9 Famous Landmarks In Nigeria Today [Natural & Man-made]

By reading this article, you will discover some amazing landmarks in Nigeria as well as their location. Some points of reference in Nigeria are artificial while others are natural. Nevertheless, Nigeria has some important landmarks dotted throughout various parts of the country. Most of the country’s monuments are historic and esthetic. In addition, they also … Read more

Lagos Country Club: History, Ownership, Location & Facilities

The Lagos Country Club, from its name, is located in Lagos state one of Nigerians most commercial states and the highly populated state harboring millions of people from the different states in the country. Lagos is blessed with so many notable things such as commercial industries, schools, estates, hospitals, all kinds of shops, hotels, restaurants, … Read more

List Of French Speaking Countries in Africa

How many are french speaking countries are in Africa? Here you will find all the francophone countries of the African continent. While these nations have indigenous languages, they see French as their unifying tongue. Let’s take a look. Francophone Countries in Africa French is among the European languages that find its way to Africa as … Read more