Procedure And Cost Of Giving Birth In Canada

There are thousands of newborn babies in Canada annually.

This is because the country welcomes a lot of tourists worldwide. Many people will therefore want to benefit from these privileges in addition to that accompanying giving birth in Canada.

More or less of such entitlements has to do with childbirth by foreigners who want their kids to become Canadian by birth; entitlement to child’s benefits and so on.

Consequently, quite a lot of foreigners prefer to have their childbirth in any of the Canadian health centers.

Childbirth In Canada As A Foreigner: Guidelines And Cost

This article will be of interest to pregnant women seeking child’s delivery in Canada. Don’t worry, we got you covered. In this article, you will find the processes and costs of giving birth in Canada.

Not only that, but we will list all the requirements for Canadian child’s delivery.

Here is a guide on childbirth in the UK.

Let’s get on with our main discussion.

Who is Allowed to Deliver Babies in Canada?

Everyone can give birth in Canada, not necessarily Canadians. Only there’re some requirements non-residents of Canada must match up to.

Once they meet those requirements, they will be allowed to go ahead with the child’s delivery.

Unlike childbirth in the UK, if you give birth to a child in Canada, the child will become a national of the country.

He/she will have the right to health services with no charge and schooling until the age of 18. Once the child has reached the age of 18, their parents can stay in the country.

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Don’t you think it’s interesting?

Tips for Childbirth for Non-Residents

The following are some hints you can go through to successfully give birth to a child in Canada.

This includes choosing your birthplace, obtaining a temporary visa, delivering your baby in Canada, legally registering your child, and returning to your roots.

  • Select a Birthplace

That is very crucial to baby delivery in Canada.

You can choose to give birth in the health center where the doctors will care for you. But if you want to deliver the baby at home, that’s fine, that’s another option.

Canadian midwives are already trained to treat all kinds of births at home, except for any complication that requires surgical intervention.

  • Get a TRV

The acquisition of a TRV is crucial for non-Canadians who want to give birth in Canada. If you’re applying for a TRV, you will acknowledge the fact that you are an expectant mother who wishes to have a baby in Canada.

That will enable them to give you full access when you want to deliver your child into the world.

In the event where you passed up to acknowledge your intentions of giving birth in Canada when registering, if you want to get a TRV in respect to childbirth, your request will be declined.

Therefore, state your intention to deliver a child in Canada in the cause of enrollment.

  • Labor in Canada

Before your child’s delivery as a foreigner, you will be expected to issue a test result from your country. This test result is for the health providers to keep track of your current health record.

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If you cannot provide a test result, they will need to perform anther tests and medical examinations before you begin your delivery.

Some of these tests include HIV, VDRL, and Hepatitis B Surface Antibody, blood group, Rubella IgG, and so forth. If you wish, the Health Centre can perform other tests such as urinalysis, hematocrit, and hemoglobin during your 32nd week of pregnancy.

There is parental care for all pregnant women before Labor Day. It is generally done in two days, whether for normal virgin childbirth, CS, anesthetics, and so on.

After a successful child delivery, the health center will organize a group of pediatricians to check your and the newborn’s condition.

  • Cost of Birthing in Canada

The price for delivering a child in Canada varies from one region to another. While some hospitals in some areas charge less, other hospitals are a little expensive.

However, that is of no concern to the nationals of Canada. It is because the Canadian authority is going to take care of all the medical charges of its people.

Hence, foreign nationals will sponsor any health charges related to their child’s delivery.

Also, the charges for delivering a child vary with the type of giving birth you have had. Nevertheless, we will be looking at all those expenditures.

For normal full child’s delivery in Canada, it will cost approximately C$5,000 – C$8,000 in any hospital in Canada. Additional costs may be incurred if the mother stays in the hospital for additional care.

Consequently, for this extra care, it will cost C$2,800 per day. If it is the newborn also needs additional care, it will cost C$2,600 a day.

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Additional care is most likely to evolve when laboratory test results indicate the need to protect both mother and her baby. So you would have to plan all of that before you give birth to a child in Canada if you’re a foreigner.

Cesarean child’s delivery in any health center in Canada is between C$10, 000 to C$12.

For ultrasound, you pay C$300-C$500. You will also need to pay for the physician’s visit and parental care, which is between C$100 and C$150.

  • Cost of Home Birth

If you decide to deliver at home, you just have to pay for midwifery service.

The price of paying a midwife for home delivery is about C$2500.  With health insurance coverage if you have any, will be around C$860-C$2500.

  • Legally Sign Up Your Newborn

It’s the last thing you do after a child is born in this country. So you visit one of the centers closest to your site where the newborns are enrolled and then enroll your child.

In Canada, this enrollment has to be carried out within 30 days.

Once you have enrolled your baby online, you then sign up for your child’s birth document.

From there, you get Social Insurance Number so your child can enjoy all the benefits entitled to children in Canada.

What Next?

It is now time to return to your homeland, where you belong. But if you wish to remain in Canada, it’s left to you. Your newly born is already a legal citizen of Canada.

To give birth to a child in Canada is entirely about how much is in your pocket. Once you’re financially secure, you can travel anywhere in Canada and have your baby.

No one will stop you from delivering a child in Canada.

With all that we have discussed so far, you now have a full picture of the processes and charges of delivering a child in Canada.

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