Murtala Mohammed International Airport: History, Terminals & Lounges

Are you aware that the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria is one of the busiest international airports not just in Nigeria, but in Africa? Do you also know that annually millions of passengers fly into and around the country via the airport? About Lagos International Airport Well, you should know that it is … Read more

7 Canadian Universities Without Application Fees For International Students

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List Of NOUN Accredited Courses [Undergraduate, Masters, PhD Programs]

NOUN accredited courses are an effort to ensure the delivery of a high standard of learning by the institution. NOUN Accredited Programs The history of the National Open University of Nigeria began with a suggestive memo from Prof. Jubril Aminu to the existing Federal Military Government in 1976. Leading the National Universities Commission (NUC) at … Read more

Dual Citizenship in Nigeria: Conditions, Application & Risks

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10 Most Powerful Traditional Kings of Nigeria

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7 Safest Place To Live In Lagos

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