Dual Citizenship in Nigeria: Conditions, Application & Risks

In our modern world, people are moving to other nations. Some do so with the intention that someday they will become nationals of the nation.

Another situation could be that some parents want their offspring to legally be part of the nation. So they’re going to move to the countries of their choice and have a baby.

Nigeria is a nation that welcomes and accommodates foreigners. As such, it is legal to have dual nationality in this country, only that there are few strings attached.

In this regard, we will examine the requirements for dual nationality in Nigeria and how to apply for dual nationality. Let’s get to the bottom of this.

Who Can Be A Nigerian national?

Anyone can be a Nigerian national as long as you fall into one of these categories. You can be national by birth, naturalized, or registered.

  • By Birth

Masses that were born before or after the independence and have either a parent or grandparent in any of the geographical locations in the country automatically have blood ties with Nigeria.

Do you want to know why? This indicates that you are an ingenious national of the nation.

Are you also aware that although you were not born in Nigeria, you will still be national by birth?

As mentioned above, once you have a parent or grandparent who is an Aboriginal member of the nation, you will be allowed to apply for nationality by birth.

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It is also known by some as a nationality by descent. If you check the Nigerian constitution, you will see more details on this type of legalization in section 25.

  • By Registration

Before you register as a national in Nigeria, there are some basic requirements that you need to comply with before becoming a national. These include:

  • Prove good conduct: you must prove that you are a person of good conduct and at least two trustworthy people must certify that you are of good character. Maybe one of your religious leaders and the community leader where you reside.
  • Marriage: This one only concerns the women. If a foreign wife marries a Nigerian, she can sign up to become a Nigerian, but that’s not the case for foreign men.
  • Love for the country: when you file your residence documents, you must demonstrate your willingness to live in the nation.
  • Take the Oath: Before becoming a full member of Nigeria, you must take the Oath and Allegiance to Nigeria under Schedule 7 of the Constitution of Nigeria.

You can see further requirements for nationality registration in section 26 of the Nigerian Constitution.

  • By Naturalization

Here also, you are required to meet certain criteria before you can be made a national of Nigeria. A few of these requirements are:

  • Age: he/she must be of age. Normally, only persons 18 years of age or older are allowed to go through this process.
  • Patriotism: you must prove to the country that you will contribute positively to the growth of the nation. We are talking about paying taxes, for example.
  • Declare intentions: you should likewise show that you have every reason to stay in this nation and this declaration can be done in the cause of registering for residency in your passport.
  • Reside for a few years: before you claim to be a Nigerian national, you must live in the nation for at least 15 years. Then you can start applying for a certificate.
  • Testimony: the governor of the region you reside will have to recognize your presence in the community before granting you full license to permanently live in the country as a nation.
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There are other requirements in that respect, but you can see them all in the Nigerian constitution in section 28.

Who Can Have Dual Nigerian Nationality?

It’s not everybody residing outside Nigeria can barge in and collect nationality, it doesn’t play like that. Individuals who qualify for Nigerian nationality are those with a Nigerian parent or grandparent.

If you don’t fall into that category, then you have to get Nigerian nationality by naturalization or registration. That’s the only two options left.

In addition, persons born after independence who are blood-bound to Nigeria may apply for dual nationality as discussed above. This rule is backed up by the Nigerian constitution in section 25.

Can I Be a Dual Citizen But are Not Blood-Bound with Nigeria?

Is so sad to tell you that if you are a national of Nigeria through registration or naturalization and still not a national of another nation, by birth, Nigeria is here by telling you that you must let go of her nationality and embrace the other one.

You cannot become a second national of Nigeria if your first nationality isn’t by birth.

So before you obtain Nigerian nationality through naturalization or registration, you have to denounce the nationality of other countries that you have obtained not by birth.

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Application Tips for Dual Nationality in Nigeria

The following procedures will guide you in your application for dual nationality in Nigeria.

  • You should first visit the website of the Department of Nationality and Affairs under the Ministries of the Interior. That’s where you can view all the requirements, addresses, and contact details in the link.
  • Visit the office in person and get an application form for dual citizenship from the ministry.
  • After getting the form, you carefully fill in your data properly and authenticate it with a signature.
  • Once you are done completing the form, you have to attach it with your relevant documents that will be listed on the application form.
  • Now it is time to submit the form back of the bureau’s concern. At this point, a little money will be demanded from you.
  • After this, your request will be forwarded for audit and authentication.
  • Upon successful completion, you will be notified to come and get your documents. So that’s exactly the process involved in obtaining nationality in Nigeria.

That’s where we’ll wrap up today’s session.

We are convinced that you found this article extremely interesting and informative, as we’ve explained how one can become a legal national of Nigeria and some easy steps to take when applying for dual nationality of the nation.

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