Highest Paid Sport in the World


Sport is not just a famous source of amusement or fitness; it is also a lucrative profession. People who engaged in various kinds of sporting events are gaining the fame and money involved. Some of the sports stars are amongst the wealthiest in the world. Isn’t that a surprise?

A lot of people often ask, with over 800 varieties of sports in the world, which is the most remunerative. There is only one way to know and that is to continue reading this blog post until the end. We’ve described the best-paid sport in the world, and the other sports that follow.

The World’s Most Profitable Sport

Here are the best-paid sports activities all over the world. Sports browser.net shows that a player in any of these sports is paid an average of $8.32 million per year.

  • Basketball

Basketball is the top-paid game in the world so far. The sporting activity began around 1891 at Springfield College, United States of America. Since then, it has been the most-watched sport in the US and other parts of the world. By the 1970s, basketball began to attract the attention of athletes.

The NBA contest is one of the world-renowned paying leagues. Those who participate in the contest return home with an enormous salary. This is why many, if not all basketball players dream of participating in the NBA contest. Other ways basketball players make money are through endorsements, signing shoes and jerseys, and so on.

A basketball player receives an annual salary of $7,422 million, based on 2018-19 records. Other notable wealthy basketball players are LeBron James, who earns $91 million annually, Stephen Curry earns $43.005 million each year, Chris Paul earns $41.3 annually, Russell Westbrook earns $41.3 million annually, and James Harden earns $41.25 million annually.

  • Cricket
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Cricket is another remunerative sport that started in 1609 in South-East England. It is also an exciting sport for many people around the world. T2O World Cup is one of the major leagues that pay cricketers an enormous sum of money. Contest participants receive an average pay cheque of $111,000 per match.

Other national leagues and endorsements are mediums that add up the annual winnings of players. Other major leagues include Chennai Superkings, Royal Challenger Bangalore, Delhi Capital, Mumbai Indians, and many others. The average cricket player makes approximately $4.33 million a year.

  • Boxing

It is the third highest-paid sports event in the world. The first boxing match was held around 1681 in England. Today, it is popular on continents like America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. However, sporting activity comes with risk because it has to do with sending or receiving harsh blows. Maybe that is why they are heavily paid to compensate for their efforts.

People who have ventured into boxing make a great deal of money on every successful game. Other channels they explore for generating cash include bets, endorsements, and Pre-Per-View. Some notable people who have ventured into boxing and secured wealth include Mike Tyson, Anthony Joshua, Floyd Mayweather Jnr, Oscar Dela Hoya, and lots more.

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All these boxing stars that we have listed above do not earn anything less than $28 million a year. Some people earn $60 million to $90 million per season.

  • Auto Racing

Auto racing is another highly paid and most-watched sport in the world. The sport began right after the gas engine was invented in the 1880s in France. Nevertheless, the first car race that was recorded was Paris-Bordeaux-Paris in 1895.  Those who have ventured into this sport are making waves.

NASCAR is one of the lucrative racing events that pay drivers an enormous amount of money. But there are other sectors where they make money. They include endorsement of reputable brands, etc. An average racing driver earns at least $2.5 million per year.

Lewis Hamilton is a great driver who earns money by racing. He recently signed a contract for Mercedes worth $55 million. The other riders are Charles Leclerc, Sebastien Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo and many others. Every one of these drivers earns no less than $4.2 million.

  • Golf

It is also one of the top-paying sports in the world. Around the 15thcentury, modern golf was first played in Scotland. If you are looking for an athletic activity that will serve as a bridge between you and the wealth, then consider playing golf. People who engage in this sports activity can attest to its remunerative nature.

Some of the top-paying golf contest include the PGA Championship, The Players Championship, US Open, Masters contest , and many more. Each of these contest has a paycheque that is approximately $1 million-$46 million. However, the average salary for a pro golfer is approximately $628,079. When sum in a year, we will be talking of nothing less than $7.53 million.

  • Soccer
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Because of the fame of soccer worldwide, some people thought it was the first high-paying sport. Yes, that’s close to the truth. It is indeed a high-paying sport, but those mentioned above make more money than soccer. Football competitions began in England and gradually spread across the globe.

Individuals who have succeeded in soccer make good money from it. Some of the contest that pay the most to soccer players are the Premier, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, Champions League, and many others. Another way in which a footballer makes money is through sponsorship agreements. An average football player gets a yearly salary of about $3.2 million.

However, the top soccer players earn more than that. Footballers like Christiano Ronaldo make up to $ 120 million in a season. Other players such as Lionel Messi, Neymar Jnr, David Beckham, and many more have made such an amount and even more in their football careers.

If we say that we will continue to name the lucrative sport we have on the planet, the entire clock will not be enough for us. So for now, let’s call it a night. Next time, we could talk about other top-paying sports such as tennis, ice hockey, baseball, cycling, and so on. Basketball is presently the best-paid sport in the globe.