Hotel Classifications By Size, Target Audience, Star & Duration

Would you like to know how hotels are classified? If that is the case, stay for the remainder of our discussion. We are going to show you the different categories of hotels.

This way, you can identify the type of hotel that will suit your taste and pocketbook.

Types Of Hotels

A hotel is a well-organized commercial facility that offers convenient accommodation, meals, and other services for visitors. Such visitors can be travelers, tourists, or residents.

However, hotels are in multiple classes, and each of them has a specific operating standard of facilities and services. This is to accommodate people of all social and economic backgrounds.

How Are Hotels Classified?

There are various ways to classify hotels worldwide. These include size, placement, star, themes, and much more. Let us give you an in-depth explanation of these grading systems.

Examples of hotel level of service classification include:

1. Hotel Categorization by Size

This is one of the criteria to classify a hotel by considering the overall number of rooms.

Hotels with 100 rooms or less are considered small hotels, while those with 100-300 are mid-sized hotels. Large hotels have more than 300 rooms, while mega-hotels have more than 1000 rooms.

Lastly, a group of hotels littered in several places is considered hotel chains.

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2. Hotel Classified by Market Location/Target

A hotel’s location also counts in its classification, and we have obtained them in several sorts. Check below and picture what they consist of.

  • Downtown hotels: these are hotels located in the city’s heart and near workplaces, business centers, restaurants, pubs, and shopping malls.
  • Motels: they are commercial shelters established in small blocks on the roads. The purpose is to provide convenient accommodation with ample parking space for travelers during the night. Staying in a motel is cheap.
  • A suburban hotel: This is another cheaper lodge that attracts people at weekends. Travelers will find this kind of hotel an ideal location to spend the night.
  • Floating hotel: this is a nice living place designed on luxury liners. The rooms are typically small but nicely furnished to make it convenient for the stay. People working offshore will find this sort of hotel suitable.
  • Airport Hotel: from the name you know, it is set up near airports to provide guests in transit a pleasant accommodation. Accommodation at such a hotel is a little costly.
  • Resorts: this is another excellent hotel class established to provide people with relaxing centers, health facilities, and pleasant accommodation.
  • Boatels: this kind of hotel is like a house on a boat, so it has this name. It’s also suitable housing for people who work offshore.

3. Hotel Classification Based on Star

This kind of classification takes into account several factors. These include the number of rooms, location, and deluxe amenities available.

  • One Star Hotel

A star hotel is a small commercial property generally located in an affordable neighborhood of attraction with a personalized atmosphere.

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This type of hotel is designed with a modest and restricted range of facilities. In addition, a star hotel is encircled with at least ten en-suite rooms. 25% of these rooms share a bathroom that is well equipped with WCs West.

Lastly, customer service is provided 24/7.

  • Two Star Hotel

Two-star hotels are usually established in an appropriate place that is attractive.

The accommodation level is higher than a one-star hotel. There are at least 20 en-suite bedrooms in a two-star hotel well equipped with air conditioning and other luxury amenities.

What’s more, 75% of their rooms have en-suite bathrooms with available showers.

Other amenities include telephone service, background music, carpets, delicate curtains, color television, and mounting furniture. Two-star hotels also offer parking for a minimum of 10 cars.

  • Three Star Hotel

Of course, you know that it will be slightly more advanced than the two-star hotel.

Three-star hotels are located in top-of-the-range business areas, and their bathrooms are spacious and well equipped with furniture and other luxury amenities.

These include colored TV, shower, top-of-the-range decorations, air conditioning, bars and restaurants, fitness centers, a standard swimming pool, etc.

In addition, the three-star hotels feature at least 30 beautiful rooms, an experienced housekeeping service, a telephone network for each room, background music, financial services, and a receptionist.

However, staying in a three-star hotel is a little pricey.

  • Four-Star Hotel

The four-star hotels are a lot better than the three stars we mentioned.

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These types of hotels are mainly established in zones with exceptional architectural characteristics. There are at least 50 upscale rooms that are well furnished, and 25% of them have to be individual rooms.

More or less of the luxury facilities you can enjoy in such a hotel include central air conditioning, laundry services, a swimming pool, an elevator, a dining room, breathtaking restaurants, luggage handling services, and lots more.

Other exceptional services include parking for a minimum of 50 cars, a conference and banquet room, a receptionist, and well-trained room service.

  • Five Star Hotel

If four-star hotels have such excellent facilities, you might wonder what five-star hotels look like.

This will be paradise on earth. This type of hotel is bordered by international standards and located in upscale surroundings. Your luxury will begin from the premises to the guest rooms.

A five-star hotel has at least 100 ensuite bedrooms with feel-at-home facilities.

Some include air conditioning, a swimming pool, casino, fitness center, classic restaurant, an elevator, magnificent cuisine, colored TV, bar, car parks, banquet halls, dining rooms, and more.

These hotels hire and train their staff to provide the highest quality hospitality services.

4. Hotel Categorization by Duration

This is another criterion for classifying a hotel, and it is carried out depending on the duration of the guest’s stay.

Some of the hotels established upon this classification include transitory, residential, and still residential types. We don’t have time here; we would have liked to give you a brief explanation of them.

There’s so much to build a hotel for. While it will focus on providing convenient accommodation, it will also be a luxury center for guests. Based on what we discussed above, you can at least see some hotel rankings.

The next time you need commercial accommodation, you know exactly what to choose.