GUO Transport Price List


GUO is one of the ride firms that has been operating in Nigeria for over thirty years. The company has become an icon in the transport sector as a result of the way it offers safe and enjoyable travel for many travelers across the country. Additionally, GUO provides its clients with a variety of travel options such as esteem valued same-day, prompt haulage the next day, and conveying goods to several regions of the country.

The firm facilitated bookings for travelers. You can book a ticket through their official website, mobile app, or buy a ticket at a countertop at one of their bus stops near your street. The company’s multi-purpose mobile application is available on the Google Play store.

Of course, you will want to know the travel costs of the GUO Transportation Company. If so, we invite you to participate in our discussion today. We are going to describe not only the list of traveling prices of the GUO but also their routes, bus stops, and coordinates. If time permits, we will also show you how to book your travel ticket online.

About GUO Transport Firm

Do you at least know what the acronym GUO represents? Its full meaning is ‘Godwin Ubaka Okeke’. The freight line is a division of G.U. Okeke & Sons Ltd that was established in 1980. GUO is one of the longest-standing and largest public vehicle firms in Nigeria. The firm owns more than 80 fleets of modern and eco-friendly cars.

These fleets currently serve over 200 destinations across Nigeria and around West Africa. You may travel with GUO to neighboring countries such as Ghana, Togo, the Republic of Benin, and Seme. In addition to providing a safe and enjoyable journey, the GUO traveling rate is relatively inexpensive. They also offer affordable hotel reservations, airport pickups, charter flights, couriers, and other transportation services.

Traveling Price List

GUO’s traveling rate depends on the type of transportation decision, destination, traveler’s age (adult or child), and other financial circumstances that may arise. However, we are going to highlight the normal cost of traveling with this transportation company. Take a look at the table below, the price list for each destination is there.

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Lagos (Jibowu Bus stop)

  • Jibowu to Abuja -Adult ₦11,400, child ₦9,000
  • Jibowu to Aba-Adult ₦10,925, child ₦8,625
  • Jibowu to Enugu-Adult ₦12,825, child ₦10,125
  • Jibowu to Ekwulobia-Adult ₦ 12,350, child ₦9,750
  • jibowu to Owerri -Adult: ₦12,825, Child: ₦10,125
  • Jibowu to Port Harcourt -Adult: ₦10,925, Child: ₦8,625
  • Jibowu to Umuahia-Adult: ₦10,925, Child: ₦8,625
  • Jibowu to Umunze-Adult: ₦9,500, Child: ₦7,500
  • jibowu to ogoja-Adult: ₦11,400, Child: ₦9,000

Lagos (Ajah Bus stop)

  • Ajah to Aba-Adult: ₦10,925, Child: ₦8,625
  • Ajah to Abuja-Adult: ₦12,825, Child: ₦10,125
  • Ajah to Abakaliki-Adult: ₦10,450, Child: ₦8,250
  • Ajah to Enugu-Adult: ₦10,450, Child: ₦8,250
  • Ajah to Umuahia-Mbaise-Adult: ₦10,925, Child: ₦8,625
  • Ajah to Owerri-Adult: ₦10,450, Child: ₦8,250

 Lagos (Ejigbo bus stop)

  • Ejigbo to Aba- Adult: ₦9,500, Child: ₦7,500
  • Ejigbo to Abakaliki-Adult: ₦8,550, Child: ₦6,750
  • Ejigbo to Ogoja-Adult: ₦10,450, Child: ₦8,250
  • Ejigbo to Umuahia-Adult: ₦9,025, Child: ₦7,125
  • Ejigbo to Umunze-Adult: ₦8,075, Child: ₦6,375

Abia (Umuahia bus stop)

  • Umuahia to Lagos – Ajah- Adult: ₦9,975, Child: ₦7,875

Anambra (Awka bus stop)          

  • Awka to Abuja-Adult: ₦9,025, Child: ₦7,125

Delta (Asaba bus stop) 

