10 Popular Fuji Musicians in Nigeria

Here are the top Fuji artistes in Nigeria.

Fuji is one of the best music genres that are very popular among the people in South-West Nigeria.

Most of the Fuji musicians originated from these regions.

You will be surprised to learn that Fuji music has existed since 1960, as an improvised music tradition unique to the Alizari. Now, this music is enjoyed by many cultures in the country.

Top Fuji Musicians in Nigeria

Due to the popular and entertaining way Fuji songs are, they can be heard in most of some braggers at the motor park and other social rallies.

Fuji is now the biggest crochet of Nigerian hip-hop music. This brand of music is usually performed with a beautiful consort, such as drums, harmonica, and so on.

Many nationals have channeled their talents into producing Fuji songs and have become famous throughout the country. If you want to know who these musicians are, you should continue to scroll through this page.

We will list a few Fuji musicians who are very popular in the country.

Not only that but along with their net value.

Nigerian Greatest Fuji Musicians

Just below is a list of a few famous Fuji musicians in the country. They were selected based on their performance, achievements, and wealth.

Let’s take a quick look at them one by one.

  • Ayinde Wasiu Marshal

He is one of the well-known and oldest Fuji musicians in Nigeria. Ayinde was birthed on 3 March 1957 in Lagos, exactly in Agawaru. Most people know him by the name ‘Kwam 1’ or ‘K1 DE Ultimate’.

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This musician has achieved greatly in his career which was why he was ranked among the richest musicians in the country with a net worth of about ₦800 million.

  • Pasuma Wonder

Pasuma is another wonderful fuji musician who was birthed on November 27, 1967, in Mushin, Lagos. Most folks know him by the stage name above, but his real name is Alabi Ajibola.

In addition to being a singer, he also ventures into movie acting and production. Pasuma has been featured in certain Yoruba films like Iyanle, Alenibare, and others.

Passuma Wonder also collaborated with several hip-hop musicians such as Tiwa Savage. Then, concerning his finances, Pasuma Wonder has a net value estimated at ₦555-₦600 million.

  • Abass Akande Obesere

This Fuji musician was given birth on January 20, 1965. A lot of people in the country know him by the scenic name ‘Omo Rapala’. Abass had wanted to be a musician since a teenager.

Today, he is more than just a musician, but also an accomplished businessman. He currently has several songs signed by “Mayors Ville Entertainment” and a net worth of ₦500 million.

  • Saheed Osupa

Saheed was given birth around 1969 in one of the former cities of Ibadan. Just like Abass Akande, he is a movie actor and a producer as well.

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Saheed is best described as a musician who was able to produce about twenty albums of Fuji songs with deep sermon lyrics. He currently possesses an estimated net worth of ₦400-450 ₦million.

  • Adewale Ayuba

Adewale Ayuba was born on the 6th of May, 1966 in Ogun State. Most Fuji listeners identify him with the scene name «Bonus Fuji» or «Mr. Johnson».

At the age of eight, Ayuba aspired to become a musician. So he began to participate in local music and parties in his village. Today, he is seen as one of the greatest Fuji musicians in Nigeria.

Ayuba has a net value of ₦ 400 million.

  • Sule Alao Malaika

Sule Alao was birthed on the 15th of February, 1973 in the state of Lagos, although he was buttered in Ogun. History cannot mention well-known Fuji musicians in Nigeria and forget about him.

From the time Sule was a teenager, he started making music a career, until he became what he is today.

Sule Alao performed in the US and returned fully equipped with music equipment. With these instruments, he was able to take his musical career to the next level.

Concerning his net value, it ranges between ₦400-₦450 million.

  • Shefiu Alao

Most of his fans know this Fuji musician as “Alao Adekunle”, “Village boy” or “Omo Oko”. Shefiu began his musical career in the early 1980s.

He is among the best Fuji musician we have in the country who has successfully captured the heart of people in Ogun state. Shefiu’s net value is estimated at ₦350 million.

  • Muri Thunder

Muri Thunder was birthed on 5th August 1973 in Ifelodun, one of the LGAs in Lagos.

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He has been involved in music since high school but has some interest in sporting activities.

Most of his songs are highly popular in the southwest of the country. Muri has a net worth of approximately ₦200 million.

  • Remi Aluko

Remi still stands among the renowned Fuji musician we have in the country and most of his fans know him by the stage name «Igwe 1». His songs are characterized by several fascinating inclinations and his rhythm is normally fast.

That’s why a lot of passengers, bus drivers, and motorcyclists in the southwest enjoy his songs. The net value of Remi is approximately ₦100 million.

  • Alhaji Taiwo Akande

This Fuji musician is famous with the stage name «Taye Currency».

Alhaji Taiwo has fallen among the top Fuji musician in Nigeria and most of his fans are inhabitants of Oyo state and a few regions in the southerly part of the country.

Perhaps, that’s why he builds a magnificent house in Ibadan that has turned to be the talk of the town. Taye’s net worth is estimated at ₦100 million.

Besides these personalities that we have listed above, there are other gorgeous Fuji musicians in the country.

We have artistes like Karubey Shimiu, Tunde Ileiru, Abiondun Ike Minister, Shamu Nokia, Karube Aloma, Sule Adio, Bola Abimbola, Segun Michael, and so forth.

These Fuji musicians that we mentioned are not as popular and wealthy as those listed above. Time is not by our side, if not we will have gone further than this.

But with the little we have provided, we hope you are satisfied.

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