GoTV Lite Channels: List Of Stations, Activation & Subscription Fees

GoTV is a TV platform that can provide you with entertainment TV shows at an affordable price.

There are many amazing local and international programs to enjoy from their packages. Gotv lite is one of these packages and is also considered the lowest priced.

GoTV Lite Subscription Guide

With a monthly subscription of four hundred naira, you can enjoy family entertainment with 18 interesting channels.

Want more information about the Gotv lite package?

No worries; this article will shed more light on this package. When reading, you will see a list of GOtv Lite channels, as well as their channel number.

At the end of our discussion, you should be able to confirm whether the package contains some interesting programs or not.

List of Channels On GOtv Lite Package

GOtv lite package has several religious channels, music channels, local channels, news and commerce, sports channels, entertainment and movies, specialty channel, and many more.

Check below and look at the different channels GOtv lite has for you.

Religious channels

  • Islam channel

It was founded in 2004 by a Tunisian activist and a businessman named Muhamed Ali Harrath. The channel began broadcasting on Sky Digital on channel 836, then moved to channel 806.

Countries from all continents such as Africa, Europe, and the Middle East can take advantage of this television network. They’re on channel 737.

  • Emmanuel TV

Emmanuel TV is one of the famous Christian television networks in Nigeria.

It was founded by the former CEO of the Synagogue Church of All Nation (SCOAN), the late B.C. Joshua.

This TV network can be found on your Gotv on channel 82.

  • Faith Broadcast Network

This is another great television program that was started in 2002 and run by Faith Center Church in California.  They broadcast on satellite, terrestrial and digital.

Regions in continents such as Africa, Europe, and the US can connect to this broadcasting network. Check out channel 811 to enjoy this Christian TV on your GOtv lite.

Local Channels

  • Lagos TV

The Lagos State Television Network was the first to run on two VHS and UHF frequency bands in Nigeria. If you want to know what is happening around Lagos State, go to channel 90 of your Gotv lite.

  • WaZoBia Max

It is one of the local channels that showcase the Nigerian culture and lifestyle to the world. They also offer interesting programs in diverse indigenous languages such as Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba.

To join the program, you can switch to channel 98 on your Gotv lite.

  • WAP

WAP is another fun television station for families in Nigeria. It is the first family television to stay tuned for 24 hours and feature diverse exciting stories.

This TV network is available on GOtv on channel 102.

  • MiTV

This is a Nigerian television network whose services are provided in Malaysia.  They broadcast news, interesting movies, songs and lots more.

You can get them on Channel 94 on your Gotv.

  • AIT channels

AIT is another wonderful Nigerian television station.

There is one of their stations in twenty-four states in the country. Some of the shows you can enjoy on this channel include news, business, politics, and more.

They are on Channel 93.

  • Silverbird

Silver Bird was established in 1980 and is based on Victoria Island. To take advantage of their interesting programs like news, commerce, etc., join them on Channel 92.

  • NTA 1

This television network belongs to and is administered by the FGN. They provide news about various events across the country. To participate in their programs, catch ’em on channel 91.

  • Liberty TV

Liberty TV is another platform which you can enjoy news of current events. To make the most of their shows, you can reach them on the channel on your GOtv.

  • Rave

It is the first Nigerian TV channel to host an interactive session. They discuss what happened in the past, the present, and the future.

Join Channel 113 for an interactive session.

Entertainment and Movies

  • Galaxy TV

You can enjoy live broadcasting on this TV network, whether it’s news, interactive sessions, and so on. On GOtv lite, they are on Channel 99.

  • GO channel

Channel 1.

News and Commerce

  • Al Jazeera

This television station has its headquarters in Qatar.

They are in their programs in Arabic. Among the programs you can enjoy on this network include news, podcast, documentaries, analysis of the Middle East, and so forth.

These guys are on Channel 40.

  • TVC News

For those who will be interested to watch the news for 24 hours, this television network is for you. They stream their shows on Channel 45 on GOtv lite.

  • eTV Africa

eTV is a free South African television channel that provides wonderful nonstop entertainment for the family. They are available on channel 16 of your Gotv.

  • NTA news 24

As with NTA 1, this is another broadcasting network owned and operated by the FGN. You can benefit from local and international news on this television channel.

They are available on channel 46 on your Gotv lite.

Sports Stations

  • SuperSport Blitz

It is also a South African television network offering news and updates about the sport. You can also enjoy live games on this channel.

To catch them on your GO TV, switch to channel 131.

Channels for Children

  • Jim jam

It is a television network that has provided entertainment for children with interesting programs such as cartoons.

Whenever your kids need fun, turn to channel 61 on your GOtv lite.

Music Channel

  • Afro Music English

If you’re a fan of African music, that’s the right channel to turn to. They broadcast exciting African music on channel 76 on GOtv lite.

Feel free to get involved in their programs if you are a fan.


  • TVC entertainment

Directly on this channel, you can take advantage of a bit of news and more on entertainment for 24 hours. They’re on channel 27 of GOtv lite.

GOtv Lite Subscription Fees

You may opt-in to GOtv lite on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

  • 400 per month
  • 1,080 quarterly
  • 3,180 yearly

GOtv lite made family-friendly entertainment affordable. With a bit of cash, you can enjoy entertaining shows on over 20 channels.

From the channels we presented, you can see whether or not this GOtv package is worthwhile.

If your favorite channels are not among these, you should try other packages.

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