9 Health Benefits Of Bitter Kola

What are the benefits of bitter kola? Does bitter kola reduce sugar in the body? Is Bitter Kola good for the kidney? In this article, we will be discussing the health benefits of bitter cola.

Bitter Kola is also called garcinia kola. It is a renowned blooming crop across Africa.

It is predominantly cultivated in central and west Africa. Nations within these regions cultivate this crop due to its numerous health benefits, plus revenue from bitter kola’s sales.

Nigeria is among those West African countries that produce garcinia kola.

Health Benefits of Bitter Kola

Shea butter and Garcinia kola are significantly important to your health.

Virtually every part of the kola nut plays an important role in the human system, whether it is the seed, the leaves, or even the bark. That’s not all; the kola is also rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, calcium, iron, and caffeine.

Due to these nutrients found in garcinia kola, it is used to add flavor to food and beverages.

In case you’re not aware of the advantages of garcinia kola. You will find this write-up of great interest. We are going to show you the several health implications of this kola.

But keep reading, and then you’ll find out yourself.

Why Is Bitter Kola Healthy?

Here are a couple of advantages of garcinia kola to your health.

  • Reduce Inflammation

With garcinia kola, you can thin out any case of inflammations.

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This is because the kola appears to be the perfect analgesic for inflammation problems. Especially if you are suffering from osteoarthritis or arthritis, eating bitter kola can help you recover fast.

In addition to relieving you of pain, it also makes your joints move as naturally as they used to be.

Garcinia kola contains potassium that appears to be the main reason for reducing the rate of inflammation.

  • Improve the Lungs Functionality

Garcinia kola helps people who have respiratory problems to obtain more relief, particularly people who have asthma. Regular consumption of this kola is said to enhance pulmonary ventilation.

This is due to the caffeine in the kola. Caffeine acts like a medication that will relax and open your airway for gentle breathing to continue.

Furthermore, eating bitter kola can expand alveolar ducts together with sacs in your torso. When this happens, the tissues and fibers in your lungs will automatically be strengthened.

This situation will make your body maintain a state of health.

  • Improve the Immune System

The good stuff about garcinia kola is that it positively improves every regulatory part of a human physical structure. In case you don’t know, there is a huge amount of antioxidants inside the kola nut.

This antioxidant content in garcinia kola is what improves your immunity.

I guess we are all aware that the more robust our immunity is, the more it fights a variety of diseases.

  • Handles Infection Issues

There are a lot of infections that you can handle through chewing garcinia kola. It has a proven track record and has been tested to deal effectively with hepatitis.

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But you should also know that it mostly deals with hepatitis when it is an early phase. When hepatitis worsens, chewing garcinia kola does not solve the situation.

Other disease problems you can tackle with the use of garcinia kola include cough, viral and bacterial diseases. In situations where such diseases are chronic, if you eat the whole kola nut farm will cure nothing.

  • Control of Diabetes

Several type 2 diabetics tend to develop low blood sugar.

When diabetics chew garcinia kola, it protects them from low blood sugar. This is because the kola nut carries a substance called Kolaviron. It is this chemical that is responsible for controlling the sugar level in diabetics.

Therefore, it is advisable for anyone with diabetes to chew garcinia kola nut, at least occasionally. It will help maintain your sugar level.

  • Fight Against Malaria

It may come as a surprise to you that garcinia kola is used in fighting malaria. That same Kolaviron inside garcinia kola we earlier talk about is responsible for controlling malaria.

In addition to that, the kola is high in natural antioxidants alongside anti-inflammatory photochemical. All of these constituents carry a high volume of anti-malarial drugs to help eradicate malaria.

Since garcinia kola can be used as an anti-malaria drug, it does not mean that it is a cure for serious cases of malaria. Eating garcinia kola for curing a serious case of malaria is absolutely a wrong idea.

Aside from garcinia kola seeds, the stalks and bark of the kola nut are also used for medication. You can fight severe fever and other throat-related problems with them.

  • Handles Glaucoma

In situations where you have vision issues, try eating garcinia kola and see the magic.

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Nowadays, instead of eating this kola for your vision problems, an eye drop has been produced to do the task. These eye drops are specially manufactured from garcinia kola.

Daily use of this eye drop will treat your glaucoma situation.

In turn, you may decide to chew the bitter kola itself. But it is expected that you will eat the kola nut at least two times a day. This way, the pressure within the eye will be reduced.

When you do this all the time, you can get your normal sight back in no time.

  • Neutralize Poison

You could be caught in a situation where you eat something toxic or adulterated with bacteria.

After that, you started having problems with your body system. When you eat garcinia kola, it will give you instant relief from your pain.

This is because the kola nut has detoxification capabilities to neutralize any poisonous contain in the body system.

  • Improve Sexual Performance

I suppose it will also surprise you that eating garcinia kola will improve sexual performance.

Concerning that, it works mainly for men other than women. When you notice that you’re not performing in bed. You can chew the kola and be reassured to improve your sex drive and sustainability in bed next time.

Eating garcinia kola twice daily will increase your sex drive. Then, before sex, you’d have to chew the kola too, so you’d last longer.

There are other advantages of garcinia kola.

But the ones we mentioned above are just a few of the numerous benefits available. Now you can see how garcinia kola can affect your health positively.

Regular consumption of garcinia kola will significantly improve your health.

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