8 Differences Between China HP And Original HP

Do you know the differences between China and the original HP? If you do, then you should go through this article until the end.

This is because we will point out the differences between an original fake HP laptop.

Next time you want to get an HP laptop for yourselves, you will know the right choice to make.

Difference Between China HP and Original HP Products

Would you like to purchase a new HP laptop?

If so, you have to know that there is original and china HP. If you are not careful in your selection, you can end up buying a phony HP rather than the original one.

Remember, whether, for business or other purposes, you still need a native HP laptop.

Comparing China and Original HP Laptop

Below are some differences that lie between China and the Original HP computer. Both computers vary in terms of screen, stickers, serial number, battery, warranty, make, and so forth.

  • Screen

Original HP laptops come with a fitting cover. You can see that the screen fits right into the frame. While on the other hand, China laptop does not come with a properly fitting screen.

There is always a gap separating the screen and the frame.

Therefore, whenever you want to get an HP laptop and the screen is not in perfect harmony with the framework, you need to know that it is not the original.

  • Stickers

This is another way of distinguishing the original HP laptop from the fake one. The original HP has a sticker pasted close to the keyboard with certain valid information on the computer such as its processor or OS. When you turn on the computer, and the information on the screen matches the information on the sticker, it’s an indication that it’s an original one.

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Whereas some fake HP might have the sticker, but the information does not match the information on the screen.

Some will not even have the sticker at all. Note this when you want to purchase an HP laptop.

  • Sequential Number

The original HP laptops are delivered with a visible serial number listed on the bottom of laptops and other laptop brands as well.

While fake HP computers do not come with a serial number written on any part of the device, this is probably because the trademark is not officially registered.

More or fewer people might ask what if some parts of the laptop are replaced? You have nothing to worry about. It’s because HP’s got your back.

If some parts of the computer like RAM or keyboard are removed and replaced, you can always find the code at the bottom of the laptop and it cannot be erased.

  • Battery

This variation is best identified if the laptop you want to buy is a completely new one. At this point, we examine battery sustainability.

When you fully charged a new laptop and the time of usage isn’t as claimed, it’s a clear indication that the computer is not the original one you might be imagining.

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Requesting a replacement will be the most appropriate option.

Furthermore, the original HP 6 cell battery has a capacity of about 4000mah. But a fake HP battery of 6 cells can have a capacity of around 5,200 mph or more.

  • Warranty Coverage

Checking the warranty on an HP laptop is another way to tell the difference between an original laptop and a fake laptop. The original HP laptops have an extended warranty period, ranging from 6 months to 1 year.

During that period, you have to return the laptop in case of malfunction. However, fake HP laptops have a shorter warranty period.

It is also important to know that some fake HP laptops may have a longer warranty period but is void.

Consequently, it is advised that you also check its warranty from the internet or other users with the original HP laptops.

  • Memory Space

This is one of the easiest ways to know the difference between an original and a fake laptop. The original HP laptops have sufficient storage space, though this depends on the laptop model.

But on the other hand, a fake HP laptop does not come with such high-value space.

  • Identification Tag

The original HP laptops are known to have some sort of identification like a brand or label in the form of a product key or a service label.

However, fake HP laptops do not have such a form of identification.

Even so, if you want to verify the HP identification tag, simply login to HP’s official website and scroll through the company’s support you can see them there.

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If you are unable to locate the service label, simply click the “Detect PC” button and allow the computer to perform the verification for you.

Once completed, it will display the laptop’s service label and other relevant information as well.

  • Charger

The HP laptop charger is another fantastic way that you can identify between an original HP and the bogus one.

Original HP laptops come with an original charger, where you can see the logo design neatly printed on the charger. But a fake laptop comes with a fake charger and the logo design will not be neatly written like the original one.

The weight of the charger counts a lot in proving the originality of the computer system. Original chargers are a little heavy, while the forgery is much lighter.

This is due to the lower materials that are used to fabricate such charges. When you charge your laptop, within a short time, it will get hot and begin to produce a burning smell.

When you purchase your HP laptop brand new and you discover your charger has such attributes, it’s simply an indication that your laptop is not the original one you might be thinking of.

It is very painful to buy a brand new HP laptop and later discover that it is not the original one. Most people have trouble differentiating between the original HP and the China HP.

It is because they resemble each other and have the same characteristics. But if you follow the above procedures, you may successfully identify a fake and original HP computer.

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