Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship

Do you recognize you can learn for free in Germany?

Heinrich Boll Foundation offers a completely financed grant to 1,200 foreign scholars annually. Those selected for the grant are to learn in the University Applied Sciences or arts.

Applying For Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship Program

So if you want to pursue your dream career in Germany, this is a great chance to take advantage of.

The registration portal for 2022/2023 is now open for interested students to sign up. But before rolling with your registration, it will be nice if you have some knowledge concerning the grant.

In this article, you will find all the details you need concerning this grant. At least you will cognize what you are close to signing up for.

Types of Scholarship Schemes

The German organization offers two types of grants to researchers all over the globe. There is an education scholarship for bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Then the promotion grant, which is particularly for the doctorate.

Essential Documents

Candidates must hold the ensuing papers to qualify for this award:

  • Registration form of the Heinrich Boll Foundation.
  • A letter of reference from an organization where a candidate has demonstrated their values and sociable responsibilities.
  • Letters of reference from former university teachers.
  • Resume and personal data.
  • A copy of the Bachelor’s certificate for those applying to post-graduate programs.
  • Enrollment documents
  • Motivation letter

Scholars Entry Essentials

A candidate who wants to enroll for this grant should meet the following essentials:

  • Submit proof of competence test in German such as DSH 2 or B2.
  • Must be admitted at an accredited college or state university in Germany.
  • Doctoral prospects will be required to present an outline of a research proposal.
  • Doctoral prospects will also need to demonstrate their social responsibility and political welfare.

For more details on the grant essentials, please visit this webpage.


Note: Special priority will be given to candidates in an area that represents the fundamental value of the Heinrich Boll Foundation.

Value of Scholarship

As mentioned earlier, the grant is entirely financed by the foundation.

The selected scholars will receive bursaries that will cover all academic expenses such as tuition, housing, health insurance, and so on throughout their program.

However, the other grants vary according to the program and nationality. Non-EU undergrad and master’s degree students will receive the sum of € 850 and other bonuses every month.

On the other hand, EU students enrolled in such programs will receive 649 euros and an extra 300 euros for books monthly.

Non-European Ph.D. students will receive a monthly grant of €1,200 and an additional €100 for mobility. EU doctoral scholars will receive a monthly stipend of €1,350.

There will be an additional €100 for research.

End Date of Enrollment

The Heinrich Boll Foundation grant in Germany is scheduled to close on 1 March 2022. Therefore, candidates should strive to complete their registration online by the closing date.

Where to Enroll for the scholarship

The official registration website for the Heinrich Boll Foundation 2022/2023 grant in Germany is not yet available.

But you may contact them via the following e-mail and contact line to be updated. studentwerk@boell.de or +49 30 28 534 400. They are available Monday through Friday for your calls and messages.

Scholars can enroll in any class of their choice at different levels of study. But remember that the selection for the grant will be based on excellent school results.

If you are interested in enrolling for the Heinrich Boll Foundation grant in Germany, you have all the details you need. The orb is in your court now.