  • Asaba to Lagos – Ajah- Adult: ₦8,075, Child: ₦6,375
  • Asaba to Lagos – Coker-Adult: ₦8,075, Child: ₦6,375
  • Asaba to Lagos-Iyana-Ipaja-Adult: ₦8,075, Child: ₦6,375

EBONYI (Abakaliki bus stop)      

  • Abakaliki To Lagos – Ajah-Adult: ₦10,450, Child: ₦8,250

ENUGU Bus Stop             

  • Enugu To Abuja-Adult: ₦9,120, Child: ₦7,200
  • ENUGU TO LAGOS – AJAH-Adult: ₦10,070, Child: ₦7,950

Abuja (Utako bus stop)

  • Utako To Lagos – Ajah-Adult: ₦11,875, Child: ₦9,375
  • Utako To Aba-Adult: ₦11,875, Child: ₦9,375
  • Utako To Port Harcourt-Adult: ₦11,875, Child: ₦9,375


  • Port Harcourt To Lagos – Ajah-Adult: ₦10,450, Child: ₦8,250
  • Port Harcourt To Abuja-Adult: ₦12,350, Child: ₦9,750

GUO Transport Bus Stops

Right below are the addresses and contact lines of the local and international GUO terminals. You can buy your ticket from any of these terminals. You can place a call or send a mail if you want to make more inquiries.

