5 Popular Dog Breeds That Look Like Horses

We shall describe a few dogs which resemble horses. You can do more research on them for greater comprehension.

Dogs and horses have long been the companions and best friends of humankind.

Therefore, the two are domesticated because of their relationship with a man. But it has been found that dogs and horses share the same trait in addition to their domestic nature.

A horse can learn tricks and a way of worming treats from people’s affection likewise a dog.

Dogs that Look Like Horse

By physical look, we have a handful of dogs with long tails, manes, and so on that resemble that of a horse.

But the fact remains that a dog is a dog, and a horse keeps being a horse. Since you’re here to find a few of the dogs that look like horses, you’re not going to leave this place empty-handed.

Physical Characteristics of Dogs that Look Like Horses

Before we detail our discussion, we would like to look at some of the factors used to sort out dogs that share some resemblance with a horse.

  • Body Shape and Size

It is a known fact that a dog cannot grow and witness almost the height of a horse. But there are some large breeds of dogs that are practically equal to the size and weight of some foals.

These dogs can grow to around 28-31 inches and weigh between 45 and 60 kg. Sure, you know we aren’t comparing them with heavy horses.

A few of the breeds of dogs with such features are German mastiff, greyhound, etc.

Regarding the body structure, a few dogs have a well-built body like that of a foal.  These dogs have muscular shoulders, flexible spines, deep chests, high heads, and pointed ears.

What’s more, these dogs can run as fast as some horses.

  • Skin and Hair

We have some species of dogs that have unique plush hair that runs like that of a horse.

You find hair around their head, neck, legs, and tail. If you spot some of these dogs from afar, you could think of them as horses.  One good example of this hairy dog is the Chinese crested furry dog.

However, you should be aware that there are still a few less hairy dog breeds that look like a horse. Such dogs have other physical characteristics that are similar to horses.

Dog Breeds that Resemble Horses

For the moment, let’s list the dogs that look a little like horses. Besides that, we will also tell you about some traits they share with horses.

Let’s go check them out without any fuss.

  • Greyhound

You can call this breed of dog «English greyhound»; it’s the same thing. The dog is a tall, muscular, lean, smooth, long tail and a rigid foot, which you can compare to purebred racehorses.

Also, the greyhound dog has a gorgeous body structure that allows them to run like horses.

Their body structure comprises a flexible spinal column, a deep chest, and a thin body that allows it to run at a speed of 70 km/h (43 mph).

  • Chinese Crested Dog

There are three varieties of Chinese crested dogs, powder-puff, hairy-hairless, and hairless.

The breed without hair looks like a miniature horse. However, the three species of Chinese crested dogs are not completely bald, as a crest of hair on the head goes through the neck.

Additionally, the dogs have long tufts of hair on their legs and tails that resemble the feather legs of most breeds of horses. Chinese crested dogs dash, but they are not comparable to a foal.

However, they may be used for athletic completion and perform excessively.

  • Bull Terrier

Among several dog breeds, the bull terrier has a unique look similar to a horse. The dog’s head is oval with a long sloping curve. Their ears are sharp and still straight.

A Bull terrier is the only breed of dog with a triangular eye, small, dark, and deep. You may find this kind of dog in white, fawn, brindle, red, and black colors.

Other body characteristics of the bull terrier include strong, round, muscular shoulders.

Due to these features, it is said that the bull terrier resembles some draft horses such as the Belgian draft horses, Clydesdale and Shire. This breed of dog does not fall through the cracks when it comes to speed.

They are also used for sports competitions.

  • Irish wolfhound

The Irish wolfhound is currently the tallest dog breed in the world. Due to its giant nature, a glance at the dog might confuse you and make you think it is a horse.

During the old days, the Irish wolfhound was used to protect and hunt wolves. Thanks to their physical characteristics like speed, sight size, muscular body, and incredible size.

According to one report, the Irish wolfhound can grow to about 28-31 inches and weigh about 45.5 kg to 54.5 kg. You can find them in various colors such as wildlife, white, gray, and red.

Some of the attributes that make the dog look like a horse are its long muscular neck and head raised.

  • Great Dane

Another surname for this dog is ‘German Mastiff.

This is a German-based dog that looks like a horse, and it is first because of its large size. Other features include strength, royal appearance, a gently muscular body, and balance.

Great Dane can grow to 28-30 inches according to gender.

In addition, the mature breed of dog may weigh about 45-54 kg. While some people believed that the Great Dane was primarily for hunting, others kept it home.

Dogs are categorized into multiple groups. Some are used for protection and hunting, while others are sweet pets.

Outside this classification, some strains of dogs share resemblance and characteristics with a horse. These dog breeds are those which we have enumerated above.

Outside of them, there is no kind of dog recorded with such qualities.