How To Double Your Freelance Writing Income

When I first started my freelance writing, my first goal was to earn a little side income online every month because I was on a budget and my job salary couldn’t cover it.

But it got to a point where I was tired of my job and wanted to go full-time as a freelance writer.

I did my calculation and discovered that my rate as a freelance writer can’t cover my monthly income target, which means I have to either look for a new client or tell my old client about my new rate.

At this point, I was only having one client who always loaded me with blog posts. He was a good man, and he pays in full even before I start writing.

So how do I tell him I wanted to increase my rate per content because I wanted to earn more?

Here was how I doubled my freelance writing income and how you can do likewise;

  1. Prepare Your Strategy for Increase

When trying to ask for raise, you don’t have to start telling your current client about your condition.

Nobody cares, business is business, and it’s strictly financial.

In the real sense, your clients are probably wondering why you charge so little.

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If you approach it like you feel bad, the client is going to feel bad about it. If you approach it like you are sorry, the client is going to feel sorry too.

But when you approach it as you deserve it, the client is going to feel that you deserve it, too.

So, here was what I sent to my client when he was contemplating sending other topics after I had finished the last set of topics.

“You know, I’d love to keep writing for you, but my prices for blog posts have gone up. I can do one blog post for (new price) instead of (old price) for a write-up.

It may be that my rate is over your budget. However, I set my rate that way because I know how long it takes me to write a high-quality blog post. (Old price) will not cover that time.”

After he read the message, we then negotiated and he agreed to pay me my new rate though he added some conditions but as okay we that.

Please don’t forget this; the way you present the rate increase to your client is far more important than the rate increase itself.

On the other side, if your client says he/she can’t pay you your new rate and you would love to continue based on recession. Kindly tell the client you are going to reduce the number of words per blog post that you write and some other features that do stress you up.

  1. Always Look for New Clients

Are you too packed up with loads of work that you don’t find new clients necessary? You need to always look for new clients because you can never tell when your current client might stop giving you work.

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Always be pitching new clients, and as you meet them and discuss rates, sell them your new price. If you are afraid because you don’t know their budget and don’t want to lose them. Then, ask the client what’s their budget for freelance writers.

You might be amazed at what their rate may be. Surprisingly, it may be higher than what you had in mind. Never rely on one client.

  1. Broaden Your Services

Freelance writers don’t only write blog posts or articles, they also write newsletter content, sponsor posts, case studies, press releases, social media content, and more.

I once had an international client whom I help create content for her Facebook page for two months. That’s an added service. It’s even easier than a blog post.

So, if you only focus on writing blog posts, and you want to double your income, you need to stretch out on more offerings like creating newsletter content mostly for online marketers that send messages to their email list.

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