  • Madina bus stop: M177, Madina Firestone, After Atomic Junction, Firestone Bus Stop, Ghana-+233244134534
  • Tema bus stop: Community 1, Along Court Road, Opposite Metro Transport yard, Ghana-+233244087274
  • Accra bus stop: Abossey-Okia Mortuary Road (Opp. 2nd Total Filling Station), by Kaneshi R/About, Ghana-+233240565854
  • Aba bus stop: 25, Milverton Avenue, Aba, Abia. 08075090629
  • Abakaliki bus stop: 15, Afikpo Road, Abakaliki, Ebonyi. 08075090650
  • Agege bus stop: 3, Agunbiade Oke-koto Street, Agege, Lagos. 08075090686
  • Ajah bus stop: KM 22, Epe – Expressway, Abraham Adesanya Est. Junction, Ajah, Lagos. 08075090656
  • Akokwa bus stop: 10, Orlu Road, by Akokwa Roundabout, beside Akokwa Microfinance Bank, Akokwa, Lagos State. 09053820358
  • Alaba bus stop: Alaba International Mkt, 29, Ojo Ebegbede Road, Opp. Chemist Bus-Stop, Alaba, Lagos State. 08075090685
  • Asaba bus stop: Asaba – Onitsha Expressway by Head-Bridge, Asaba, Delta State. 08113849230
  • Awka bus stop: Michael Shopping Plaza, by Unizik Junction, Awka-Onitsha Enugu Expressway, Awka, Anambra State. 08075090642
  • Awkuzu bus stop: Awkuzu Junction. 07035227941
  • Bauchi bus stop: Maiduguri by pass, Plaza Hotel, Bauchi State. 08076092462
  • Cele bus stop: 164, Okota Road, Lagos State. 08075090634
  • Coker bus stop: 36, Opere Street, Wema Bank Bustop, Coker, Lagos State. 08117000391
  • Ejigbo bus stop: 67A, Ikotun-Egbe Road, Opp Power Line B/Stop, Ejigbo, Lagos State. 08117000390
  • Ekwulobia bus stop: 7, Awka Road, Ekwulobia, Anambra State. 08175090687
  • Enugu bus stop: 3, Market Road by Holy Ghost Cathedral (Opp. Ogbete Main Mkt.) Enugu. 08075090636
  • Gombe bus stop: 1, Church Road, Gombe. 08075090652
  • Iba bus stop: 1, Ipaye Street, Iba, Lagos. 08075090649
  • Ibadan bus stop: Samonda/Opp Emmanuel Theology Collage, Ibadan, Oyo State. 08075090641
  • Iddo bus stop: 7, Railway Compound (Opp. Police Barracks) Otto Bus Stop, Lagos State. 08075090637
  • Ihiala bus stop: 42, Osha Owerri Road by Patigian Hotels Ltd, Ihiala, Anambra State. 08075096032
  • Ikotun bus stop: 10 Ijegun Road, Ikotun, Lagos State. 0805090639
  • Iyana-Ipaja bus stop: 167, Abeokuta Expressway Opp Diamond bank Plc., By Iyana Ipaja Bus stop, Alimosho LGA, Lagos State. 08150647906
  • Jalingo bus stop: Coca-Cola Depot, Along Mile 6, Yola Road, Taraba State. 08113790580
  • Jibowu bus stop: 2 Jibowu street along Ikorodu express, Jibowu, Lagos State. 08075090682
  • Jos bus stop: Old Railway, Jos, Plateau State. 08075090654
  • Kaduna bus stop: Television Park, Kaduna. 08075090647
  • Kano bus stop: 14, New Road, Sabongari, Kano. 08075090646
  • Kubwa bus stop: Lora Mall Plaza, Plot No 132 Gado Nasko Road Phase 2 Kubwa, Abuja. 08075093156
  • Maiduguri bus stop: Kano Station Park, Borno State. 08075090644
  • Mararaba bus stop: Suite 9, Bomma Plaza, Along with Abuja-Keffi Exp. Mararaba, Nasarawa State. 09053820346
  • Maza Maza bus stop: 1st Gate B/Stop Badagry Express Way, Lagos State. 08075090683
  • Nnewi bus stop: 2, Ibeto Road, Opp.First Bank, Nnewi, Anambra State. 08075090684
  • Obollo Afor bus stop: Obollo-Afor Markudi Exp. Way, Enugu State. 09053820344
  • Ogoja bus stop: Mh 113 Hospital Road, Opp.Blessed Resources Int’l oil, Beside EcoBank plc, Igoli, Ogoja, Cross River State. 09053820341
  • Okota bus stop: 164, Okota Road, Lagos State. 08075093154
  • Onitsha bus stop: 166, Port Harcourt Rd, Upper Iweka, Onitsha, Anambra State. 08075090618
  • Orlu bus stop: Amaifeke – Orlu park, Opp. Olu LGA Council Office, Orlu, Imo State. 09053820348
  • Owerri bus stop: 15, Egbu Road, Owerri, Imo State. 09053820353
  • Port Harcourt bus stop: Port Harcourt – Aba Expressway (at the intersection with Lord Emmanuel Drive, b/w Thermocool & Big Treat), Opp Air Force Base, Rumuomasi, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. 08150647900
  • Sokoto bus stop: Central motor park, Sokoto. 08052772082
  • Umuahia bus stop: Uhia General Park, Umuahia, Abia State.08113790584
  • Umuaka bus stop: 6, Orlu Owerri road, by Afor Umuaka R/About, Njaba LGA, Imo state. 09053820351
  • Umunze bus stop: Round About, Umunze, Anambra State.08076092468
  • Utako bus stop: Gouba Plaza, Plot171, Ekukinam Street, Utako District, Abuja. 08075090643
  • Warri bus stop: 162 Effuru/Sapele Road, Warri,Delta State. 08075090627
  • Yola bus stop: Jendutu Park, Yola, Adamawa State. 08075090653
  • Zaria bus stop: Yankarife Luxury pack, Sabon-gari Zaria, Kaduna State. 09053820345
  • Zuba bus stop: Lagos Park, Zuba, Abuja. 09053820340
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That’s all we have for you on the GUO freight list, their bus stop address, and the contact lines. However, prices are subject to change as a result of the above factors earlier mentioned. This is why it is important to verify their current price before booking a ticket.  If you would like to reserve a travel ticket on their official website, please visit