Fidelity Bank Mobile Transfer Code: USSD Fund Transfer & Airtime Purchase

Today, we will be discussing Fidelity bank’s USSD transfer code.

As a Fidelity Bank customer, did you know that you can make cash dealings faster and easier than the mobile banking app?

With the bank’s transfer code, you can send funds to your loved ones, reload your contact line and make further dealings within a few minutes.

You do not require Internet connectivity to take advantage of this banking system. This means you can use any kind of cell phone to perform such operations.

Once you have the correct USSD code, you’re ready to go.

Those who want to save themselves the stress of going to the bank for some money trades will find this article useful. This is because we will look into what Fidelity wire transfer codes are, their uses, and how you can get enrolled.

After reviewing this article, you should not have any problem with the Fidelity bank transfer code.

What is the Fidelity Bank transfer code?

Fidelity Bank has adopted the use of a USSD code to make it easier and quicker for customers to access certain banking services, as outlined above.

As such, the bank transfer code is *770#.

But before you get access to such a banking service, you will need to sign up. Don’t worry, we’re going to show you how to register.

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How to Sign Up Fidelity Transfer Code

Before you can sign up for the Fidelity transfer code, you will need to have a few requirements.

They include an account with the bank, a mobile phone, and an ATM card. If you have met all of these requirements, check below and see how you can enroll.

Dial *770#. Ensure you use the same SIM card you used to create an account with Fidelity.

An options list will appear on your screen. Select option 1 for Instant Banking and go ahead.

Now, type your account number and click to continue.

At this time, you need to create a 4-digit secret code that you will use to confirm your transfer. It’s advisable to compose a pin you will easily remember.

Afterward, you must confirm your password.

Once your registration is completed, you will be notified by text message.

I’m Unable to Register

In case you find it hard to register a Fidelity bank transfer code for one or two reasons, quickly visit the nearest fidelity bank and lay a complaint to the customer care agent. They will be willing to resolve your banking problems and also sign up for this great banking system.

Transfer Fund With Fidelity USSD code

There are two ways to send money to your family and friends through the bank’s USSD code.

You may choose to browse the menu by pressing *770# and following the command prompt. It’s a time-consuming process though. The latter method is more straightforward.

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Complete the steps below and see how you can do it.

Dial *770*account number*amount#. For instance dial *770*2746534762*5000#.

A list of banks will appear on your phone screen. You should select your recipient’s bank and proceed.

The full name of your beneficiary will be displayed so that you can confirm its accuracy. Once you are done, click on Continue.

Enter the amount you are sending.

Put in your secret pin to confirm your transfer.

Once it is completed, you will instantly get a Fidelity Bank debit alert.

Top Up Contact Line

As discussed above, you can purchase airtime for yourself, your friends, and your family. To purchase airtime for yourself, dial *770*amount# and wait a few seconds to process it.

For example, dial *770*600#. Then top up for a friend or family, dial*770*contact line*amount#, and follow the command prompt. Even so, you will be required to insert your secret pin to authorize your transfer. o

Additional operations you can perform using the Fidelity transfer code.

Besides sending money and buying airtime, you can do certain things using the Fidelity transfer code. They include:

Balance Request *770*0#

Open account *770*01#

Pay bills *770*biller code*amount#

Cardless withdrawal *770*8*amount#

Block an account *770*contact line# and lots more.

Transfer Charges

Fidelity Bank recently subsidized the fee for funds transfers from ₦70 to ₦50. This charge is applicable for both interbank and intra-bank transfers. Other fees depend on the type of operation you want to conduct. For the payment of your bills, it will cost you ₦105.  Then for a balance inquiry, you will be billed ₦20.

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Aside from banking fees, other network providers have separate fees they charge for each transaction. If you desire to top up your contact line or a friend, it will cost you ₦6.07.

Limit to Sent Funds Using the USSD Code

Like every bank has a limit on how much you can send using the shortcut, Fidelity Bank also has its limit.  The maximum amount you can transfer to another account is ₦100,000 and ₦20,000 per transfer.

However, you may send more than this amount, but not using a transfer code. You can only utilize a token or mobile app you can carry out such a transfer.

In terms of airtime, you’re limited to ₦20,000 per day. Beyond that amount, you may not be authorized to complete your transaction except after 24 hours.

Perks of Fidelity Transfer Code

Apart from being an easy and convenient method of transfer, there are other things that you can take advantage of when using this code. They consist of the following

The transfer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week unless an inevitable network problem occurs.

It is open to all Nigerian communications networks. You can utilize this code in case you use MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, or Glo.

Change the transaction PIN and block your ATM card in case of theft. Etc.

This banking system has trimmed down the workload for the bank workers and control overcrowding in banks and ATMs.

People no longer see the need to go to the bank whenever they want to conduct one of the above transactions.

Instead, they prefer to make their transactions from the comfort of their home.  For you to enjoy fluid banking like any other customer, use the information we provided and get started.

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