8 High Yield Investment in Nigeria For Entrepreneurs

Although it is good to save money, it is better to invest. It’s the only way you can keep up and increase your wealth.

The choice of a flourishing business is essential if it has to do with investments. There are so many investment options in Nigeria that you can explore.

Among them are those with high returns, and we assume that’s what you’re looking for.

If this is the case, you will find this article a great help. We will focus on high-return investments in Nigeria. It will help you to make the right investment choice.

All we need from you is to read this article thoroughly and choose the one that suits you best.

We’re going to start our discussion right away.

High-Returns Ventures in Nigeria

Below you will find some investments which will make you highly profitable in Nigeria. Whereas some of them might require so much capital, others might need less.

The larger amount you invest, the larger your profit will be.

  • Transport & Haulage Business

Whether you are in the transportation of people or merchandise, you can experience high returns at the end of the day. That is because people need to move from one point to another.

As a result, you can hire drivers to do the driving job, while you wait for your balance on a weekly or monthly basis. In addition, you can also provide transportation services to organizations such as schools, businesses, and so on.

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Another way to achieve high yields in this business is to rent your trucks for merchandise to be moved from one area to another. In Nigeria, people who participate in this venture earn nothing less than ₦20,000 per trip.

Doesn’t that seem interesting?

  • Agriculture

Agriculture will always be one of the most profitable businesses as long as people have to eat in the other to stay alive. As such, you can make great profits from animal and plant production.

For those that want to invest in animal production, you can consider keeping animals like cows, goats, poultry chickens, fish, pigs, etc.

Moreover, if crop production is what you want, try to invest in crops such as rice, corn, cassava, beans, plantain, yam, and even vegetables.

There is significant market demand for these agricultural products, particularly during the festive seasons. This means that you can make easy money in farming.

  • Real Estate

Housing is one of the essential needs of people.

That’s why real estate is a profit-making enterprise. You can make money in this enterprise by simply purchasing a property at a lower rate and selling it when the price appreciates.

These properties may include land or buildings owned by an individual (s).

Do you also know that you can make money in this enterprise by just leasing these properties out without selling them off? But you’re going to need a lot of capital to get into that business.

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This is because it prospers more in the city, especially the mega ones.

  • Stock Market

People make money in this market by buying shares from businesses and leaving them to grow. However, this type of investment entails certain risks.

You can easily lose your money if you are not investing in the right company.

Therefore, it is advised to look for a reputable company to invest in. This is when you can recover your capital and take advantage of their dividends and bonuses.

  • Mini import Business

It’s another high-yield investment, which is managed online.

Here, you import products from other countries at a lower price and sell them with your additional profit. Once you get everything you need, you may start one. So what does it take?

You need good capital, a valid contact address, and a Smartphone or better a PC.

  • Forex

Forex is an enterprise that suffices with the exchange of national currencies. The demand to trade one currency with another becomes a necessity as long as trade, commerce and finance go on.

People make a lot of money from this business by simply buying a currency at a cheaper price and selling it when the price appreciates.

Although you can invest with a small amount, it will be better if you invest with a reasonable amount if you want to achieve high returns. But it’s also one of the high-risk investments with high profits.

As a result, you should invest wisely.

  • Treasury Bills

If you are looking for a risk-free guaranteed investment, treasury bills are right for you. This is because the enterprise is supported by the FGN.

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A treasury bill is a debt instrument issued by the government to finance the country’s expenditure. When we buy a bill from the public purse, it is as though we were lending money to the government.

So the longer your treasury bill is with the government, the more profit you’re going to make. However, before you can purchase a treasury bill, you will need nothing less than ₦50 million.

This is the recent increase granted by the FGN in respect to this investment.

  • Gold

Gold is a natural resource that does not lose its value.

People earn money with gold in the short or long run. Those who deal with accessories such as jewelry dispose of their gold immediately and make money (short term).

Other traders await a few years and sell them with multiple interests (long-term). That’s one of the things that makes the business profitable.

You should know there is false gold, which, if you are not careful, you can make losses. Therefore, it is essential to have the right knowledge about how gold is traded.

Otherwise, you’re in danger of losing your money instead of winning.

There are much more high-yield investments in Nigeria than can be ventured. It’s just that some of them might take a little while to ripen. But there are still those who will put an instant smile on your face.

At least, from everything we’ve talked about to date, you can see high-yield investments in Nigeria.

Choose the ones of your choice and do more investigation before starting.

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