FIRS Salary Scale


The Federal Inland Revenue Service is a regulatory agency that is saddled with the responsibility of collecting, monitoring, and accounting for taxpayers’ taxes to the federal and state government. Beside collection of taxes, they also have the responsibility to educate and inform tax payers about on how to pay their taxes, prosecute tax defaulters, among other responsibilities.

FIRS organizational structure is quite interesting because they recruit representatives from the Corporate Affairs Commission, the Federal Ministry of Finance, NNPC, Customs Services, and other senior officials.  They also absorb its employees from the overall recruitment exercise and position them according to their level of qualification. NYSC members and interns are also invited to serve with them for one year.

Nowadays, a lot of graduates are interested in working with FIRS. They are concerned about the monthly payment of the workers in the agency. If you are one of them, then reading this article would be no waste of time. We will talk about the FIRS wage scale. This will help you understand whether their salary is worthwhile from your perspective or not.

A Little about FIRS

Inland Revenue of Anglophone West Africa was the department where FIRS was established. They serve as the tax system of the Member States. Around 2007 the Nigerian FIRS obtained the license to operate on its own. Since then, FIRS of Nigeria monitors its taxation activities. Except for the FIRS, no public or private institution is designated to assume such responsibilities.

Apart from tax collection, there are other functions FIRS performs in the country. This includes contributing to the redistribution of wealth, taking civic responsibility to citizens, providing funds to the government, public and social services to strengthen the economy, and so on.

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FIRS Pay Structure

Like other government institutions, FIRS has an exceptional compensation structure for its members. However, the monthly wages for this organization are based on three administrative factors. They include academic attainment, years of service, and positions held by staff. This compensation structure is similar to that of other governmental organizations.

In addition to monthly earnings, FIRS workers are entitled to other benefits that are shared based on the above factors. In other words, the allowances for superior officers are higher than those for subordinate officers.

At this time, we are going to describe the pay structure for FIRS employees, starting with the highest-ranking officer down to the lowest employee. We will also show you how much NYSC members and trainees get monthly as they serve in this organization.

  • Human Resource Generalist

The HR Generalist is the highest-ranking officer in the FIRS classification. Officers in this office are responsible for ensuring that employees comply with departmental policies and procedures. Other roles include onboarding, training, developing and educating new staff, assisting with recruitment and talent development, and so on.

Anyone who takes up the position of human resources generalist is entitled to receive ₦ 479,000 to ₦ 517,000 a month.

  • Tax Inspector

This is another prominent office within FIRS with several functions and responsibilities. Some of these include reviewing financial accounts, managing budgets and resources, preparing reports, providing guidance on how to apply tax legislation, and many more. The monthly salary for tax inspectors is about ₦382,000 to ₦412,000.

  • Tax Administrator
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Following the tax inspector’s office, the next person is the tax administrator. Their job is to assist the senior tax director. As part of the support they will render to the manager, they are to ensure that federal and state accountability penalty charges and remittances are made timely, monitor e-filling, schedule and organize meetings for tax departments, and so long.

People who work as tax administrators with the FIRS return home with nothing less than ₦ 342,000-₦ 360,000 per month.

  • Assistant Manager

The FIRS Assistant Manager’s Office is another well-remunerated position. These officers are responsible for identifying areas where non-registered taxpayers are located, ensuring consistent implementation of tax laws, participating in professional training of tax officers, etc. The monthly salary of an assistant manager at the FIRS is approximately ₦ 310,000 to ₦ 331,000.

  • Tax Officer

If you work as a tax officer with FIRS, there are many tasks and responsibilities to accomplish. Some of them include reviewing tax returns, developing and implementing strategic tax planning, understanding the financial and operational impacts of certain tax laws, the exact calculation of all of the tax liabilities, and much more. The monthly salary for tax officers is about 289,000 to 310,000.

  • Conseiller En Development

People working with FIRS as Conseiller En Development are to report directly to the HR Generalist. Their role is to provide organizational development, project management, etc. employees in that office receive a monthly salary of ₦ 279,000 to ₦1,298,000.

  • Accountant
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Accountants working with FIRS are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of financial documents, preparing tax returns, ensuring the prompt payment of taxes, anticipating and analyzing risks, and so on. Concerning their monthly remuneration, accounts at this agency are paid approximately ₦198,000-₦ 211,000.

  • Accounting Clerk

FIRS accounting clerks are responsible for balancing entries and corrections as required. They also sort documents, enter debits and credit accounts, reconcile bank statements, etc. The monthly salary for an accounting clerk working with FIRS is somewhere between ₦67,000 and ₦73,000.

  • VAT Officer (corper and interns)

The VAT agent position is the least among the FIRS rankings. This position is mainly filled by NYSC members and interns who are assigned to this agency. As such, they are not getting much as a salary. VAT officers take home around ₦24, 000-₦26, 000 at the close of the month.

Requisites for FIRS Recruitment

Before you can get employment with the Federal Inland Revenue Service, you will have to meet the following essential requirements.

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher degree in disciplines such as economics, law, banking and finance, informatics, engineering, statistics, and relevant fields.
  • He must be a computer expert
  • Possess sound leadership and managerial skills.
  • Exceptional ability to communicate.
  • Good familiarity with the taxpayer’s business and much more.

Working with FIRS is very lucrative, albeit very competitive. However, a person may still have the opportunity to work with this agency provided that he/she has met the above criteria. If you doubt the agency’s lucrativeness, you can see the payroll that each agent receives at the end of the month.