3 Fun Things To Do In Lagos As A Resident Or Visitor

Fun is Lagos, Lagos is fun! The former capital of Nigeria hosts a lot of relaxation and leisure places for anyone to enjoy himself or herself.

It doesn’t matter if you are a tourist, traveler, and visitor or probably just curious, there are lots of exciting things to do and places to go in Lagos.

Believe me, it can never be a bore to be in these places.


When you arrive in Lagos, something in your instinct just tells you that you are in a special environment. The fun begins at your arrival. Thinking of where to lodge, you have a variety of beautiful hotels at your disposal.

See? Your sightseeing journey has just begun.

These hotels are sophisticated and luxurious enough to give you the best comfort. You get to see people from different parts of the world.

If you wish, you could interact with them, make friends, learn one or two from their culture, and get connections, most especially.

The building structures, the architectural designs, the decorations, and the uniqueness of each hotel keep your eyes busy.

Sightseeing is for observers and people who love to appreciate their environment rather than get involved with it. If you are in this category, Lagos got you covered.

You could take a tour around beautiful cities in Lagos like Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Banana Island, Tin can Island, Lekki, and lots. These cities are a dream comes true.

They are way too beautiful and deserve appreciation.

You should check out the roads and bridges all constructed in amazing patterns. Check out how lit the streets are at night and watch people go about their daily activities.

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Probably you want to check out the next car you would buy, just fix your eyes on the roads, and you won’t be disappointed. You will see cars of different kinds and brands everywhere in the streets.

Maybe you are single and looking for your missing rib, you can’t be disappointed at Lagos girls. Do you want a classy, Tall, chubby, Ebony, Light, dark, beautiful, educated, and wealthy lady?

Anyhow you want them, they are served hot.

Oh, maybe you need to meet the man of your dreams, a muscular, charming, wealthy, educated, and loving man? There are lots of angels in Lagos. Feel free to make your pick.

Lagos is home to creativity so just go and feed your eyes. You can get ideas on how you would love to build your house because houses there are designed by the best architects.

Not only that, you can acquire business ideas. You want to make it big; Lagos is filled with those classes of people that can add value to your life.

Being a lover of arts, you can visit the Kalakuta Museum, Arts and crafts center, Library, etc, to gain more knowledge on historical events. As a lover of nature, you can visit the zoo, conservations, parks, and resorts.

The parks and resorts have a center for sports, games, and gyms.

You can also experience Lagos nightlife on the mainland and Island. You can visit clubs, have a stroll on the well-lit roads and watch people on the street go about their night in preparation for dawn.

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You need to be healthy and nourished enough to go on any adventure.

Food is not just food in Lagos; Food is well-made in a way that your eyes feed first before your mouth introduces it to your stomach.

Where to eat is not a problem.

You might like to see dishes that even as a Nigerian you have never tasted or come across. You might also like to taste foreign dishes; Dishes you have seen on television and in magazines.

The various restaurants and eateries bring you to a world of properly-made foods both local and continental. Do you wish to be treated like royalty?

Just sit and wait while the chefs and waiters treat you with value while serving your dishes.

Except you are allergic to certain foods, even your worst dishes might become one of your favorites once you have eaten a well-savored dish from these restaurants.

Maybe you don’t eat much; you might be a glutton throughout your stay in Lagos (Lol).

The continental dishes can have you confused if you haven’t tried them before. Imagine going through the menu, spot a dish with a long name and at the end, it happens to be a handful (Lol).

Most of these dishes fill-up the tablespace and as a typical Nigerian, you wouldn’t know where to start from or how to eat them. You can learn from your neighbors in a subtle manner (Lol).

Maybe you cannot eat with cutlery; you get to try it out. Some countries have delicious meals that could motivate you to visit them but in all, our local foods and snacks are top-notch.

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These restaurants foster national unity because even without visiting other Nigerian states, you can fall in love with their meals.

Beach activities

Let’s not talk about the beautiful pools where you can swim in various hotels. Let’s go into nature.

Have you been to the beaches in Lagos? People troop into that place in hundreds every day. There’s the Elegushi beach, Eleko beach, Atican beach, etc.

The joy of seeing the sea and its waves pushing it to and fro is unexplainable.

You dress in your bikini or beach outfit, sit under shades, walk on the sharp sand, experience the fresh sea breeze, taste tropical drinks, and have lots of fun.

You can also experience boat rides. Imagine riding on electric boats on the sea, the freedom it brings. Horse rides too. You probably want to know the feeling of riding on the back of a living animal.

An animal you see your favorite stars ride in movies. You should grab the opportunity. You will figure out how to hold the horse’s bridle and take control of its speed.

You can visit lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and canals. In these natural water areas, you can have a swim or picnic without having to pay. You can even fish and have canoe rides.

Lagos is home to exciting things. Whatever you have in mind, you can actualize it there.

You might like to swim, fish, gain knowledge of history, read books, go on tours to zoos and conservations, play games and sports, visit farms, admire buildings and infrastructure, visit industries, hospitals, and lots more.

Visit Lagos and achieve all these and more.

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