GTBank Internet Banking: Online Application And Activation


The Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) is one of the top ten (10) Nigerian banks. It is a multinational bank in Nigeria; and as are most banks in Nigeria, it provides the services of internet banking.

The internet banking service provided by the Guaranty Trust bank allows account holders to be able to carry out many financial transactions over the internet through the official Guaranty Trust Bank website, and as such, customers do not necessarily have to visit a Guaranty Trust Bank branch office.

Guaranty Trust Bank Internet Banking Service

The Guaranty Trust bank internet banking service is an online service that is offered by the bank, which allows you as an account holder (customer) to be able to carry out any financial transaction from the comfort of your home, school, or workplace.

This service allows you to be able to conveniently carry out any financial transaction that you would otherwise have carried out in any of the Guaranty Trust Bank branch offices. This internet banking service allows you to be able to do a host of financial transactions that include:

  • Checking your account balance in real-time.
  • Transfer of funds or payments to anybody, anywhere, whether locally or internationally provided you have a domiciliary account.
  • Payment of utility bills.
  • Booking of flight tickets on several airlines such as Delta Air Lines, British Airways, etc.
  • As well as confirming and stopping cheques.

The opportunities that this internet banking service affords you as an account holder are quite numerous. The bottom line is, this Guaranty Trust Bank internet banking service affords you 24/7 access to your bank account wherever and whenever provided you have an internet connection.

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How to Apply for and Access the Guaranty Trust Bank Internet Banking Service

For you to be able to access and make use of the Guaranty Trust Bank internet banking service, first of all, you will have to register with the branch office of any Guaranty Trust Bank that is very close to you for the Guaranty Trust Bank internet banking service.

The next thing after this is to proceed to obtain your token number. How can you request for this token number? You will have to download the Guaranty Trust Bank internet banking token request form from the internet. You must fill in the relevant details correctly after which, you must visit the closest Guaranty Trust Bank branch office around you and submit it to them.

Another procedure you could follow is to visit the closest Guaranty Trust Bank branch office around you and ask for the Customer help desk. At the desk, request the internet banking form. Once you have been given the internet banking request form, ensure you go through it thoroughly and fill in the correct details. You must do so. Once you have completely provided the details in the form, and thoroughly gone through it for discrepancies, you can then submit it.

After you have submitted the internet banking form to the customer service officer, he/she would scan and mail the form to If you would prefer to fill the form and mail it to the e-mail address yourself at the comfort of your home or office, you can do so, provided you fill in the details correctly.

Your login details would immediately be mailed to you once they had found your details to be correct. However, if you do not receive any feedback, you should pay a visit to the Guaranty Trust Bank contact center to request your login details.

In addition to the login details that you will be provided with, you will also be provided with a device called ‘token’. This device called ‘token’ helps to protect your account anytime you engage in online financial transactions.

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Immediately you have received your login details from the Guaranty Trust Bank, proceed to visit the Guaranty Trust Bank online banking website or you could access it through this link You could also make use of the mobile app if you already have it installed on your mobile device. You can always get the mobile app from the Google Play Store.

Once you are on the sign-in page, type in your username and password to be allowed access to using the Guaranty Trust Bank internet banking service. It is highly recommended that, as soon as possible, you change the password you were given by the Guaranty Trust Bank into a new one that is unique and very secure to facilitate the security of your account.

If at any point in time you encounter any difficulty during the login process, do not hesitate to call for help from the Guaranty Trust Bank. Immediately contact the Guaranty Trust Bank contact center by sending an e-mail to or you could reach them on the telephone by dialing 0700 GTCONNECT (0700 482666328) 01-4480000, 08029002900, 08039003900 and follow the voice commands.

To even add more level of security to your account when engaging in online financial transactions, you should get an activation code for your card, especially if you will be doing a lot of online shopping with your card.

On the left sidebar of the page, you are supposed to see where to select services. Since most of the services are not selected by default, you should go through the listed services and add any other ones that particularly apply to you.


The need to check my bank statement online as well as to send payment to other accounts without entering the banking hall pushed me to inquire about GTB online banking. I have accounts with FCMB, UBA, and GTBank and also operate domiciliary accounts with GTB. To me, the Guaranty Trust Bank savings account, as well as current and dorm accounts are some of the least expensive to operate here not forgetting the fact that this bank is the closest to my place.

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If you want a bank from the comfort of your house at home or abroad securely, then you should consider GTB internet banking. This service gives you 24h access to carry out transactions online at your leisure. It is a very easy and effective way to transfer and receive funds from anywhere in the world.


Visit a branch of GTBank close to you and request for the internet banking application form. Submit the form after filling it. You will be told to keep checking your email for the activation email which would contain your login details and activation code. If you are connected online, you can download the GTBank internet banking application and token request form.

Another way to enable your account for online banking is to make a call to the dedicated customer service center. Make sure your airtime can conveniently let you talk for 20-25mins. Call 08029002900 or 08039003900 or 0700GTCONNECT (0700482666328).

Follow the voice prompt based on the automated response you receive. You would then be linked with a service agent who would ask for your account number, account name, date of birth, address, last payment and withdrawal details, and mother’s maiden name.

The next step will involve the creation of a user-ID and password which would then be activated. With your login details, go over to the GTBank internet banking login page, sign in, and then explore the numerous services provided on the online banking account dashboard.

From your internet banking account, you can transfer money to other accounts, make payments, check transaction history, print bank statements, etc.

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