Correct GTBank Swift / BIC Code For Foreign Transfers

If you’re interested to know more about GTbank swift code, then you read this post further. We will give you more information on the GT Bank SWIFT GT code.

You will also learn about its uses, where you can get the swift banking code GT, and what it looks like.

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GTB Swift Code

Most, if not all, commercial banks in Nigeria have used the SWIFT code to help their customers manage their cash transfers within and outside the country.

GTBank is not set aside to adopt the Swift code for its customers.

They have one of the precise, timely, and efficient transfer services among other commercial banks in the country.

What Makes Swift Code so special?

A swift code is a set of numbers that serves as a form of identity for banks around the world. The code indicates the country and branch in which a bank account number is recorded in.

There are about 8 to 11 digits mixed with few alphabets that constitute a swift code. This code is typically requested whenever you would like to send or receive money to other countries.

Are you aware that in addition to sending money, there are other things that banks do with the swift code? It can as easily be used to send messages from one party to another.

Banks used a swift code to communicate with other branches before it was changed to be used by clients for money transfers. It was more secure than all other message delivery methods.

What is a GTBank Swift Code like?

As mentioned above, a swift code includes between 8 and 11 digits mixed with certain alphabets. In this respect, the GT Banking Swift Code also has about 8-11 characters.

The first four alphabets in the capital (GTBI) briefly present the name of the bank.

The second capital alphabet (NG) is the representative of the country, Nigeria. The following two alphabets after the national alphabets (LA) Stand in the spot where the bank has its headquarter, which is Lagos.

If the code ends with “XYX”, it simply identifies a specific branch of GTBank. It is at this moment that the Swift code will be 11 digits. For example “GTBINGLAXYX”.

Note: The last 3 characters are optional, so you may not see them in some instances.

How To Obtain Swift Code For GTBank

In case you find it hard to get a swift GTbank code, here are a few ways you can follow to get the swift code.

It’s either you get it through your bank statement, GT banking site, or do online searches.

  • Bank Statement

You can get the GTbank swift code from your bank statement which you generate either online i.e. through a mobile app, or through a bank statement, you obtain in a paper form.

Definitely, from any of these options, you will find the swift code.

  • GTB Web Site

If you can’t access your bank statement, you can log into the GTBank official website and search for the swift code.  It will display the swift code of the different branches in the country, so you have to find the one belonging to your street branch.

  • Search Online

Apart from searching the official website of GTBank, you can always use your browser and search the swift on the Internet. Here you will encounter identifiers codes owned by different banks in the country.

They are listed online to help clients access their swift banking code whenever they want to use it.

 How Important is GTBank Swift Code?

So the way it’s important to send money to another location, especially outside the country, is a quick code. For a GTbank to authorize such a transaction, you will probably need to have your Swift code.

Because it’s only with a swift system that they can identify where the money comes from and where it goes. This swift password works more like an address.

As a result, if you don’t have a quick code, GTBank can’t send your money to another location. You may ask why? That’s because your bank doesn’t know where to send the funds.

Moreover, GTbank’s swift code is very important when it comes to making transfers to other cash apps apart from GTbank mobile app.

How Do I Send Money Using Swift Code Via Mobile Apps?

Right away, we are going to show you how you can make use of your GTbank swift code anytime you want to transfer money to another country using your mobile app.

  • Log into the GTbank mobile application and get started.
  • Check the type of currency your recipient is using and then move to the next step.
  • Insert the amount you want to send and carry on.
  • Now impute the receiver’s full name and address.
  • Once complete, you will need to insert the recipient’s bank details, such as account number and fast transaction code. At this stage, you should select the payment method you want and then send your money. It’s that easy, you know.

Is There Any Difference Between GTBank Swift Code and Sort Code?

Many GTBank clients find it difficult to differentiate between the bank’s swift code and the sort code. Don’t worry; we’ll help you figure out the difference between the two.

Admittedly, these two codes are used to transfer funds. Whereas sort codes are only used to make domestic transfers, while a quick code can be used to send money out of the country.

Second, the GTbank sort code has only six digits, but the swift code consists of eleven alphanumeric codes.

As we said earlier, there is a swift code that has eight-figures.

This is the conclusion of our discussion today.

At least of everything we’ve talked about so far, you can now find out what the quick bank GT code looks like and where you can get it.

Not only this but the importance of sending money to other countries as well. In this regard, we feel we have done justice to the issue.

Take advantage of banking services with GTBank.

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