Google Apprenticeships: Opportunities, Application, And Terms

Today, we will be discussing more regarding the apprenticeships on Google.

We’ll share with you more information on Google apprenticeships to assist you in making your profession with Google. Not only that but to create a trustworthy network with your peers.

Let’s get the ball rolling.

Regarding Google Apprenticeships

Are you aware Google has a few learning platforms that will expose you to diverse areas Google? They are designed to create chances for everyone to connect with the technology industry easily.

You can learn how to develop for your profession with their hands-on activities, jobs, and so forth. At the end of your training, you will develop your abilities and become highly qualified.

Google apprenticeship is also known as ‘Make a Future with Google’.

It is a platform designed to help people move a pace closer to their dream by bridging the gap between their abilities and future in the modern world.

You can find out some of their events, scholarships, internships, and so forth.

Another interesting stuff regarding the Google apprenticeships is that the platform is made open for several regions to take part in it, including Africa.

This means that you and I can apply for any of their training platforms, no matter where you live.

 Remarkable Google Apprenticeships

Below are a few of Google’s learning platforms and you can pick any of your choices to tender your request.

– Software development

– Digital marketing

– Project management

– Data analysis

– UX design

– Software engineering

It is important to note that some of these apprenticeships are tailored to particular regions. So there is a possibility you may be restricted to applying for selected programs if your country is not among those supported.

Let us briefly review Google’s learning platforms we’ve mentioned above.

  • Software Engineering

To become an assistant in software engineering, you will need a bit of software literacy.

You can acquire such knowledge either through a college, university, or even a coding training camp. In addition, your presentation and analytic skills must be excellent.

There are trained and experienced software engineers who are assigned to put you through in this field of expertise.

Your learning period lasts for 20 months and then you will receive a certificate as soon as you finish your program.

  •  Digital Marketing

Apprentice in digital marketing with Google takes part in the first division of a new program. It’s aimed at providing skills to become a wonderful digital marketing specialist.

They allow their apprentice to join the Google Sales & Marketing team to gain experience.

  • UX Design 

If you want to learn more regarding UX design, you will be taught how to develop characters, user stories, create wireframes and prototypes.

Plus understand how to build an expert portfolio and carry out usability studies.

Your learning period will last for 20 months, after which you will issue a certificate once you finish.

  •  Data Analysis

In this specific area, you will learn about data types and structures, plus how to analyze and use data to solve problems.

More will also be taught about visual storylines and how to use R programming to supercharge your analysis. At least 20 months is enough to finish your practice in data analysis.

  • Project Management

Google will teach you how to organize schemes with an excellent value.

This will allow you to know how to coordinate, execute projects smoothly, share relevant project teams and documentation, create and review reports, etc.

This apprenticeship field is for 20 months.

  • Software Development

If you want to be a guru in software development with Google, this platform is right for you.

Following your training, you will be allowed to serve and study. However, there are certain essentials you must suffice before you become an apprentice in software development with Google.

First of all, you must be able to communicate in English smoothly. Secondly, you are to hold a good educational achievement in courses that relate to your preferred area of expertise.

Google Apprenticeships Application Tips

Google’s apprenticeship differs according to the kind of area you want to specialize in.

This implies that everyone has unique steps that you must take and make a formal request. Nevertheless, most of these programs demand a CV that reflects either your skill or educational level.

Where Do I Get a Good Résumé to join Google Apprenticeships?

This is one of the fundamentals that will boost your possibilities of being absorbed into any of Google’s apprenticeships.

In line with that, you can gain proficiency or obtain certifications at a trade or professional school, training camps, online courses, university, and so on.

  • Boot Camps

This is one of the places where you can get a quick and massive technological discipline that can qualify you for Google apprenticeships.

During your period of practice, you can grow to a programming language expert and other coding specialties.

  • Get a Bachelors Degree

In case you are unaware, most of Google’s apprenticeship programs require at least an undergraduate degree. It’s because it’s easier for someone who has passed through the university to learn and work as an apprentice.

  • Complete Online Courses

Online courses are another excellent program you can enroll in to get prepared for an apprenticeship with Google.

But be sure you take a course that matches the curriculum you wish to learn. Failure to do so will reduce your chances of absorption.

Who is Eligible to Join Google Apprenticeships?

There is no limit on who may join one of Google’s apprenticeships.

Students and job holders are entitled to join the exercise. Once you hold all the requisites, you will be opportune to join any of their programs.

Term of Apprenticeship on Google

The period of Google’s apprenticeship lies on the kind of field you are running because some take a long period and others are for a short term.

However, all of their apprenticeships generally take 12 to 36 months to finish.

Google apprenticeship is a platform that has raised several experts around the world. Some people have been able to make a living from these programs.

If you are interested in applying for any of Google’s apprenticeships platforms, you can see the ones available above.

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