Union Bank USSD Transfer Code: Mobile Fund Transfer & Airtime Top-Up

In the course of today’s discussion, we will focus on the Union’s bank transfer code. Union Bank is another great commercial bank in Nigeria that has been around for many decades. They provide one of the most reliable banking services to their account owners. As part of the bank’s efforts to facilitate easy, fast, and … Read more

Ecobank USSD Transfer Code: Sending Money, Airtime Top-ups & Limits

Looking for Ecobank’s mobile transfer code? The USSD code is one of the advanced solutions that most Nigerian banks have embraced to make easy and cash transactions for their account holders, and Ecobank is one of them. However, some Eco account holders have little or no information about this wonderful banking system. As such, they … Read more

Benefits of Cloves and Milk

Clove is a reddish-brown-fashioned spice produced from the clove tree’s floral buds, an evergreen plant. Cloves are commonly used in preparing traditional cuisines because of their spicy solid flavor and wonderful scent. However, besides being an exceptional spice, clove is said to be very medicinal and can enhance each organ in the human body, from … Read more

Homemade Polish in Nigeria: Types, Ingredients, And Production Guide

Are you aware that Nigerians are talented at making in-house polish? In case you don’t know, they can produce footwear polish, furniture polish, nail polish, etc., locally. It will also be interesting to know that the production is such Polish is not as difficult as some might think. Moreover, the materials required are inexpensive. Now, … Read more

10 Jobs In Nigeria that Looks Poor But Are Lucrative

Several Nigerians despise certain jobs without knowing that they are highly profitable. Such people believe that only white-collar jobs are remunerative, forgetting that some public service jobs are systematically paid low wages. If you take a close look at these mediocre jobs, you will see that they are a bit twice as good as some … Read more

What Is The Cost Of Constructing A Solar Borehole?

How much does it cost to install a solar borehole? A solar borehole is very important, given its economic benefits and incoherent power supply. Solar Borehole Installation Cost When you set up a solar borehole, you benefit from an unlimited water supply for your homes, farming, and other commercial uses for such a long period … Read more

USSD Code for Loans in Nigeria

  Years ago, it was not so easy to apply for a mortgage with financial institutions or other authorized money lenders. This is because a lot of administrative work has to be done. For instance, getting a mortgage in some banks will require you to open a bank account with them, complete an application form … Read more

How To Become An Auxiliary Nurse In Nigeria

if you want to know how you can become a nursemaid in Nigeria, then you will have to study this article further. We will show you the requirements in this particular area of expertise and how you can become a full-fledged nursemaid. Not only that but with the job description and other relevant information you … Read more