespective of their tradition, religion, and geographical location.

As a matter of fact, girls of different races fall in love with Nigerian boys because of this attribute.

  • Industrious in Nature

Nigerians can venture into anything that can bring food to the table, including those that can get their hands dirty, but not illegal jobs.

Laziness has never been a part of Nigerian men; they take advantage of any given opportunity and make a living for themselves and their families.

On that point, going out with a Nigerian is like having a profitable asset in the field. Of cause, no lady would want to fall out with a lazy dude who can’t feint for himself.

  • Sustained Relationship

As noted earlier, Nigerians are respectful of culture and traditions.

Due to the way they embrace global modernity and the practice of relationships in a contemporary style, girls from all over the world find them attractive and gentle to this day.

As they have the chance to maintain a relationship for a long time without external impediment.

Drawbacks in Dating a Nigerian Guy

Here are a few challenges you may face when venturing into a relationship with a Nigerian fellow. These facts coming up on the list will help you see the other side of the box.

  • Polygamous in Nature

There is no doubt that this is a widespread practice among Nigerian men. It’s very rare to find someone faithful to a woman in a relationship. It’s either you find them cheating or dating other girls out there.

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Some of them find it gratifying to commit such an act even in marriage, yet they pretend to love the main chick on those they cheat with.

  • Living in a Feint

If you’re not careful, you can easily sink into the hands of guys who live in grave fakes in the name of maintaining their social status of being a man.

They, therefore, claim to be something they are not, thus implicating in questionable activities to ensure that it corresponds to the status they want.

Not surprisingly, we have so many gun thieves who steal to live up to the requirements of their girlfriends.

  • They’re Not Always Wrong

Some Nigerians love to prove they’re cleverer than their girlfriends. So they try to get away with any mischief, believing they can do anything.

Hence, they don’t see a crime in what they’re doing plus having less concern with how the other partner feels.

Such people hardly get no for an answer just because they feel they are in authority to ask for anything at any time. It shouldn’t work like that, though.

  • He Knows Everything

In case you haven’t heard, most Nigerian men feel brighter than women. This is not something that has started late, but since childhood, they have had this notion inside of them.

As a matter of fact, there’s nothing you can say that he doesn’t know. Thus, the arguments will remain an ongoing challenge in your relationship.

So, if you’re not carefully studying the guy you’d like to hang out with, you can easily take down a victim of these ugly situations. This is why we see the need to list certain pros and cons of dating a Nigerian guy.

We hope you found this article entertaining and informative to lead you into your future love life with a Nigerian fellow.

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